Resistance Welders

Seamlessly Joined? Comparing Cast and Soldered Electrodes for Spot Welding

Cavities in the solder between the electrode and the shaft have a negative impact on the quality of the resistance weld. Plansee explains why anyone wishing to avoid cavities should use cast electrodes rather than soldered electrodes.
Resistance Welders: Articles

What You Must Know About Adaptive Control of Resistance Welding

Brian Moore of Bosch Rexroth explains how adaptive control can help reduce losses related to poorly made resistance welds, increase resistance welding throughput and elevate your control of automated welding processes to a whole new level.

Resistance Spot Welding of Aluminum Moves to Production Line

Georg Fischer Automotive uses an innovative resistance spot-welding process from Fronius to join die-cast aluminium parts in the vehicle door-frame on the Porsche Panamera.


When unintended resistance is introduced into the welding circuit, it can lead to equipment failure, poor weld quality, porosity, the inability to weld to specification and the frustration of trying to diagnose an intermittent problem. Here?s how to prevent it from happening.


Resistance Welders: Industry News

Dengensha Mfg. Merges with Nastoa Welding Technologies

This deal creates Dengensha Toa, a new company that offers automotive, agricultural machinery and general manufacturers a comprehensive line of resistance welding equipment.

Yaskawa Mexico Names New General Manager

Jorge Cosio now leads their strategic direction, sales growth in Mexico, and the operation of their three facilities.

Amada Miyachi America Receives ISO 9001 Certification

Their quality management system is certified for manufacturing products in a manner that is consistent, repeatable, and well-suited to aerospace, medical and other customer requirements.


Resistance Welders: Products

Extremely Effective Resistance Welding Gun for High Strength Steel Applications

The maintenance-free reduction gear drive unit on the High Force Lightweight Reduction Gear X-Gun from Dengensha America adapts with a high speed servomotor for production efficiency on Fanuc, Nachi, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Kuka and ABB robots with small footprints.

Ultralight Robotic Resistance Welding

Ideal for use on 80 kg capacity robot models and high density welding cells, FlexGun UL from Centerline Windsor is available in X, C and Pinch base designs that boast total gun weights under 155 lb.

Controller Integrates Analog Sensors into Digital Resistance Welding Systems

The stand-alone VeriFast MicroView fastener detection system from CenterLine provides simple integration of analog linear position sensing devices into resistance welding systems that require digital I/O.