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Signs Your MIG Gun is Overheating – and How to Prevent It

Gun overheating can be a symptom of numerous problems, and it can result in catastrophic failure if ignored. Here are some common signs and causes of MIG gun overheating to be aware of that can help you prevent or quickly remedy the problem.
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Conventional Guns on Through-Arm Robotic Welding Systems: When to Make the Choice

The choice between using a through-arm MIG gun or a conventional gun is sometimes an afterthought on these systems, but there are applications where a conventional gun works better and can significantly impact efficiency, throughput and quality of the finished weld. Knowing how to choose the best option for the job up front is key.

Top Ten Things to Consider with Through-Arm Robotic MIG Guns

Through-arm robotic MIG guns don’t require a mounting arm like conventional robotic MIG guns do. They provide a smaller work envelope that is ideal for working in tight spaces. Here are the top factors in selecting, installing and maintaining a through-arm robotic MIG gun. 

Waste Not, Want Not

Planned downtime for preventive maintenance in the welding operation is not time wasted. Here are some crucial maintenance tips that help optimize MIG gun performance, keep production flowing smoothly and avoid unplanned downtime. 

Small Issue, Big Impact

Though proper storage of MIG guns and consumables might seem like a small issue, especially in a large shop, it can greatly affect your costs, productivity and weld quality. Here’s why.

Insider Q&A: Questions Answered About Water-Cooled Robotic MIG Guns

Using either air or water to keep a robotic MIG gun cool is critical because it protects the components from damage due to radiant heat from the arc and resistive heat from the electrical components in the welding circuit. These insights will help you determine if a water-cooled gun is the best fit for your application.


Welding Guns/Torches: Industry News

Forney Industries Receives Small Business of the Year Award

They are recognized for their company culture, treatment of employees, community involvement, innovation, outstanding business practice and participation in many community initiatives.

Uniweld Launches INACAP Welding Laboratory in Chile

They have ten oxy/acetylene training stations with RUHL series regulators, welding handles and brazing and welding tips to train Chilean youth.

Tregaskiss Celebrates 50th Anniversary

They mark a half-century of manufacturing robotic MIG guns, peripherals and consumables.


Welding Guns/Torches: Products

MIG Gun Consumables Reduce Downtime So Operators Stay More Productive

Ideal for gas-shielded flux-cored, spray transfer and pulsed-spray transfer, and short-circuit MIG applications, Tweco Classic Numbered Series MIG guns from ESAB are now available with Velocity consumables that feature gas-ported contact tips that run 30 percent cooler and last two to three times longer.

Extremely Effective Resistance Welding Gun for High Strength Steel Applications

The maintenance-free reduction gear drive unit on the High Force Lightweight Reduction Gear X-Gun from Dengensha America adapts with a high speed servomotor for production efficiency on Fanuc, Nachi, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Kuka and ABB robots with small footprints.

Expanded Handle Options for Semi-Automatic MIG Guns

The new C Series Straight Handle for BTB Semi-Automatic MIG Guns from Bernard provides additional ergonomic benefits at no extra cost, including handle overmold and rear swivel.