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How Wireless Foot Controls Improve Productivity and Quality in TIG Welding

Even small improvements in production can add up over time. Wireless foot controls offer a return on investment by helping to improve productivity and efficiency in TIG welding operations and eliminating the time and money spent on control cord repairs and failure, reducing weld clutter in the work space, and improving operator comfort and mobility.
TIG Welders: Articles

The Passion Inside Out Back

A father-son boat repair and fabrication shop finds power, flexibility and quality with a TIG welder that can deal with the unique challenges of their business.

Field of Dreams

Take a look at how Wisconsin fabricator High Tech Welding uses a portable all-in-one multiprocess power source to gain versatility and increase their welding productivity by 25 to 30 percent on field repair and fabrication jobs.

Checking the Pulse of Welding Inconel

Whether TIG welding in the aerospace industry or MIG welding overlay in a plant environment, successfully welding Inconel can depend on your pulsing capabilities and other new features made possible with modern equipment. Dave Almy and Mark Kadlec of Miller Electric explain why.


TIG Welders: Industry News

Miller Electric President Recognized for Commitment to Technical Education

Mike Weller was recently recognized for outstanding service to Fox Technical College, which is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System

Rent a Robot at Miller Electric

The new Robotic Welding Cell Rental Program allows end users to test automation in their own welding operation before purchasing equipment, minimizing risk and barriers regarding capital expenditures, and helping businesses meet short-run production demands.

Lincoln Electric Named Exclusive Welding Supplier for Robby Gordon Truck Series

All trucks featured in the series are being built in Gordon’s shop using Lincoln welding equipment, his longtime NASCAR and Off-Road partner.


TIG Welders: Products

Wireless Remotes Increase Productivity, Save Time and Improve Safety

Lincoln Electric's new CrossLinc Remote auto-detects the mode setting at the power source to allow for control CC or CV processes. It also displays actual voltage or current while welding.

Advanced TIG Welding for Tube and Pipe Fabrication

The Dynasty 400 and Maxstar 400 TIG welders from Miller Electric deliver up to 400 amps of output power for exceptional TIG and stick welding performance, and also include a front-panel memory card data port for downloading software updates and purchasing product feature expansions.

Portable Digital Controlled Square Wave AC/DC Tig Inverter Welder

The lightweight RAZORWELD 200ACDC Digital Controlled Square Wave AC/DC TIG inverter welder from JASIC uses intelligent digital control with intuitive software for ease of operation and high accuracy.