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How to 3D Print Precision Drills

The days when precision tools and additive manufacturing strategies could not co-exist are history.
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How to Thread Nickel-Based Alloys

This pipe tap uses Variable Helix Correction (VHC) technology that provides a specially ground relief geometry in the primary cutting zone, generating a smaller and tightly rolled chip formation.
Proper tooling selection is the key for optimal results in this demanding application.

The Whole Picture in Holemaking

The exchangeable-tip drill is a good choice for a large range of holes limited by tolerances down to IT9 and often deeper than five times the diameter. CoroDrill 870 represents the new generation of this type of drill and is a reliable choice for many operations and a number of different workpiece types. 
Today’s holemaking techniques need to be more efficient than ever to meet greater demands and closer tolerances. Ultimately, the tool — and its application — matter. For optimal success, it's time to see the whole picture.

How New Spindle Connection Maximizes Metal Removal

From Weakest Link to Machining Superstar: The new KM4X™ design from Kennametal can perform from low-speed/high torque to high-speed/low torque when milling, drilling, and turning a wide range of materials to get the absolute most out of your production equipment.

Gun Drilling in Tool Steel

Toolox 44 has a high hardness of 45 HRC and an excellent machinability thanks to its low carbon content and high homogenity. Mold and die makers sometimes have machining difficulties the first time they use this steel in long hole drilling of cooling channels that are required in the tool. 
Swedish steel maker SSAB explains how progress is being made on long hole drilling in wear resistant and harder mold and die steels as a way to avoid heat treating.


Drilling Tools: Industry News

North American Tool VP Receives Award

Bernie Bowersock received the Golden Eagle, which recognizes his valuable contribution and longstanding service to the industrial supply industry. 
Bernie Bowersock received the ISA Golden Eagle Award for service and industry contributions.

Sandvik Coromant Appoints Eduardo Martin as President of Market Area Americas 

Sandvik Coromant recently appointed Eduardo Martin as president of Market Area Americas (MAA).

Sandvik Acquires Remaining Shares in Precorp

Sandvik Coromant has reached an agreement to acquire the remaining 51 percent of shares in Precorp Inc.


Drilling Tools: Products

New Cutting Edge Geometry for Stainless Steels

The chamfer and thread relief geometry of the XTOP tap reduces the torques generated during chamfering operations and at the reversal point. In deep blind hole threads up to 3xD, chips can be optimally guided and sheared off without any problems in reverse motion, even with problem materials. (Photo courtesy of WEXO) (first view)
These special tools have been developed for increasing process reliability when machining problematic materials with higher ductility.

Enhanced Indexable Drilling

Rising costs have caused a dramatic shift in the marketplace from solid carbide tooling to indexable and removable tip tooling. (Photo courtesy of OSG)
As markets reduce the number of machining operations, more complicated indexable drilling geometries are becoming more common. Finite element analysis software allows shops to better understand their processes, providing not only forces and chip shape results, but also stresses and temperatures throughout the cutting process.

Drilling, Tapping and Threading Holes

Take a look at some of the newest equipment and tooling that are helping shops make their holemaking operations more productive and profitable.