Shaving More Seconds Off Quick Changeover

Take a look at how this job shop uses a highly versatile modular quick change collet system to perform setups and changeovers in speeds of 15 seconds or less.
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KOMET and SCHUNK Hold Joint Distributor Event

All types of workpieces and various materials such as cast iron and aluminum were machined, boasting the depth of KOMET tools as well as the variety of clamping technology available from SCHUNK, offering a wide array of flexibility. 
The five-hour event included demos of SCHUNK workholding and toolholding working together seamlessly with KOMET cutting tools in a machining center on the production floor. 

EXSYS Strengthens Customer Service Team in Canada

Lisa Medica, the new office, has more than 20 years experience in office administration and
bookkeeping in the health, real estate, cable television and industrial fields.
The company hired Lisa Medica as office manager and Kelly Bruce as inside sales representative at its Brampton, Ontario location.

REGO-FIX® Honored with Award by Swiss Venture Club

Criteria include demonstrated
leadership in technology and innovation, the number and sustainability of
jobs created, the quality of management and staff, clarity of future business
strategy and overall impact in the region. REGO-FIX was one of only six
companies awarded this year from more than 100 nominations.
The tooling manufacturer received the prestigious Prix SVC award for excellence in innovation, business performance and sustainable development.

U.S. Manufacturers Tour Kaiser Switzerland

Machining tests demonstrated the benefits of proper tool selection and tool balancing. Cycle time, chip management and part finish can all be notably improved even on machines that are not particularly robust. 
Visitors on the tour were shown a 30-year-old tool body that had just been returned by a manufacturer for repair work. Operations from product and fixture design to rough and finish machining and assembly are done on two levels of the original Kaiser factory. A flexible production process supports lot sizes from one to 1,000, but typical lots are 10 to 150 pieces.

Exporting the BIG Kaiser Model to Europe

The two companies have yet again come together to create a mutually beneficial distribution network—similar to the decade-old partnership that has been so successful here in the United States with BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.
KAISER announced its three-year plan, including its fortified relationship with BIG Daishowa, during the company’s recent 65th anniversary festivities.

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Flexible Collet Chuck Is Ideal for Job Shops

The Mega ER Grip comes in KAISER KAB4, KAB5 and KAB6 connections and adapts to any shank and gauge length with the KAISER modular connection. The clamping diameter available is Ø.075 in though Ø.787 in with the usage of ER16-32 collets.
The Mega ER Grip with the modular KAB connection from BIG Kaiser outperforms other systems in clamping force, concentricity, rigidity and balance at high spindle speeds.

Anti-Pull System Eliminates Cutter Pullout in Demanding Applications

The secuRgrip system from Rego-Fix has a TIR of 0.0001 in and enables manufacturers to preset their tool heights. Furthermore, users can modify their existing powRgrip holders for use with the system.
The secuRgrip anti-pull system from Rego-Fix Tool is ideal for aerospace machining of expensive castings and materials or complex parts.

Vulcanized Collet Systems are Ideal for Job Shops

The Hardinge FlexC collet system is an ideal substitute for 3-jaw chucks because it weighs less, has a lower profile, changes over much faster, and is interchangeable with other brands on the market.
The quick-change 80 mm FlexC™ vulcanized collet system from Hardinge guarantees accuracy within .0004 in TIR for style A (pull-back Dead-length® stationary stop) and .0008 in TIR for style DL (push-to-close).