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The Passion Inside Out Back

A father-son boat repair and fabrication shop finds power, flexibility and quality with a TIG welder that can deal with the unique challenges of their business.
TIG Welders: Articles

Field of Dreams

High Tech Welding has gained 25 to 30 percent in productivity in its field repairs since it began using the Multimatic 200 a year ago. The portability and multiprocess capabilities of the unit are at the heart of those benefits.
Take a look at how Wisconsin fabricator High Tech Welding uses a portable all-in-one multiprocess power source to gain versatility and increase their welding productivity by 25 to 30 percent on field repair and fabrication jobs.

Checking the Pulse of Welding Inconel

Inconel, as many nickel-based alloys, is highly susceptible to cracking and warping – especially thin structures. As such, controlling heat input to the part is important, as well as controlling arc starts, providing proper shielding gas protection and averting crater formation at the end of the weld.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Whether TIG welding in the aerospace industry or MIG welding overlay in a plant environment, successfully welding Inconel can depend on your pulsing capabilities and other new features made possible with modern equipment. Dave Almy and Mark Kadlec of Miller Electric explain why.

Spot On Welding Control Helps Produce New Line of Grills

The CNC spot welding system built by Contour Arc consists of several major components that are built around the Siemens SINUMERIK 802D CNC control. The system uses three axes (X/Y/C) of coordinated motion and a Miyachi Unitek IS-120B inverter spot welding power supply.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
In an industry that faces considerable foreign and domestic competition, changing demands in public taste and the constant challenge of product innovations, this new automated spot welding system from Contour-Arc uses Siemens controls to provide R.H. Peterson with complete flexibility to produce all of the models, sizes, and quantities they need at any time to stay ahead of the competition.


TIG Welders: Industry News

Miller Electric President Recognized for Commitment to Technical Education

Among other initiatives, Weller recently served as treasurer and team leader for Friends of FVTC, an advocacy group spearheading support for FVTC’s successful $66.5 million public referendum in 2012.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Mike Weller was recently recognized for outstanding service to Fox Technical College, which is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System

Rent a Robot at Miller Electric

As part of the program, Miller offers a full assessment prior to rental to determine that the parts to be welded are repeatable and able to benefit from automation. They also preprogram the PerformArc robotic welding cell and set up any necessary tooling.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
The new Robotic Welding Cell Rental Program allows end users to test automation in their own welding operation before purchasing equipment, minimizing risk and barriers regarding capital expenditures, and helping businesses meet short-run production demands.

Lincoln Electric Named Exclusive Welding Supplier for Robby Gordon Truck Series

All of the trucks are fabricated in Robby Gordon’s Speed Factory garage in Charlotte, NC, with welding equipment supplied by Lincoln Electric. The company has been Gordon’s exclusive welding supplier for the past decade as Gordon competed in NASCAR, SCORE International (Baja) and Dakar Rally events. That relationship continues as Gordon transitions to series ownership.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
All trucks featured in the series are being built in Gordon’s shop using Lincoln welding equipment, his longtime NASCAR and Off-Road partner.


TIG Welders: Products

Wireless Pedal for TIG Welding Applications

The Wireless Pedal makes it easier to access hard-to-reach areas. The receiver features an LED display that indicates the status of foot pedal battery life, welding output and signal integrity. It also includes a power cable adapter requiring 115V service. Extension legs adapt the pedal for use at an angle or on irregular surfaces.
The K3127-1 Wireless Pedal from Lincoln Electric reduces clutter and improves workplace safety by eliminating cords that can lead to tripping hazards in the shop environment.

Multi-Process Welder Helps Beginners Weld Like a Pro

Push button controls, LED displays and a Quick Start Guide enables first time welders to set up the unit and start welding in a very short time.
Victor Technologies launched the Tweco® Fabricator® 141i 3-in-1 welder, a multi-process welder that runs off 115V household power.

Lincoln Electric Expands Money Matters Program

Depending on the qualified equipment selected, customers can choose to receive a cash rebate of up to $200, free additional product with a value of up to more than $619, or a 2-year extended warranty.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
The welding equipment manufacturer expands its offering of rebates, free accessories, or extended warranty through March 2014.