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Trends in Hydraulic Clamping Systems for the Press Brake

Depending on the press brake and setups, there are a number of hydraulic clamping options that fabricators can use to work within their budgets and production requirements. From a fully modular hydraulic clamping system or by retrofitting safety tangs onto straight-tanged punch tools, streamlining production with hydraulic clamping solutions can deliver greater efficiencies in your shop and help you compete with the world.
Punches and Dies: Articles

Clever Turret Press Tooling Produces More Parts In Less Time

Tooling changeover is a priority for this sheet metal job shop, which achieves quick setups, extra durability and increased uptime by using advanced tooling  that makes its turret presses "operate like new."

Fitting Die Maintenance Into Press Operations

When a die for a production part needs maintenance, finding the least-cost fix in the shortest time is critical. Here are some ways that tooling engineers can achieve time savings of over 80 percent and avoid costly die rework by using next generation root cause software to simulate the iteration process.


Punches and Dies: Industry News

Atlas Awarded Die Storage System Expansion Project

They will incorporate additional die storage racks, upgraded control interface, die cart development and refurbishment into an existing storage system at Wolf Appliance.

MA Automotive Tool & Die Installs SMIRT DieBuild

They can now integrate detailed manufacturing processes for each die into their CNC programming and design visualization.

Wilson Tool Launches New Website

This intuitive site easily navigates through tooling resources ranging from product selection to finding a local contact to online chat.


Punches and Dies: Products

FABTECH 2016: Metalform

Take a closer look at some of the metal forming and fabrication technologies that will be exhibited November 16-18 on the show floor in Las Vegas.

Prevent Slugs from Pulling Back Onto the Die Block

Featuring a microscope and tablet with display, the newly upgraded SlugKeeper Machine from DTC Products prevents damage to the metal production strip, the stamped part, or the stamping die itself.

Advanced Tooling for Punch Press, Press Brake, Laser Cutting Operations

Take a closer look at Ultra QCT Quick Change Tooling, CleanBend Press Brake Tooling, One-Micron Fiber Laser Lenses and more from Mate Precision Tooling.