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Beware of Bad Bargains

Watch out for artificially low prices on aftermarket plasma torch consumable parts. Before you buy, it is important to be aware of a few of the poor performance issues and risk of torch damage that your shop will experience if you purchase imitation consumables.
Plasma Cutters: Articles

This is Not Your Grandfather’s Plasma Cutting System

The plasma cut cleanly and quickly through 1/8 inch metal, just as simple as drawing a line. 
My previous experience with plasma cutting happened 30 years ago and was so awful that I never wanted to use one again. I vowed then and there to never use plasma again. Then I used one of the new units from Hypertherm.

What You Must Know Before Buying a Plasma Cutting System

Buying a CNC plasma cutting machine is not as easy as running down to the hardware store and picking one up. Megan McNew of PlasmaCam helps answer these questions to make your buying decision easier and save you considerable time and expense.

Gouging with Plasma

Huge dump trucks and other heavy equipment are in constant demand in mining, moving hundreds of thousands of tons of material a day. Maintenance crews are constantly busy fixing one thing or another. Gouging out old welds is a necessary first step before the the actual work of repairing a truck bed or replacing a mold board liner on a track dozer can begin. In the past, crews would reach for carbon arc, but not anymore. Today they are using plasma to make better repairs in less time.
The switch to plasma wasn’t exactly planned, but more welders are now realizing the benefits of gouging with plasma. 

Finishing Touch: Integrated Plasma Cutting

As the next natural progression in the evolution of mechanized plasma cutting, Jim Colt of Hypertherm explains how many shops are changing the roles of their programmers and the operators by switching to integrated CNC plasma cutting systems that draw more expertise from the CAM database to achieve cut consistency, increased productivity and lower cutting costs.

Corporate Profile: The Lincoln Electric Company

An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Plasma Cutters: Industry News

‘Cut with Confidence’ Video Contest

Hypertherm is giving away prizes to the videos deemed by the best in voting. Prizes include a custom designed welding helmet, genuine Hypertherm cutting gloves, a consumables kit and more. Get your video in by June 30. 
Users of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems from Hypertherm can show what they’re making in 30 to 60 second clips in exchange for gifts and prizes.

ESAB Website Features Enhanced Distributor Locator

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has added an enhanced distributor locator to its North American websites. 

Victor Technologies Unveils Plasma Design Center

Victor's move showcases commitment to plasma cutting technology innovation and the firm's branded plasma cutting systems. 


Plasma Cutters: Products

Integrated Robotic Plasma Cutting Cell 

The cutting cell automatically cuts I-beam and square tubing. Parts cut accurately with true bevel angles provide consistent weld grooves, which simplifies downstream assembly and weld operations. Speeding up the cut process and mitigating rework from cut errors means less interruptions and higher productivity.
This flexible robotic cutting cell from ESAB automatically cuts, copes  and cuts to length branch pipes, I-beam and square tubing and trunk pipes with or without bevel.

Smart Voltage Height Control System for Plasma Arc Cutting

This new system from ESAB integrates arc voltage height control, Z-axis motion control, and complete plasma process control to lead the way to higher productivity and lowest overall cost-per-part.

FABTECH 2011: Welding (Part Two)

The Big Show exhibited the latest advancements in arc, gas, resistance and laser welding for diverse material joining applications, including sheet metal, pipes and tubes, jewelry, plastics and other exotic materials. Now our Show-in-Site brings some more of those welding systems and related equipment to you!