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Breakthrough In Aluminum Face Milling

This machine shop halved its cycle time on producing diesel engine manifolds and rocker arms, saved $300,000 a year in machining costs and sidestepped a $500,000 capital expenditure. All with one tool.
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Cutting Tools and Science Fiction

Adveon software helps streamline and optimize cutting tool planning and preparation for shops now, but looking ahead, it will be a vital part of the comprehensive smart manufacturing systems that integrate manufacturing intelligence across the entire production operation. (Photo courtesy of Sandvik Coromant)
We are quickly moving from information technology to intelligent technology, toward a time when a worn cutting tool insert will know when it’s time to be replaced by a fresh one and will ask an available robot to get a new one and make the change.

Cutting Edge Technology for Cutting Tool Production

The Accu-tool offers a simple automatic screen calibration process and magnification capabilities from 20X - 470X zoom that meets any shop's cutting tool measuring needs. The specially designed software works seamlessly with the Windows operating system supplied with each machine.
These advanced laser cutting and inspection systems enable cutting tool manufacturers to achieve results that were formerly unattainable.

A New Look at Stainless Steel Machining

Runners are the heart of all hydropower machinery. They are very sophisticated water wheels made of stainless steel that can weigh up to 15 tons and spin at up to 1,000 rpm to generate electric power. For hydrodynamic efficiency and dynamic balance in service, all finished runners must be accurate to 0.010 in with a 32µ finish. 
Canyon Hydro sped up deliveries by two months – without raising machining costs – with a last minute processing switch and a new multipurpose mill that roughs out 4,500 lb of chips in one-third the time of conventional face mills.  

Game Changer

Cambron Engineering drills the two Inconel plates with 1400 holes each, then must cut two grooves into the bore of each hole on this 25 hp Kuraki boring mill.
A twelve-tooth groove milling tool bites 19 hours off the 80-hour cycle time on a tough-to-machine part and keeps potentially outsourced work in-house – with greater profit.

High Feed Milling Cutter Reduces Cycle Times

MSX High Speed Milling Cutter achieves high feed rates of up to .055 IPT for significantly reduced cycle times.
The MSX mill from Sumitomo is ideal for ramping and helical applications using general steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron.


Cutting Tools: Industry News

Ceratizit Acquires Majority of Cobra Carbide India

(l-r) Thierry Wolter, member of the executive board of Ceratizit,  Rakesh Aghi, managing director of Cobra Carbide India Pvt Ltd, and Jacques Lanners, co-chairman of the executive board of Ceratizit at the contract signing.
This is an opportunity for Ceratizit to increase their footprint in the Indian solid carbide cutting tools market.

Harvey Tool Acquires Helical Solutions

Harvey miniature end mills and specialty profile tools are now complimented with custom and standard end mills from Helical.

U.S. Cutting Tool Orders Drop

July orders of $177.5 million were down six percent from the month before.


Cutting Tools: Products

Precision Circular Saw Blade for Tougher Alloys and Tool Steels

The CircTech Precision CM200 saw blade from LENOX is ideal for automotive suppliers, heavy equipment and agricultural equipment companies that cut low carbon steel and mild alloy steels.

Right Hand Face Grooving Inserts

GROOVE’N TURN inserts are available in .004 in through .150 in at 001 in increments with sharp corner through full radius options. Major diameters are offered in .300 in, .750 in, 1.250 in and 3.000 in. These inserts are made from sub-micron grain carbide with grades for ferrous and non-ferrous materials either uncoated or with TiN, TiCN, TiAIN or diamond film coatings. 
Ideal for conventional, Swiss and CNC machines, these Counter-Clockwise inserts cut internal face grooves in ferrous and non-ferrous materials with major diameters starting at 0.300 in. 

Fine Tune That Cutting Process

The Walter Xtra.tec® Insert Drill with Walter Capto™ clamping feature optimized chip clearance for reliable chip evacuation that is ideal for chain drilling, sloping, and convex surfaces on a variety of materials ranging from steel and cast iron to stainless and difficult-to-cut materials.
Take a look through this assortment of new cutting tools and discover how they can reduce your machining costs and improve your precision to whole new levels.