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New Technology Expands Work Envelope When Using Fume Extractors

Source capture is the recommended method of  fume extraction because it removes contaminated air at the source, before it reaches a welder’s breathing zone. Recent advancements in source capture technology create a much larger capture area than what’s available with existing systems and can minimize how often the welder has to move the extraction arm.
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Five Considerations When Purchasing a Fume Extraction System

The FILTAIR MWX-D features a surface-loading, nanofiber filter that removes 95 percent of the submicron particles found in welding fumes and provides reduced pressure drop compared to depth-loading filters.
In today's market, highly skilled welders can choose where they want to work. An important factor for any company to recruit and retain skilled welders is to have a clean, healthy work environment. For this reason, it is critical for a company to have a reliable fume extraction system to maintain a clean and safe work environment.


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The new FILTAIR® Capture 5 fume extraction system is designed to source capture welding fumes up to 5 feet away from the source — over three times the distance of conventional technologies.
The new FILTAIR® Capture 5 fume extraction system captures fume up to 5 ft away, minimizing the need for welding operators to interact with the extraction arm and increasing arc-on time for greater productivity.