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New Weld Brushes Make Flipping Easy

Thanks to new technology that increases wire life and operator safety as the brush wears, flipping your wire brush during surface cleaning has never been easier.  
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Common CNC Grinding Mistakes

Because a dull wheel generates more heat and more grinding forces, neither of which are good for productivity or quality, it is more productive to have a finer grit wheel with sharp abrasive grains.
Proper grinding process parameters can eliminate a lot of the “black art” of CNC grinding. One critical variable is the grinding wheel being used and the dressing of the grinding wheel.

Best Practices for Surface Preparation and Cleaning in Pipeline Applications

For most surface conditioning and cleaning jobs in pipeline welding applications, there are four common tools that are most often used: stringer bead brushes, aluminum-backed flap discs, bonded abrasive wheels and grinding wheels. 
Surface preparation and cleaning is just one part of the large process of oil and gas pipeline welding, but it’s a step that can have a significant impact on the productivity, quality and efficiency of the job. Proper preparation and cleaning in pipeline welding applications can help extend tool life, benefit operator safety and improve productivity and efficiency.

Finishing Welds in Stainless Steels

A non-woven disc removes grind lines left on the surface by a fiber disc. A premium unified wheel that is designed for light stock removal and is ideal for blending applications is recommended. 
Here are some tips and guidelines for selecting and using the best abrasives products to create the desired finish.

Lean and Mean Surface Finishing

This next generation of engineered surface conditioning and nonwoven abrasives products, including discs, belts and hand pads, can provide higher efficiency, and higher productivity, while eliminating additional steps, ensuring that projects are completed quickly, with reduced labor and energy requirements. 
Investing in better consumables that significantly cut time and manpower costs is smart business. Selecting the right abrasive technology for specific applications to achieve speed and precision is one way to maintain your bottom line.

Automating the “Feel” in Deburring and Edge Finishing

To automate the deburring and edge finishing process, the “feel” of an abrasive media must be managed through the cut rate, wear rate, compliance, and conformability.
Quantifying and adapting the “feel” of the abrasive against the part is a critical step toward successfully automating this labor intensive offhand operation.


Grinding Wheels: Industry News

New VP at Weiler

Brian Seelig is their new vice president for global operations.

Jason Industries Acquires DRONCO

The deal allows Jason Finishing Group to target a fast growing $6 billion abrasives market segment.

CGW Hires New Territory Sales Manager

With a background in technical training, Breck Taylor will help the company continue in advancements and growth in the industry.
Breck Taylor now handles sales in the Oklahoma, Michigan, Kansas and Nebraska areas.


Grinding Wheels: Products

Weld Preparation and Repair

The In.Motion milling disc can be used with standard angle grinders and creates chips instead of dust, improving worker safety. These discs are particularly designed for use on non-ferrous materials, such as aluminum, titanium, copper and brass, and have been proven to be especially efficient on aluminum. 
The significantly higher material removal rate of this revolutionary double-sided milling disc reduces costs and eliminates the fine dust associated with grinding to improve worker safety.

Grind It Out

The XCAVATOR ultra high removal grinding wheel from Walter Surface Technologies is ideal for the toughest, most demanding grinding jobs in metal fabrication, steel mills, mining, oil and gas, and shipbuilding.
Grinding represents a major part of shop costs. Take a look at the latest generation of flap discs, wheels, brushes and other tools that can help save time, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your metal finishing operations.

Superior ID Surface Finishing and Deburring

The Flex-Hone® tool from Brush Research Manufacturing optimizes flexible honing lubrication, blends edges, and removes burrs – even from cross-drilled holes.