Cutting Tools

Opening a Connected Path from Digital Art to Part to Profit

Having data is not enough. Whether the data is identifying and describing the workpiece, the materials, the machines that will make it, the approval specification or other manufacturing criteria, all of the information must be organized in a manner which allows the data to work for you. This is where the digital intelligence of the smart factory comes into play.
Cutting Tools: Articles

Tool Management

The Smart Factory uses cyber-physical automation for tool management at every stage: from purchasing to programming to operation; from selecting, ordering and maintaining the proper tools for particular jobs to precise recommendations for cutting data to generating CNC programs for specific applications.

How to Double Throughput on Turning Large Scale Parts

Shops that turn large scale parts for power generation equipment and oil patch machinery are now achieving up to twice the material removal rate and extreme depth of cut, even while cutting forces stay the same as before or actually decrease and insert edge life improves. Here’s how they do it.

Great Expectations

This family-owned and operated machine shop explains how they found a grooving and cut-off system at a competitive price point that performed beyond their expectations by cutting their insert costs in half and tripling their tool life.

Solid Ceramic Endmills Provide Stellar Performance

To deliver Inconel parts on time with zero scrap, this aerospace supplier uses 4-flute and 6-flute end mills constructed of SiAlON KYS40 grade ceramic for roughing nickel-based high-temperature alloys.

Fulfilling Modern Micromachining Demands on a Legacy Machine

Looking for a creative way to achieve the requested specifications for a potentially lucrative micromachining job without having to invest in a very expensive specialized machine tool? A spindle speeder may be your best – and only – way to secure the deal.


Cutting Tools: Industry News

Techniks Industries Acquires Parlec

They expand their portfolio of aftermarket machine tool accessories and increase their capabilities to distributors and OEMs located throughout North America.

U.S. Cutting Tool Orders Inch Up

Orders in February grew to $175 million, up slightly from the previous month.

BIG KAISER Presents Donation to NRL

The $4,100 donation will be used to promote workforce development and STEM programs for students to gain essential skills for manufacturing.


Cutting Tools: Products

Cutting Edge Inspection Software for Cutting Tools

The PG1000 REACTION software from Euro-Tech performs complex custom image analysis by finding patterns and shapes and overlooking excessive glare from too much directed light, shadows, irregular or broken shapes.

Advanced Performance End Milling of Tough Materials

The 3412 Series Fantom 2.0 end mill from Fullerton Tool is Ideal for machining steels, stainless steels, super alloys and titanium with enhanced edge strength that cuts heavier chip loads and produces superior part finishes.

Cutting Tool Reconditioning, Industrial Vending, Tool Boxes and Foam Inserts

US Tool reconditions dull, dirty drills and cutting tools and returns the tools to users, sized and packaged with bar-coded labels in reusable boxes, cleaned, sharpened and ready to perform like new.