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The Right Filter Makes a Difference in Weld Fume Management

Removing the fumes from the area is only the beginning of the process. How you filter the fume is just as critical to achieve successful results.
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Navigating OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls to Minimize Weld Fume

Managing weld fumes is important for compliance with increasingly strict exposure limits from agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH).
In considering which weld fume management solution is right for your shop environment, be aware that it may be necessary to implement multiple solutions from the agency’s outlines to achieve the desired exposure limits for each individual metal, metal oxide or gas found in the weld plume. Here are the steps to follow. 

New Technology Expands Work Envelope When Using Fume Extractors

 Air is suctioned into the arm at a standard fume capture rate of around 900 cfm, while simultaneously, clean filtered air moves out of the arm at about a 90 deg angle to the unfiltered air coming in. This creates an “air barrier” that basically increases the effective diameter of the hood on the end of the arm. 
Source capture is the recommended method of  fume extraction because it removes contaminated air at the source, before it reaches a welder’s breathing zone. Recent advancements in source capture technology create a much larger capture area than what’s available with existing systems and can minimize how often the welder has to move the extraction arm.

Five Considerations When Purchasing a Fume Extraction System

The FILTAIR MWX-D features a surface-loading, nanofiber filter that removes 95 percent of the submicron particles found in welding fumes and provides reduced pressure drop compared to depth-loading filters.
In today's market, highly skilled welders can choose where they want to work. An important factor for any company to recruit and retain skilled welders is to have a clean, healthy work environment. For this reason, it is critical for a company to have a reliable fume extraction system to maintain a clean and safe work environment.


Fume Extraction Systems: Industry News

Kemper Awarded for Weld Fume Extraction

Piotr Kruk, the head of MEE sales at Kemper, in front of the award winning CleanAirTower. “We are already synonymous on the Polish market for high-quality extraction and filter technology for the metal-processing industry,” he says. The company invested heavily in the past year in building up a new dealer structure in Poland with a new team led by Kruk. (Photo curtesy of Kemper)
Their CleanAirTower was recognized during a trade show in the growing Polish market.

Training Welders in Oman

Kemper welding cabins at the Welding Center of Excellence in Oman. The 100 welding cabins are made from noise-absorbing cassettes and protective plating for each welding station, as well as a smooth-running cantilever extraction arm to capture harmful substances. All of the welding cabins are connected to four central System 9,000 extraction systems that filter even ultra-fine nanoparticles from the air.
Kemper supplies all of the occupational safety equipment, including welding cabins, fume extraction and filter systems.


Fume Extraction Systems: Products

More Flexibility for All

The unique “smart MIG” function on the Rebel EMP 215ic welding system from ESAB enables users to begin MIG welding with an extremely stable arc just by setting metal thickness and wire diameter. There is no need to enter information for shielding gas mix. The Rebel provides an industrial quality arc for MIG, flux-cored, Lift TIG and Stick welding, including excellent performance with difficult-to-weld E6010 electrodes. 
The search for a “one-size-fits-all” welding solution continues to uncover new equipment that increasingly offers more flexible welding solutions suited for both large and small shops, with better options to do better business.

Innovative Welding Fume and Dust Ventilation

Ideal for use in metal fabrication when processing large parts that involve constant changes in work location or areas where direct extraction is not feasible, the FILTOWER series from ESTA Extraction performs spatial ventilation of welding fumes, dust and oil mist with almost 100 percent filtration efficiency to improve room air quality for those working in the areas.
ESTA Extraction introduces their new FILTOWER line that not only extracts welding fumes, but also fine dust and oil mist.


The new FILTAIR® Capture 5 fume extraction system is designed to source capture welding fumes up to 5 feet away from the source — over three times the distance of conventional technologies.
The new FILTAIR® Capture 5 fume extraction system captures fume up to 5 ft away, minimizing the need for welding operators to interact with the extraction arm and increasing arc-on time for greater productivity.