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Seamlessly Joined? Comparing Cast and Soldered Electrodes for Spot Welding

Cavities in the solder between the electrode and the shaft have a negative impact on the quality of the resistance weld. Plansee explains why anyone wishing to avoid cavities should use cast electrodes rather than soldered electrodes.
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What You Must Know About Adaptive Control of Resistance Welding

The PSQ 6000 adaptive welding system monitors current, voltage and resistance once per millisecond and constantly compares them in real-time against a previously established master resistance curve that controls the quality of the process. The curve is generated through a mathematical calculation of previously captured stored current, voltage and resistance curves of known good welds.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Brian Moore of Bosch Rexroth explains how adaptive control can help reduce losses related to poorly made resistance welds, increase resistance welding throughput and elevate your control of automated welding processes to a whole new level.

Resistance Spot Welding of Aluminum Moves to Production Line

On each vehicle door, the professionals at GF weld 16 spots, each exactly 5 mm in diameter, in an approximately 100 sec cycle. (first view)
Georg Fischer Automotive uses an innovative resistance spot-welding process from Fronius to join die-cast aluminium parts in the vehicle door-frame on the Porsche Panamera.


When unintended resistance is introduced into the welding circuit, it can lead to equipment failure, poor weld quality, porosity, the inability to weld to specification and the frustration of trying to diagnose an intermittent problem. Here?s how to prevent it from happening.


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Dengensha America Expands Sales Team

As the Southern Sales Associate, Curtis Dietrich has opened a strategically located office in Cincinnati, OH, to support and expand the company's resistance welding and feeder southern market.
Curtis Dietrich will now responsible for sales and support in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas.

Dengensha America Appoints New Canadian Sales Agent

David Wakeford now represents Dengensha America in Canada and provides Canadian customers with sales and service support. 
Along with Canadian sales of resistance welding equipment, David Wakeford will provide ongoing service and support assistance on existing Dengensha machinery.

CenterLine Launches Updated Website

The new site has been completely re-designed to improve navigation and functionality.
CenterLine launched its updated website, which features improved navigation and functionality.


Resistance Welders: Products

Precision Linear Resistance Spot Welding for Automated High Speed Micro Welding

DC613T and DC1013T units have a 5 percent duty rating and realize further production control advantages through the high connectivity TCP/IP, USB, PLC and RS232 interfacing ports and support for direct connection of devices such as cameras, keyboards and USB data sticks.
DC613T and DC1013T linear DC resistance spot welders from MacGregor Welding Systems use a high duty, high power linear transistor bank that delivers a programmed pure DC current to within 1 percent accuracy.

Advanced Resistance Welding Solutions

The FlexFast ™ Welder from CenterLine.
CenterLine (Windsor) Limited offers a number of new products, including the FlexGun™ RA series modular welding guns, several styles of FlexFast™ stationary welders, the VeriFast™ family of nut and stud detection systems, SeamTec™ seam welders and the SST Cold Spray metal coating system.

FABTECH 2011: Welding (Part Two)

The RAZOR robotic tube cutting and profiling system from Vernon Tool is ideal for high-production tube and pipe fabricators in heavy fabrication, agricultural, construction, vehicle and tube frame manufacturing.
The Big Show exhibited the latest advancements in arc, gas, resistance and laser welding for diverse material joining applications, including sheet metal, pipes and tubes, jewelry, plastics and other exotic materials. Now our Show-in-Site brings some more of those welding systems and related equipment to you!