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Clever Turret Press Tooling Produces More Parts In Less Time

Tooling changeover is a priority for this sheet metal job shop, which achieves quick setups, extra durability and increased uptime by using advanced tooling  that makes its turret presses "operate like new."
Punches and Dies: Articles

Wilson Venture Group Seeks To Acquire Promising Small– To Mid-Size Businesses

The family-owned firm is focused on the acquisition of similar family-owned businesses in need of an exit strategy as well as entrepreneurs looking to sell their product or technology.

Dayton Progress Transfers Blank Production to Vietnam

Dayton Progress has long been known for the quality of its high performance semi-finished punch blanks, which allow rapid manufacture and shipment of more than 300,000 different part numbers each year and a consistent order-to-order product performance.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Over the next several years, the MISUMI Vietnam blank factories will expand and adopt the Dayton Progress blank-making process, after which most manufacture of Dayton blanks will transfer from Ohio to the MISUMI plant in Vietnam.

The Right Tooling, for the Right Job, at the Right Time

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An overview of The American Punch Company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.

Superior Die Set Elects New President

Frank Janiszewski is the new president and chief operating officer of Superior Die Set.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Frank Janiszewski brings over 30 years of strong manufacturing and industry experience to his new assignment.

Wilson Tool Donates Equipment to Anoka Tech for Training

Tooling manufacturer Wilson Tool donates a $14,000 grinder to Anoka Technical College to train students in the Precision Sheet Metal program. Enjoying the moment and the brand new piece of equipment are (from left) Cheryl Kish, Anoka Tech Foundation Director; Nick Graff, Anoka Tech Director of Advanced Technology Center; Jessie Stumpf, Anoka Tech Interim President; Chris Lawless, Wilson Tool President; and Jeff Paulson Wilson Tool Marketing Manager.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
The grinder is used to sharpen punch press tooling and will be used to train students in the college’s Precision Sheet Metal labs who may one day be employed by customers of Wilson Tool.


Punches and Dies: Products

Unitized Punch Tooling Applications

The new unitized tooling system combines standard Multicyl MC series, the HZ frame, and the HZ unit from Unipunch.
Multicyl combines the standard Multicyl MC series, the HZ frame, and the HZ unit from Unipunch to punch angles, tube edges, and hard to reach extrusions.

Prevent Slugs from Pulling onto Stamping Die Surface

DTC has made the Rev 3 grinder assembly adjustable to three height positions, each ½ inch apart, enabling it to work with a wider range of part thicknesses, and has changed the lights to flex lights which the operator can position to see clearly into the cavity, providing better visual inspection of the work area.
The Rev 3 Slug Retention Machine from DTC eliminates the need to remove the die from the press, disassemble it and return it to the press after reworking it.

Form Mates with Function in Turret Punch Tooling

The Hybrid Threadform forming tool from Mate eliminates tapping and other labor-intensive secondary operations, such as welding fasteners to sheet metal. The tool also eliminates debris when tapping and reduces component cost by eliminating the need for special fasteners.
Forming operations take center stage on the turret punch press through some new tooling innovations from Mate Precision Tooling.