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Using Shielding Gas Efficiently

Gas handling equipment is one area shops sometimes overlook to keep costs down to stay competitive. Proper gas-saver flowmeter regulators can ensure saving on the amount of shielding gas that is used with each pull of the trigger of the welding gun.

Clearing the Air in Gas Delivery

MIG and TIG welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting or welding all require compressed gases. How these gases are stored, handled and used will determine the extent that the overall cost of these gas products impacts your bottom line. The correct gas delivery system will provide the most economical and efficient results to complement any of these applications – and the normal starting point for all of them is a cylinder of gas and a regulator. 

What You Should Know About Shielding Gas

Knowing how to select the appropriate shielding gas for the application can go far in helping obtain the desired welding performance and minimizing the downtime for rework caused by poor weld quality. Here are some of the basics of what you should know about shielding gases.

Common Shielding Gases Used for Arc Welding

The variety of shielding gases used in arc welding can be confusing as to when to use which gas for which application. Here are some basic guidelines to follow.

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IWDC Awards Greco Gas Executive

Joe Greco is presented the Bob Jackson Memorial Award for his leadership in the industry, community and family.

nexAir to Move Headquarters

The gas and welding supply distributor is moving their corporate headquarters to the historic 1.1 million sq ft Crosstown Concourse in Memphis, TN.

nexAir Acquires Air Liquide Facilities in Tennessee

This deal increases nexAir's liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice business in the mid-South.


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Automatic Welding Helmet Increases Operator Comfort and Productivity

The Sentinel A50 automatic welding helmet from ESAB features Halo headgear and an ergonomic, low-profile design for improved weight distribution with five contact points.

Maximize Gas Cylinder Economy by Changing Switching Ranges in the Field

The 547 Series High Pressure Switchover from CONCOA can fully deplete gas cylinders while accommodating applications that require continuous delivery of gas with varying high and low outlet pressures.

Purge Monitor Reads Extremely Low Oxygen Levels Required for Stainless and Titanium Pipe Welding

The PRO2 MINI purge monitor from Intercon provides provides quick, easy, accurate readings down to 0.005 percent (5 ppm).