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Using Adaptive Grippers as Flexible Fixturing For Robotic Welding

Using a traditional jig for every type of piece and assembly is complicated and expensive when welding small volumes or high mixes of parts. Why not use a robot with an adaptive gripper to feed a welding robot? This could replace most of the templates currently used by adapting to any part size and shape and holding them firmly while welding.
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Tombstone Fixtures Increase Cylinder Component Production Over 40 Percent

Workpieces are mounted and handled on a Fastems 10-station pallet changer. The block sizes run 56 in number in sizes from 1 in x 2 in x 2 in to 3 in x 9-1/2 in x 14 in. Weights range up to 114 lb. (first view)
TRD Manufacturing uses flexible workholding fixtures from AME that hold 56 different block sizes, offer quick changeover and can run different parts on each side or run multiple pallet loads of the same part in high production.

Small Investment in Trunnion Tables Rewards Big in Productivity

Bolt-on trunnion tables from MMS help Indelac Controls reduce setups on Haas VF4 VMCs from six to two and cut cycle time by 40 percent, while delivering a 100 percent ROI in just days.

TE-CO Workholding

An overview of TE-CO, Inc. and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Fixturing Systems: Industry News

TombStoneCity Joins Partners in THINC

TombStoneCity is the largest supplier of standard and custom-made tombstones, angles plates, sub plates, and modular vise systems and 5-axis vises in North America.

Röhm Holds Grand Opening Oktoberfest

At the ribbon cutting during the grand opening of the new North American manufacturing and headquarters facility of Röhm Products of America in Suwanee, GA. Dr. Joachim Hummler opens the ceremony with his comments. To the right of him is Matthew Mayer, the chief executive officer of Röhm Products of America.
Their new 32,000 sq ft facility in Suwanee, GA, is three times larger than their previous location in order to manufacture in the U.S. and expand service and support operations across North America. 

Kennametal and Haimer Sign Agreement to Supply KM4X Spindle Connection

Manufacturers to benefit from combination of leading toolholding and spindle connection solutions.


Fixturing Systems: Products

Adjustable Slide 45 Mirror

The Adjustable slide 45 degree mirror is available in two different sizes of mirrors to accommodate parts of many sizes. It can be easily positioned on a plate with the use of the adjustable slide.
The Adjustable Slide 45 deg Mirror from R&R Fixtures allows inspection and viewing of the part from all sides.

IMTS 2016 Sneak Peek: Tooling & Workholding

Booth W-2464: Designed for turning rough forging and castings, the Pramet HR2 indexable chip breaker from Dormer Pramet features a positive, stable geometry for improved tool life and performance. The single-sided inserts are ideal for working in steels, cast irons and stainless steels. The HR2 delivers increased productivity with reliable chip formation and evacuation at high feeds.
Here is a sneak peek at some of the state-of-the-art tooling and workholding systems that will be exhibited on the show floor at McCormick Place in Chicago from September 12-17.

Stainless Steel Compact Cylinder for Harsh Wash Downs

Booth E-4821: Stainless Steel Flat-I cylinders from Bimba were designed for applications that require frequent, corrosive wash downs to prevent the propagation of bacteria. The cylinder has mounting holes only where needed, with a clean stainless steel exterior.
Flat-I cylinders from Bimba are ideal for medical, food and beverage or health and beauty applications that require frequent, corrosive wash downs to prevent the propagation of bacteria.