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Time to Reconsider Holding Taps with Collet Chucks

The next time you think about setting up a tapping operation with a collet chuck the same old way you always have, you may want to think again. There are now tap holders designed specifically to mitigate the load imposed on the tap by essentially absorbing synchronization error.
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Zero-Point Workholding Systems: A Creative Solution for Many Manufacturing Operations

Think zero-point clamping workholding systems are only applicable to machining processes like milling? Think again. Because these systems can solve two of a shop’s toughest problems – repeatability of location from one fixture or workpiece blank to another, and quick transfer of work from one work area of the floor to another – the savings in setup time plus increased accuracy adds up quickly in a variety of operations.

Making a Name in Sport Fishing

By using shrink fit technology from Haimer, one of the few remaining U.S.-based manufacturers of sport fishing reels not only competes, but excels in the competitive global marketplace. Here's how they do it.

Tools, Holders and Runout: Uncover the Hidden Savings

Runout can be fickle, but finding a solution for it can pay significant dividends. Here are some insights into how much a little wobble can really increase your costs.

A Review of Vibration and Affordable Ways to Prevent It

While the latest machine tool technology may go a long way towards eliminating vibration and chatter, adding a new one may not be realistic. Luckily, there are less disruptive options that can make positive impacts on vibration without breaking the bank.

Make the Most of a Tool’s Entire ‘Life’

Successful shops always look for ways to differentiate and innovate for competitive advantage. Cashing in on the entirety of a tool’s life with an advanced tool management system is perhaps the most effective way to do that right now.


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Heimatec Rolls Out New Website

The new site is easily navigated, mobile phone friendly, and offers an in-depth look at the company’s extensive lines of standard and machine brand tooling.

Emuge and OPEN MIND Establish Partnership

They will share technical data and best practices on machining applications and programs, conduct joint seminars and develop advanced cutting tool and CAM software solutions.

Downturn in U.S. Cutting Tool Orders

April orders of $168 million dropped 16 percent from the previous month.


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High Torque Retention Knobs Increase Productivity, Reduce Downtime

Hansen Engineering uses High Torque Retention Knobs from JM Performance Products to reduce downtime, extend tool life, and increase speed and feed rates in their machining of aerospace components.

Polygonal Clamping Technology for High Speed Micro-Machining

TRIBOS-Mini and TRIBOS-RM polygonal clamping systems from SCHUNK are now available for HSK-E 20, HSK-E 25, and HSK-E 32 spindle interfaces for outstanding change and positioning accuracy, maximum precision and superior running smoothness at high speeds.

Tooling Systems that Improve Clamping Capabilities, Faster Changeovers

Ideal for boring, milling, reaming, tapping and grinding applications, the powRgrip Toolholding Collet system, ER collets, SwissQuick ER-to-ER adaptors and the micRun clamping system from Rego-Fix securely clamp tools, enhance clamping capabilities and speed tool changing.