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New Arc Process for More Efficient Welding

A new algorithm uses the high processing power, large memory, extremely fast system bus and highly dynamic wire feed speed of the latest MIG/MAG power source platform to ensure an extremely stable arc with minimal spatter.
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Field of Dreams

High Tech Welding has gained 25 to 30 percent in productivity in its field repairs since it began using the Multimatic 200 a year ago. The portability and multiprocess capabilities of the unit are at the heart of those benefits.
Take a look at how Wisconsin fabricator High Tech Welding uses a portable all-in-one multiprocess power source to gain versatility and increase their welding productivity by 25 to 30 percent on field repair and fabrication jobs.

What You Must Know About Robotic Welding

Lloyd Steed of Tregaskiss identifies the key factors that must be understood to manage a profitable and productive robotic welding operation that really gains a competitive edge and makes the most out of its investment.

What You Must Know About Pulsed MIG Welding of Aluminum

The Invision 352 MPa used by Greenheck welders features built-in Pulsed MIG programs for common 4000 and 5000 series aluminum wires ranging in diameter from .035 in to 1/16 in, as well as many of the other alloys (steel, stainless steel, silicon bronze, copper, nickel) found in their products.(click on photo to enlarge it)
Three manufacturers share their tales with Mike Vandenberg, Jeff Herb and Chris Roehl of Miller Electric about pulsed MIG welding of aluminum and how new technologies have made the process more viable in their operations by reducing distortion and rework, improving productivity and standardizing wire size.

Checking the Pulse of Welding Inconel

Whether TIG welding in the aerospace industry or MIG welding overlay in a plant environment, successfully welding Inconel can depend on your pulsing capabilities and other new features made possible with modern equipment. Dave Almy and Mark Kadlec of Miller Electric explain why.

Push or Drag Angle with GMAW to Reduce Porosity – The Answer Is: It Depends

Lesson Learned: This analysis shows how one must be careful of getting locked into welding a certain way only because that’s the way it has always been done.


MIG Welders: Industry News

ESAB Is Proud Sponsor of Operation Fearless

ESAB is proud to help sponsor Operation Fearless, the 1991 Ford Bronco build project underway at the RK Motors Performance Center to honor fallen Navy SEAL hero Adam Brown.

ESAB Sponsors University of Toronto Baja Team in SAE Design Competition

ESAB will support the University of Toronto Baja Team with the donation of welding equipment, consumables and personal protection accessories as they compete to design and build a rugged off-road vehicle.

Miller Electric President Recognized for Commitment to Technical Education

Mike Weller was recently recognized for outstanding service to Fox Technical College, which is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System


MIG Welders: Products

Highly Versatile Aluminum MIG Welder and More

The Millermatic 350P Aluminum synergic welding system from Miller Electric gives the operator the first-of-its-kind flexibility with synergic “one knob” control in both Pulsed MIG and MIG operation. The synergic connection means the Millermatic 350P Aluminum automatically adjusts voltage and amperage when the operator adjusts wire speed on the gun. This saves time and improves quality because the welder can react in real time to changing joint profiles and positions without having to stop welding and go back to the machine.
The Millermatic® 350P Aluminum MIG welder from Miller Electric is the first dedicated aluminum welding power source with a true torque push-pull design, electronic wire spool brake, Trigger Schedule Select and synergic capabilities in both MIG and Pulsed MIG weld settings. 

Reducing Heat Input the Smart Way for Joining Thin Sheets

With its defined heat input, microMIG from SKS Welding Systems reduces distortion significantly: with MAG processes, it is higher by 35 percent to 50 percent.
microMIG from SKS Welding Systems North America uses a pulsed wire feeding technology. Compared to other methods with pulsed wire feeding, microMIG is characterized by a significant difference: instead of using higher frequencies of the wire pulse, microMIG achieves higher deposition rates at lower frequencies. 

Multi-Process Welder Helps Beginners Weld Like a Pro

Victor Technologies launched the Tweco® Fabricator® 141i 3-in-1 welder, a multi-process welder that runs off 115V household power.