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Insider Q&A: Questions Answered About Water-Cooled Robotic MIG Guns

Using either air or water to keep a robotic MIG gun cool is critical because it protects the components from damage due to radiant heat from the arc and resistive heat from the electrical components in the welding circuit. These insights will help you determine if a water-cooled gun is the best fit for your application.
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Trends in Robotic Welding Guns

The through-arm style robot and through-arm robotic MIG gun make it easier to minimize downtime associated with cable management and reduce costs for cable replacement by dictating the length of the robotic MIG gun cable and accommodating increases in welding speed.
Robotic MIG guns may seem like a small part of the whole automated system, but the evolution of their design and functionality is having a significant impact on the cost, productivity and quality of an application.

Which is the Right MIG Gun?

Each MIG gun has its advantages and disadvantages. Water-cooled MIG guns are more expensive up-front and can require more maintenance and operational costs. However, water-cooled guns also are much smaller and lighter than air-cooled guns, so they can provide productivity advantages by reducing welding operator fatigue. Also, because water-cooled guns require more equipment, they can be impractical for applications that require portability.
Here are some insightful tips on how to weigh out the pros and cons when selecting between air- or water-cooled guns and light- or heavy-duty models.

Tips for Proper Liner Installation to Help Optimize MIG Gun Performance

Improper liner installation — which includes trimming the liner too short or having a liner that is too long — can lead to a number of problems, such as birdnesting, wire feeding issues and increased debris in the liner. These issues can result in costly rework and operator downtime for maintenance and repairs, which impacts productivity.
MIG gun consumables are often one of the most overlooked portions of the welding operation. However, choosing the right consumables, and using and maintaining them properly, can make a significant difference in gun performance and weld quality.

Fume Extraction Guns: What to Know for the Best Performance

Knowing some basic details about fume extraction guns, as well as good technique for using them, can help welding operators gain the best performance from this equipment. 
Knowing some basic details about fume extraction guns, as well as good technique for using them, can help welders gain the best performance from this equipment. 

Robotic MIG Gun Options that Improve Quality and Reduce Downtime

The wire brake and air blast features shown on this robotic MIG gun are available as factory-installed options or they can be retrofitted. 
The wire brake and air blast can be used together or separately to help improve quality and performance in robotic MIG gun applications, leading to cost savings for welding operations. 


Welding Guns/Torches: Industry News

Tregaskiss Sponsors Robotics Team

In the FIRST Robotics competition, the Vincent Massey Robotics Team students are tasked with designing and manufacturing a working robot to compete against teams from across the U.S. and Canada, all within a short timeframe and with a limited budget.
The Vincent Massey Secondary School is competing in the FIRST Robotics World Championship.

New Victor Technologies Training Site

The open, web-based learning system provides extensive cutting and welding training resources. The site can be accessed without a log in, and it is easily searchable by brand, process or keyword.
The company has created an open, web-based learning system for end-users and distributor partners that is available without a log-in or registration.

ATW Companies Announces Expansion of Metalform Manufacturing Operations

The new welding equipment is expected to increase production by at least 10 percent.


Welding Guns/Torches: Products

Online Configurator for Clean Air Fume Extraction Guns

To allow welders to customize a Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun to fit their exact needs, Bernard now has an online configurator where users can choose the features that best suit their application.
Welders can use this tool to choose amperage, cable length, neck, contact tip, wire size, power pin and liner to customize a Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun to their exact needs.

Centricut Consumables for ESAB PT-36 Torches

The patented SilverLine electrode features a hybrid copper / silver weld joint that delivers performance equal to a solid silver electrode for a fraction of the cost. Advanced cooling features reduce its operating temperature to maximize the hafnium pit depth and slow its wear rate to extend electrode life. CoolFlow technology improves cooling to help maintain the size and shape of the nozzle orifice for longer life. 
These new electrodes and nozzles from Hypertherm replace the original XR consumables in the torch and are guaranteed to perform as well as the original units.

Build Your Ultimate MIG Welding Gun

The BTB Platform MIG Gun consolidates three legacy industrial gun lines into a single MIG gun configuration, with options ranging from 200 amps to 600 amps, cable length between 8 ft and 25 ft, and wire sizes from 0.023 in (0.6 mm) to 1/8 in (3.2 mm).
The Best of the Best (BTB) Platform MIG Guns from Bernard can be configured with Centerfire, TOUGH LOCK or Quik Tip consumables.