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Take a look at how this Wisconsin fabricator uses the portable all-in-one Multimatic 200 multiprocess power source from Miller Electric to gain versatility and increase their welding productivity by 25 to 30 percent on field repair and fabrication jobs.
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Inverter Welders: Products

Advanced, Spatter-Free Welding in Aluminum and Stainless Steel

To achieve high deposition rates, the Aristo® Mig 4004i Pulse delivers a welding current of 300 A and voltage of 32 V at a 100 percent duty cycle. At a 60 percent duty cycle, these figures rise to 400 A and 36 V. The machine operates from a 380 to 460V (+/-10 percent), three phase supply at 50/60Hz, and can be powered by a generator when there is no mains supply available.
The Aristo® Mig 4004i Pulse power source from ESAB is ideal for manufacturing trucks, buses, trailers, off-highway equipment, trains and railway rolling stock, wind turbine towers, structural steelwork, shipbuilding/offshore, and general industrial fabrication.

Inverter Machines Ideal for Welding Thin Aluminum Material

Heliarc offers easy-to-control arc heat input for high quality welds and a pulse currentfor lower heat dissipation, better control of the weld pool, and less plate deformation. DC pulsing, with square wave, cuts current peaks and provides symmetric power, a stable arc, and perfect interfusion between base and filler material. AC pulsing up to 2 Hz makes this machine ideal for welding thin aluminum material.
Heliarc 281i, 283i and 353i TIG machines from ESAB deliver increased energy efficiency and superior functionality in a package that is lighter, smaller, and less expensive than old technology SCR machines.

CRC-Evans Introduces New Welding System

The welding system is multi-process, digital and analog welding power-supply-capable. 
CRC-Evans introduced its new M-400 Welding System, which reduces the overall weight by 25 percent.