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The Passion Inside Out Back

A father-son boat repair and fabrication shop finds power, flexibility and quality with a TIG welder that can deal with the unique challenges of their business.
TIG Welders: Articles

Field of Dreams

High Tech Welding has gained 25 to 30 percent in productivity in its field repairs since it began using the Multimatic 200 a year ago. The portability and multiprocess capabilities of the unit are at the heart of those benefits.
Take a look at how Wisconsin fabricator High Tech Welding uses a portable all-in-one multiprocess power source to gain versatility and increase their welding productivity by 25 to 30 percent on field repair and fabrication jobs.

Checking the Pulse of Welding Inconel

Whether TIG welding in the aerospace industry or MIG welding overlay in a plant environment, successfully welding Inconel can depend on your pulsing capabilities and other new features made possible with modern equipment. Dave Almy and Mark Kadlec of Miller Electric explain why.


TIG Welders: Industry News

Miller Electric President Recognized for Commitment to Technical Education

Mike Weller was recently recognized for outstanding service to Fox Technical College, which is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System

Rent a Robot at Miller Electric

The new Robotic Welding Cell Rental Program allows end users to test automation in their own welding operation before purchasing equipment, minimizing risk and barriers regarding capital expenditures, and helping businesses meet short-run production demands.

Lincoln Electric Named Exclusive Welding Supplier for Robby Gordon Truck Series

All trucks featured in the series are being built in Gordon’s shop using Lincoln welding equipment, his longtime NASCAR and Off-Road partner.


TIG Welders: Products

Welding and Safety Equipment That Increase Profits

Booths N-3329, N-3733: The ArcReach Stick/TIG Remote from Miller Electric allows welding operators to change stick/TIG weld settings at the weld joint to reduce downtime. No more unnecessary trips to the power source improves safety. It eliminates the need to settle for less-than-optimal welding parameters to improve weld quality and allows for more arc-on time to increase productivity.
These power sources and welding automation solutions from Miller Electric can improve productivity, quality, and increase profits in manufacturing, metal fabrication and construction jobs.

Pure DC Generator Power Source for Pipeline Applications

Pipe welding in Ohio with an SAE-300 MP Engine Drive Welder. The engine-driven SAE-300 MP Pure DC Generator Welder from Lincoln Electric responds to the rough conditions in pipeline construction, delivering consistent power and maximum control no matter how hot or cold, how long the pipeline or how tough the job.
The engine-driven SAE-300 MP Pure DC Generator Welder from Lincoln Electric stands up to rough conditions on the job site and delivers consistent power and maximum control, no matter how hot or cold, how long the pipeline or how tough the job.

More Practical and Energy-Efficient Stick Welding

The TransPocket's current consumption now automatically adjusts to the sinusoidal grid voltage. This makes the device highly energy-efficient, and minimizes disruptive repercussions in relation to the grid. (Photo courtesy of Fronius International GmbH)
The TransPocket 150 and 180 systems from Fronius use hand-held welding torches that can utilize electrodes with diameters up to 5/32 in and power sources that are also suitable for TIG welding up to 220 A.