How Close is Close Enough When Trying to Achieve Positioning Accuracy?

Which is better: pneumatic or electric actuation? This review of the various options of each process, along with their advantages and shortcomings depending on application circumstances, can help you make more informed decisions about positioning design and selection.
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How Welding Positioners Are Helping to Save Venice

Silvestrini welding positioners are being used to fabricate massive weldments and hinges in an ingenious flood-defense barrier intended to protect the city.


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Koike Aronson Redesigns Website

The new site provides easier access to technical support for applications and online training for distributors.

ALM Sponsors Winning Teams at Autobahn Country Club Endurance Race

The company played a role the race consisting of cars divided into 4 classes for the 3.5 Hour Enduro on the Autobahn Country Club South Course.

IMI Announces New USA-Made Magnetic Welding Squares

IMI recently announced that their magnetic welding squares are being produced at their Michigan facility.


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Universal Hydraulic Toolholder

The TENDO E hydraulic expansion toolholder from SCHUNK works well across applications ranging from rough milling operations, where tool cost reductions up to 40 percent have been achieved, to finish operations such as reaming and fine milling.

FABTECH 2016: Welding (Part Two)

Take a closer look at some of the welding technologies that will be exhibited November 16-18 on the show floor in Las Vegas.

Fixed Height Trunnions

Powered Trunnion and Cantilever Trunnion sets with powered heads from ALM Positioners can handle radial loads up to 21,600 lb.