Clearing the Air in Gas Delivery

MIG and TIG welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting or welding all require compressed gases. How these gases are stored, handled and used will determine the extent that the overall cost of these gas products impacts your bottom line. The correct gas delivery system will provide the most economical and efficient results to complement any of these applications – and the normal starting point for all of them is a cylinder of gas and a regulator. 
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Common Shielding Gases Used for Arc Welding

Each gas has different properties that affect how it responds under the heat of a welding arc, include its reactivity, ionization potential and thermal conductivity. Reactivity effects whether or not a certain gas or gas mix can be used with certain materials. These properties also affect various shielding gas operating characteristics and effect bead shape and penetration profiles.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
The variety of shielding gases used in arc welding can be confusing as to when to use which gas for which application. Here are some basic guidelines to follow.

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Airgas Reports Fiscal 1Q 2015 Earnings

The industrial welding gas supplier reported that first quarter sales increased by 3 percent over the prior year, to $1.31 billion, and they anticipate long-term growth in U.S. manufacturing.

Linde Launches New Safety Program

Estimates reveal that up to one-third of global acetylene retail sales are collected and transported in unventilated vehicles that could build up flammable acetylene in the event of a leak. Many vehicles are also not fitted with appropriate restraints to prevent cylinders from toppling over and knocking open handwheel valves.

CONCOA Appoints New Sales Manager for Europe

Damion Angell is the new sales manager for CONCOA Europa, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Damion Angell is now responsible for spearheading new markets in Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and North Africa by taking charge of product development, marketing and account service to develop business globally.


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Specialty, High Purity and Laboratory Gas Regulators

The Victor Specialty Gas Control line-up of specialty, high purity and laboratory gas regulators includes the Spec Master HP600 series regulator that is designed for primary gas control of non corrosive, high purity gases up to 6.0 purity grade. 
Victor Technologies offers general purpose to corrosive and toxic grade 6.0 gas solutions with aesthetic and ergonomic designs coupled with improved snap-on tamper proof gauges.