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Cutting Through the Confusion with Non-Woven Convolute Wheels

The complicated array of convolute wheels being used on the production floor can confuse operators who find it difficult to select the right one for their specific deburring or finishing job. But now a new system simplifies all of that, reducing lost time in selection and downtime due to rework, increasing cost savings through higher productivity.
Grinding Wheels: Articles

Choosing Consumables for Manual Metal Cutting

Because resinoid bonded abrasive cutting wheels offer portability and affordability, they are popular for many hand-held metal cutting applications. Here are some things you must know about them and how they should be used to help extend their product life, benefit your operator safety, and improve your shop productivity and efficiency.

Reducing Labor Costs by Adding Comfort

Ideal for heavy grinding applications on even the toughest metals, this new grinding disc is at the forefront of abrasive technology, providing metal fabricators with more comfortable, ergonomic working conditions and the highest removal rate for steel and stainless steel.

Tips on Fine Grinding Stainless Steel

Choosing the right equipment and consumables to grind a fine finish on stainless steel can get the job done faster with less operator fatigue. Here are nine ways to create a smooth surface in some typical finishing applications.

Tips for Preventing Long Wire Breakage When Using Power Brushes

Typically caused by improper brush use or using the wrong brush for the application, long wire breakage does not fall under normal brush wear. It can be a costly problem that also poses safety hazards for operators and other workers in the area. Here are some ways to help prevent this issue so that you can get longer life and optimal performance from your power brushes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Product for Welding and Fabrication Surface Finishing

Here are some insights on how to address the varying levels of surface finishing requirements that depend on industry demands and the eventual end use of the finished product.


Grinding Wheels: Industry News

New Personnel at Abtex

Carolyn Ribble is their new purchasing agent and John Sherman is a new customer service representative.

Walter Surface Technologies Appoints New President

Marc-André Aubé is their new president and chief operating officer.

Jason Industries Names New President and CEO

Brian K. Kobylinski succeeds Jeffry N. Quinn, who remains chairman of their board.


Grinding Wheels: Products

Large Diameter Flex-Hone Plays Critical Role in Oil and Gas Industry

Ideal for automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial applications up to 36 in, large diameter Flex-Hone tools from Brush Research Manufacturing can be run with virtually any rotating spindle, are self-centering, self-aligning to the bore and self-compensating for wear.

Ceramic Flap Discs for Exceptional Grinding Performance on All Metals

The unique abrasive structure of the advanced ceramic grain in PLANTEX CERAMIC flap discs from CS Unitec reduces heat when grinding to prevent heat discoloration on the workpiece, but provides maximum removal to save time and extend service life.

Faster Cut Rates, Fewer Changeovers, Longer Life

The Norton Red Heat R983 suite of abrasive belts and discs from Saint-Gobain Abrasives includes flap discs and quick-change discs that are ideal for a broad range of applications in welding, MRO, transportation and aerospace.