Time to Reconsider Holding Taps with Collet Chucks

The next time you think about setting up a tapping operation with a collet chuck the same old way you always have, you may want to think again. There are now tap holders designed specifically to mitigate the load imposed on the tap by essentially absorbing synchronization error.
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Workholding Collet Changeouts Get Totally Automated

Cutting edge workholding automation technology that incorporates robotic workpiece loading/unloading is creating total machine automation for job shops that opens up wide ranges of application possibilities for ever shorter production runs.

Fulfilling Modern Micromachining Demands on a Legacy Machine

Looking for a creative way to achieve the requested specifications for a potentially lucrative micromachining job without having to invest in a very expensive specialized machine tool? A spindle speeder may be your best – and only – way to secure the deal.

Stick to the Story

Check out how a special dual contact stick turning toolholder developed by Briney Tool Systems eliminated the need for one shop to re-engineer their catalog of lathe stick tools.

How the Right Offline Tool Presetter Affects a Shop

The old saying “it won’t make chips – not worth it” doesn’t apply anymore. Considering the accelerating pace of change in technology and the relentless competition your shop faces, how can you possibly afford not to use a presetter?

Beat the Competition on a Budget with this Entry-Level ‘Automation’

The way we machine parts has changed significantly over the years. Now it’s time to change how we think about workholding too.  

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Heimatec Rolls Out New Website

The new site is easily navigated, mobile phone friendly, and offers an in-depth look at the company’s extensive lines of standard and machine brand tooling.

Downturn in U.S. Cutting Tool Orders

April orders of $168 million dropped 16 percent from the previous month.

Rego-Fix Opens New Facility in Indiana

This 20,000 sq ft North American headquarters in Whitestown enables them to double sales, distribution and support services under one roof as growth demands.


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High Torque Retention Knobs Increase Productivity, Reduce Downtime

Hansen Engineering uses High Torque Retention Knobs from JM Performance Products to reduce downtime, extend tool life, and increase speed and feed rates in their machining of aerospace components.

Polygonal Clamping Technology for High Speed Micro-Machining

TRIBOS-Mini and TRIBOS-RM polygonal clamping systems from SCHUNK are now available for HSK-E 20, HSK-E 25, and HSK-E 32 spindle interfaces for outstanding change and positioning accuracy, maximum precision and superior running smoothness at high speeds.

High Accuracy Internal and External Clamping Systems

The AGILIS power-operated cartridge mandrel clamping system from Röhm is for ID clamping of very small diameters for grinding, turning, milling, drilling and measuring applications, and their powered KZF-S external clamping collet chuck is for gears/workpieces that have an external plane or gear teeth geometries accessible from the outside.