Engine Driven Welders

Next Generation Speed Governing Technology

Numerous benefits can be gained from improved fuel efficiency and reduced noise when using new welder/generators with speed-regulating technology.
Engine Driven Welders: Articles

The Lowdown on Welding Power Sources

Jeff Herb of Miller Electric explains why no welding power source solution can fit all needs, then shows how an understanding of your application, your future needs and your environment will help you pick the right power source.


Engine Driven Welders: Industry News

Miller Electric Celebrates Welders and Why They Build

Their "#whyiweldcontest" giveaway recognizes enthusiastic welders and celebrates the things that inspire them.

IWDC Spending Sets New Record

The spending of Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative member companies through their co-op exceeded $19 million in March.

Bug-O Systems Featured On “Viewpoints” TV

In the show, Terry Bradshaw explains how the innovative mechanization from Bug-O produces a better quality weld with less effort, a timely solution for an industry facing skilled labor shortages.


Engine Driven Welders: Products

Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Welding

Here are some of the advances in tube and pipe welding equipment and accessories that are now available to help shops make money while meeting demands for more complex geometries, tougher materials, faster speed and higher quality.

Pure DC Generator Power Source for Pipeline Applications

The engine-driven SAE-300 MP Pure DC Generator Welder from Lincoln Electric stands up to rough conditions on the job site and delivers consistent power and maximum control, no matter how hot or cold, how long the pipeline or how tough the job.

Welding and Gouging in Mining and Repair

Lincoln Electric's Air Vantage 650 enables users to gouge using up to ½ in carbons with the built-in air compressor and weld using up to 0.120 in Innershield cored wires and 3/32 in Lincore hardfacing cored wires.