Drilling Tools

Opening a Connected Path from Digital Art to Part to Profit

Having data is not enough. Whether the data is identifying and describing the workpiece, the materials, the machines that will make it, the approval specification or other manufacturing criteria, all of the information must be organized in a manner which allows the data to work for you. This is where the digital intelligence of the smart factory comes into play.
Drilling Tools: Articles

A More Productive Alternative to Helical Interpolation for High Volume Holemaking

The limitations of using milling tools to prepare holes for finishing become apparent as hole depth and volume increase. Enter the relatively simple and affordable twin cutter, which can solve this and virtually any other holemaking problem.

How to 3D Print Precision Drills

The days when precision tools and additive manufacturing strategies could not co-exist are history.

How to Thread Nickel-Based Alloys

Proper tooling selection is the key for optimal results in this demanding application.

The Whole Picture in Holemaking

Today’s holemaking techniques need to be more efficient than ever to meet greater demands and closer tolerances. Ultimately, the tool — and its application — matter. For optimal success, it's time to see the whole picture.

How New Spindle Connection Maximizes Metal Removal

From Weakest Link to Machining Superstar: The new KM4X™ design from Kennametal can perform from low-speed/high torque to high-speed/low torque when milling, drilling, and turning a wide range of materials to get the absolute most out of your production equipment.


Drilling Tools: Industry News

Seco Tools Names 2016 Manager of the Year

Curtis Hassan is recognized for helping to develop their automotive team engineering in North America.

Ceratizit Acquires Diamond Tool Manufacturer Becker

This deal expands their tooling footprint for applications in cutting exotic, difficult-to-machine materials.

U.S. Cutting Tool Orders Remain Flat

November orders of $168.8 million were basically unchanged from the previous month.


Drilling Tools: Products

Self-Locking Taps Provide Holding Power That Lasts

Union Butterfield self-locking taps from Dormer Pramet are ideal for working with aluminum or other lightweight soft materials used in transportation, medical or industrial applications.

Application Specific Thread Whirling Inserts in Less Than Three Weeks

GenSwiss offers quick delivery of Utilis inserts for thread whirling that improves thread surface finish and can be utilized for threads smaller than 12 mm diameter in medical devices.

Online Customized Tooling in Minutes

Using the Insta-Quote system from Allied Machine, shops can quickly design, draw and obtain a quote; instantly print it out with a PDF drawing; then confirm, process and deliver the order through a local distributor.