Friction Welding Systems

Friction Welding Systems: Articles

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Friction Welding Systems: Industry News

Coldwater Machine Named Level 1 FANUC Integrator

This status opens up new automation opportunities for them in appliance, automotive, and aerospace applications.

American Friction Welding Increases Capacity

A new Thompson machine will extend their capabilities for serving the semi-conductor, defense, electrical and aerospace industries.


Friction Welding Systems: Products

Automated High Speed Friction Spin Welding for Higher Integrity Welds of Dissimilar Metals

Fully automated SpinMeld systems from Coldwater Machine are ideal for joining steels, aluminum, cast or sintered metals, magnesium, brass, carbon fiber composites, ceramics with mixed metal connections, and dissimilar combinations of these materials.

Friction Welding Systems Reduce Cycle Times and Defects

Stand-alone vertical or horizontal FWS Series Friction Weld Systems from Coldwater Machine integrate into a work cell or become part of an automated processing line.