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Rebuilding American Manufacturing, One Veteran at a Time

A perfect storm: One million veterans leave the service every five years as a projected two million manufacturing jobs go unfilled in the U.S. over the next decade due to lack of skilled labor. Take a closer look at how veterans are forging new careers in metalworking through Workshops for Warriors – and how manufacturers can put skin in the game with support.
TIG Welders: Articles

Avoid These Costly Mistakes in the Welding Operation

Looking to improve productivity and reduce costs to be more competitive? The one key to getting ahead is reducing the time spent on non-value-added activities – i.e., any time spent not welding. Here are some of the best ways to reduce downtime.

How Wireless Foot Controls Improve Productivity and Quality in TIG Welding

Even small improvements in production can add up over time. Wireless foot controls offer a return on investment by helping to improve productivity and efficiency in TIG welding operations and eliminating the time and money spent on control cord repairs and failure, reducing weld clutter in the work space, and improving operator comfort and mobility.

The Passion Inside Out Back

A father-son boat repair and fabrication shop finds power, flexibility and quality with a TIG welder that can deal with the unique challenges of their business.

Field of Dreams

Take a look at how Wisconsin fabricator High Tech Welding uses a portable all-in-one multiprocess power source to gain versatility and increase their welding productivity by 25 to 30 percent on field repair and fabrication jobs.

Checking the Pulse of Welding Inconel

Whether TIG welding in the aerospace industry or MIG welding overlay in a plant environment, successfully welding Inconel can depend on your pulsing capabilities and other new features made possible with modern equipment. Dave Almy and Mark Kadlec of Miller Electric explain why.


TIG Welders: Industry News

Forney Industries Retains Creeden for Sales Support

This deal will almost double Forney's national sales force of 60 people.

Lincoln Electric Partners with SmartEquip Network

SmartEquip now provides owners of Lincoln Electric welding equipment with product information and parts support catalogs to maintain their fleet.

Forney Industries Receives Small Business of the Year Award

They are recognized for their company culture, treatment of employees, community involvement, innovation, outstanding business practice and participation in many community initiatives.


TIG Welders: Products

Multi-Process Welding in a Flexible, Rugged Package for Heavy Applications

Capable of gouging with up to a ½ in thick carbon steel, the Flextec 650X multi-process welder from Lincoln is ideal for large diameter stick, flux-cored, MIG or submerged arc welding on thick materials used in construction, shipbuilding and heavy fabrication.

Stick / TIG Welder Provides Greater Power in a Portable Package

Ideal for ship and offshore yards, construction, pipe, repair and maintenance and heavy fabrication, the easy to move Renegade ES 300i field welding machine from ESAB offers extreme power in a compact format with remote amperage control that extends operator range by providing high precision accuracy over long distances.

Combine Welding Power, Portability and Performance

For users who need maximum flexibility when moving a welding machine around the shop or working in the field, ESAB provides the Rebel EMP 235ic for MIG/Stick/TIG and Rebel EM 235ic for MIG-only.

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