Cutting Tools

Turning a Nasty Job into Icing on the Cake

The move from conventional turning to helical milling allowed this job shop to feed faster, take lighter cuts, raise the material removal rates but not cutting forces, and transform a nasty turning job into a moneymaker.
Cutting Tools: Articles

The Chamfer that Changed the World

It all began with “Scuffgate,” a small chamfered edge that became a critical priority and evolved into a growing demand for fine finishes and feel in a world of myriad applications that only precision chamfering can deliver.

Opening a Connected Path from Digital Art to Part to Profit

Having data is not enough. Whether the data is identifying and describing the workpiece, the materials, the machines that will make it, the approval specification or other manufacturing criteria, all of the information must be organized in a manner which allows the data to work for you. This is where the digital intelligence of the smart factory comes into play.

Tool Management

The Smart Factory uses cyber-physical automation for tool management at every stage: from purchasing to programming to operation; from selecting, ordering and maintaining the proper tools for particular jobs to precise recommendations for cutting data to generating CNC programs for specific applications.

How to Double Throughput on Turning Large Scale Parts

Shops that turn large scale parts for power generation equipment and oil patch machinery are now achieving up to twice the material removal rate and extreme depth of cut, even while cutting forces stay the same as before or actually decrease and insert edge life improves. Here’s how they do it.

Great Expectations

This family-owned and operated machine shop explains how they found a grooving and cut-off system at a competitive price point that performed beyond their expectations by cutting their insert costs in half and tripling their tool life.


Cutting Tools: Industry News

Seco Tools Partners with University on Internship Program

They offer Ferris State University engineering students a program that combines classroom training with real-world business experience while earning their college degree.

Hoffmann Group Receives Bosch Award

They receive the Bosch Global Supplier Award that recognizes their outstanding performance in the indirect material category.

U.S. Cutting Tool Orders Surge

May orders totaled $191.9 million, up 14.2 percent from the previous month.


Cutting Tools: Products

New Multi-Function Tool for Swiss-Style Machining

The extremely versatile, multi-function G6 six-edge turning insert from Carmex fits one holder and delivers high productivity, cost efficiency, and a smooth surface finish even in hard materials when threading, grooving, parting, and back and front turning a range of diameters from small, thin wall applications up to 2.5 in.

Innovative Knuckle Form Profile for Fast Slot Milling of Solid Steel

Ideal for milling deep slots and machining delicate components, the five cutting edges of the GARANT MasterSteel SlotMachine solid carbide end mill from Hoffmann Quality Tools produce extremely compact swarf, lower the cutting pressure and obtain higher feed rates with a constant load to achieve 25 percent higher process efficiency than a classic four-edge end mill.

Production and Support Machinery for the Cutting Tool

Rush Machinery introduces their new and improved FC-350W Wheel Truing and Dressing Machine, Easy-Cut Semi-Automatic Cut-Off Machine, and their BMT200S Balancing Machine.

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