Punches and Dies

Clever Turret Press Tooling Produces More Parts In Less Time

Tooling changeover is a priority for this sheet metal job shop, which achieves quick setups, extra durability and increased uptime by using advanced tooling  that makes its turret presses "operate like new."
Punches and Dies: Articles

Fitting Die Maintenance Into Press Operations

Simulation eliminates the need for additional part runs, measurements and analysis. Corrective actions are minor.
When a die for a production part needs maintenance, finding the least-cost fix in the shortest time is critical. Here are some ways that tooling engineers can achieve time savings of over 80 percent and avoid costly die rework by using next generation root cause software to simulate the iteration process.


Punches and Dies: Industry News

Wila USA Appoints Senior VP of Sales & Marketing

Brian Sarno, Wila USA As senior vice president of sales and marketing he is in charge of sales, marketing and operations for the company.
Brian Sarno is now in charge of their sales, marketing and operations.

Precision Punch Acquires Eastern Industries

The feeler gages from Eastern now compliment the punches, dies, core pins, perforators, and hardened, precision ground cylindrical parts made by Precision.

Wilson Tool Celebrates 50 Years

What began as a basement shop with nine people grew to 800 employees with operations around the world.


Punches and Dies: Products

Advanced Tooling for Punch Press, Press Brake, Laser Cutting Operations

Booth C-36069: New Ultra QCT Quick Change Tooling, CleanBend Press Brake Tooling and One-Micron Fiber Laser Lenses are impressive additions to the greatly expanded One Source Fabricating Solutions offered by Mate Precision Tooling.
Take a closer look at Ultra QCT Quick Change Tooling, CleanBend Press Brake Tooling, One-Micron Fiber Laser Lenses and more from Mate Precision Tooling.

An Ideal Alternative to Wiping Dies

Easily-configured Posi-Bend rotary bender units are engineered to be less complex and less costly than wipe tooling. Rotary bending provides more consistent metal forming without wasting material on tests and regrinds.
The Posi-Bend self-contained rotary bender from Dayton Lamina cams the material without undesired distortion, sliding, or marring.

Tool-Less Revolution in Thick Turret Punching

In the Ultra QCT quick change, tool-less thick turret punching system, the punch is keyed at the perimeter of the tool, not the center, providing superior angularity control. The shoulder of the punch remains securely guided by the guide when punching. Only one punch driver is needed for rounds or shapes.
The Ultra QCT system from Mate Precision Tooling features a simple, intuitive tool-less punch retention mechanism for easier, faster setups by simply flipping the latch to remove and snap the new insert into place.