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How Surface Finishing Technology Can Help Improve Productivity and Reduce Operating Costs

Investing in better consumables in order to significantly cut time and manpower costs is smart business. Streamlined manufacturing that performs efficiently and effectively is the key to driving profits in both good times and in bad.
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Automating the “Feel” in Deburring and Edge Finishing

To automate the deburring and edge finishing process, the “feel” of an abrasive media must be managed through the cut rate, wear rate, compliance, and conformability.
Quantifying and adapting the “feel” of the abrasive against the part is a critical step toward successfully automating this labor intensive offhand operation.

Determining Actual Grinding Productivity & Cost

Though abrasives comprise, on average, less than two percent of the total cost of a fabricating operation, most shops fail to realize that 10 to 15 percent of their labor is consumed in metal-fabrication and finishing operations. A more accurate measure of productivity looks at the true total process cost, or the total work to be performed with abrasives.
By evaluating and tracking abrasive performance, combined with taking the time to select the best abrasive for a particular application, job shops and production operations can identify opportunities to significantly decrease grinding costs and increase productivity.

How Advancements in Non-Woven Technology Streamline Metal Fabrication Applications

As the demands for improved finishes increase, and companies like Ford announce the F-150 is moving to aluminum as the primary material, fabricators need abrasives solutions that streamline their operations.  Non-woven abrasives can provide an excellent solution. 
Innovative design and non-woven materials science have increased productivity while keeping costs down with a new generation of durable, flexible and easy-to-use high-performance surface conditioning products. Shops should utilize new non-woven technology to help them remain competitive in unstable economic times.


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GCH Tool Group Relaunches Website

The redesign features intuitive navigation and browsing of products, descriptive photos and new content.

Weiler Launches Vending Program

Their power brushes, abrasives and other products integrate into coil or helix vending machines as an inventory control tool for shops.

Osborn Acquired by Quinpario

No management changes are planned as Osborn’s parent company, Jason Incorporated, combines with Quinpario Acquisition.


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Superior ID Surface Finishing and Deburring

The Flex-Hone® tool from Brush Research Manufacturing optimizes flexible honing lubrication, blends edges, and removes burrs – even from cross-drilled holes. 

Nylon Abrasive Brushes for OD Deburring, Surface Finishing

NamPower technology from Brush Research Manufacturing is ideal for CNC machines, robotic arms, drill presses, lathes, and milling machinery.

Uniform Surface Finishes in Faster Time

Walter Quick-Step in action
These time-saving surface finishing tools from Walter Surface Technologies are ideal for finishing ultra-clean stainless steel surfaces in industries such as food prep, nuclear, pharmaceutical, construction and others.