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Smart Tooling for Greater Efficiency

In a major step toward the smart factory of the future, the Tool-ID system from Walter controls tooling plant-wide, saving time, boosting productivity and increasing process reliability.
Cutting Tools: Articles

Efficiency Reigns Supreme

The 5ME solid carbide cryogenic end mill allows super-cooled LN2 to flow through the spindle and inside the tool just below the cutting edge to provide optimum cooling when machining. The reduction of temperature facilitates faster cutting speeds, which makes liquid nitrogen-based cryogenic machining ideal for tough-to-machine materials used in aircraft. Test cuts performed by Lockheed Martin on 6AI4V titanium produced an impressive 52 percent increase in cutting speeds. (second view)
In the aircraft manufacturing supply chain, one thing is certain: process improvements – both large and small – can have a massive impact on the bottom line.

Grinding Gamma Titanium Aluminide

Titanium aluminides possess many characteristics that make them very attractive for high-temperature structural applications in aerospace industries. For example, their high specific strength, high-temperature stability and oxidation resistance relative to conventional titanium and nickel alloys, make them beneficial for use in low-pressure turbine blades for aerospace engines.
New grinding technology is being researched on this intermetallic to help lower the costs of manufacturing aerospace engine components, develop grinding expertise, and design custom-bonded abrasive and superabrasive grinding solutions that are ideal for efficient and damage-free grinding of components made of titanium aluminides.

Breakthrough In Aluminum Face Milling

Ward Production Engineering uses a Mazak 6800 horizontal CNC with a 10,000 rpm spindle to machine aluminum diesel engine manifolds with Tedimill PCD face mills from Ingersoll Cutting Tools. Face milling setup on diesel manifolds at Ward Production engineering, Fort Wayne, IN. The shop was able to double throughput on this 24/5 operation by using the simple drop-in replacement cutters.
This machine shop halved its cycle time on producing diesel engine manifolds and rocker arms, saved $300,000 a year in machining costs and sidestepped a $500,000 capital expenditure. All with one tool.

Cutting Tools and Science Fiction

Adveon software helps streamline and optimize cutting tool planning and preparation for shops now, but looking ahead, it will be a vital part of the comprehensive smart manufacturing systems that integrate manufacturing intelligence across the entire production operation. (Photo courtesy of Sandvik Coromant)
We are quickly moving from information technology to intelligent technology, toward a time when a worn cutting tool insert will know when it’s time to be replaced by a fresh one and will ask an available robot to get a new one and make the change.

Cutting Edge Technology for Cutting Tool Production

The Accu-tool offers a simple automatic screen calibration process and magnification capabilities from 20X - 470X zoom that meets any shop's cutting tool measuring needs. The specially designed software works seamlessly with the Windows operating system supplied with each machine.
These advanced laser cutting and inspection systems enable cutting tool manufacturers to achieve results that were formerly unattainable.


Cutting Tools: Industry News

U.S. Cutting Tool Orders Up Slightly

March orders of $184.08 million were up six percent over the previous month.

Cutting Tool Engineers Earns ISO Certification

They attain ISO 9001:2008 certification as a KOMET SERVICE partner.

North American Tool Celebrates 30 Years

A father-son team grew into full manufacturing and service of special cutting tools, special taps, threading dies and thread gages.


Cutting Tools: Products

Double-Sided, Multi-Edge Milling for Large Batch Production

Sandvik Coromat's CoroMill 745 is available in medium and close pitch and as a differential pitch version for vibration-prone applications.
With a total of 14 cutting edges per insert the CoroMill 745 from Sandvik Coromat is a cost-efficient choice for face milling and the assortment includes three pitch versions. For roughing to semi-finishing applications, the strong and light cutting inserts provide reliable face milling in all types of milling machines.

Coolant-Through Tooling

The Walter Turn Precision Coolant system directs coolant through the insert clamp and along the flank face of the insert for a 30 percent to 150 percent tool life increase when machining stainless materials, high temperature alloys and steels. Beginning at pressures as low as 150 psi, the system targets coolant precisely at the cutting edge for greater lubrication, cooler inserts and improved chip control.  
By targeting the coolant stream as close to right place in the cutting zone as possible, coolant-through tooling systems can bring improvements that range from higher cutting speeds to better surface finish by effectively controlling chips and helping to optimize tool life and increase production. Here are some of the latest systems to consider.

Coolant-Through High-Feed Face Mills and End Mills

Coolant-through high-feed end mills and face mills from Techniks are made from high grade H13 tool steel that is precision ground for accuracy and feature an electroless nickel coating for longevity and rust resistance. The inserts feature a proprietary PVD coating that is thicker and tougher than other coatings for long life and smooth cutting.
Coolant-through ready cutter bodies from Techniks are made from high grade H13 tool steel that is precision ground for accuracy and feature an electroless nickel coating for longevity and rust resistance.