Submerged Arc Welding

How Submerged Arc Welding Can Improve Productivity

Ideal for demanding applications in pipe, pressure vessel and tank, railcar manufacturing and heavy construction/mining, this process offers great benefits in its simplest form of single wire welding, plus more in twin wire, tandem wire and multi-wire SAW configurations.
Submerged Arc Welding: Articles

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Submerged Arc Welding: Industry News

Miller Electric and Hobart Brothers Earn Stringent Quality Certification

Both companies are registered to ISO 9001:2015 for sharing organizational knowledge, risk assessment, top management leadership and improvements.

Miller Electric Celebrates Welders and Why They Build

Their "#whyiweldcontest" giveaway recognizes enthusiastic welders and celebrates the things that inspire them.

IWDC Spending Sets New Record

The spending of Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative member companies through their co-op exceeded $19 million in March.


Submerged Arc Welding: Products

Totally Remote Floodwelding Safety

Using the RC-17 Fly-By-Wire Welding process from Weld Mold, operators can perform totally remote floodwelding from the safety of a temperature-controlled environment while maintaining total control of the welding operation and best welding procedures.

Tube & Pipe Fabrication: Welding

Here are some of the advances in tube and pipe welding equipment and accessories that are now available to help shops make money while meeting demands for more complex geometries, tougher materials, faster speed and higher quality.

Submerged Arc Welding for Pipe Fabrication

The self-contained SubArc Portable Welding System from Miller Electric is a ready-to-weld system that contains the power source, column and boom on a mobile platform.