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Grinding Gamma Titanium Aluminide

New grinding technology is being researched on this intermetallic to help lower the costs of manufacturing aerospace engine components, develop grinding expertise, and design custom-bonded abrasive and superabrasive grinding solutions that are ideal for efficient and damage-free grinding of components made of titanium aluminides.
Grinding Wheels: Articles

Documented Cost Savings for Abrasives

Manufacturers usually focus on cost per unit when presenting their abrasive products, rather than on how many total units are used or how those costs can tie up more time in labor-intensive operations. When shops accept the value proposition that time equals money, hard numbers to help them make the best decision can be found in structured documented cost savings programs that compare the abrasive or tooling costs, time, and the labor shop rate related to a variety of abrasive products.
Rather than focusing only on energy savings or reducing costs associated with large equipment, manufacturers that are looking for potential savings in their plants should take the time to investigate just how much money they could save by switching out an abrasive. In doing so, they should evaluate fully how labor costs tie into the equation.

New Weld Brushes Make Flipping Easy

Periodically switching the mounting position of weld cleaning brushes benefits the speed and effectiveness of the brushes, which also improves operator safety. Some newer weld cleaning brushes are designed with a dual-hex nut, to allow for easy flipping of the wheel and elimination of interference issues that pose a safety hazard.
Thanks to new technology that increases wire life and operator safety as the brush wears, flipping your wire brush during surface cleaning has never been easier.  

Common CNC Grinding Mistakes

Because a dull wheel generates more heat and more grinding forces, neither of which are good for productivity or quality, it is more productive to have a finer grit wheel with sharp abrasive grains.
Proper grinding process parameters can eliminate a lot of the “black art” of CNC grinding. One critical variable is the grinding wheel being used and the dressing of the grinding wheel.

Best Practices for Surface Preparation and Cleaning in Pipeline Applications

For most surface conditioning and cleaning jobs in pipeline welding applications, there are four common tools that are most often used: stringer bead brushes, aluminum-backed flap discs, bonded abrasive wheels and grinding wheels. 
Surface preparation and cleaning is just one part of the large process of oil and gas pipeline welding, but it’s a step that can have a significant impact on the productivity, quality and efficiency of the job. Proper preparation and cleaning in pipeline welding applications can help extend tool life, benefit operator safety and improve productivity and efficiency.

Finishing Welds in Stainless Steels

A non-woven disc removes grind lines left on the surface by a fiber disc. A premium unified wheel that is designed for light stock removal and is ideal for blending applications is recommended. 
Here are some tips and guidelines for selecting and using the best abrasives products to create the desired finish.


Grinding Wheels: Industry News

Weiler Corp. Acquires SwatyComet

This deal substantially expands Weiler’s global reach into the bonded abrasives segment.

Osborn Hires Director of Sales

André Pelletier now directs sales of industrial brushes, polishing compounds and buffs for the distribution division. 
André Pelletier now directs the distribution division in North American sales to commercial distribution.

Multi-Million Dollar Transformation at Weiler

The initiative includes a new brand identity, revamped website and facilities expansion.


Grinding Wheels: Products

Welding & Fabrication Catalog

The 52-page Welding & Fabrication Catalog from Weiler is available in print and digital versions and contains product information for the new Tiger X flap disc and a full line of welding and fabrication solutions, including coated abrasives, bonded abrasives and brushes.
Weiler's new catalog is available in both print and online versions and features the new Tiger X flap disc.

Crimped Rectangular Filament

Booths S-4912, N-23058: The new crimped rectangular filament in silicon carbide and aluminum oxide on a complete line of ATB brushes from Osborn provides maximum aggression, flexibility and conformability that is ideal for finishing applications in automotive, off-road equipment, gear deburring, engine housing, aerospace, turbine blades and more.
Osborn announces their new crimped rectangular filament in silicon carbide and aluminum oxide on a complete line of ATB brushes.

Faster Grinding with Industry-First Technology

Booth N-22025: The new Tiger X flap disc from Weiler Corporation combines a triple split coat grain anchoring system, dual flap design and engineered abrasive cloth backing with intermixed ceramic alumina and zirconia alumina materials for a faster grind rate while increasing life.
Weiler Corporation launches the Tiger X flap disc with industry-first technology for faster grinding and a longer life.