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Fume Extraction Guns: What to Know for the Best Performance

Knowing some basic details about fume extraction guns, as well as good technique for using them, can help welders gain the best performance from this equipment. 
Welding Guns/Torches: Articles

Robotic MIG Gun Options that Improve Quality and Reduce Downtime

The wire brake and air blast features shown on this robotic MIG gun are available as factory-installed options or they can be retrofitted. 
The wire brake and air blast can be used together or separately to help improve quality and performance in robotic MIG gun applications, leading to cost savings for welding operations. 

New Victor Technologies Training Site

The open, web-based learning system provides extensive cutting and welding training resources. The site can be accessed without a log in, and it is easily searchable by brand, process or keyword.
The company has created an open, web-based learning system for end-users and distributor partners that is available without a log-in or registration.

Animation Illustrates Benefits of the Quick Load Liner AutoLength System 

A new 3D animation from Bernard and Tregaskiss explains the benefits of the QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System, a revolutionary combination that increases throughput and lowers operating costs for MIG welding operations
Bernard and Tregaskiss have created a new 3D Animation Illustrates Cost and Time Savings of the QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System.

ATW Companies Announces Expansion of Metalform Manufacturing Operations

The new welding equipment is expected to increase production by at least 10 percent.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
The new welding equipment is expected to increase production by at least 10 percent.

Sciaky Enters Partnership with EVOBEAM GmbH

Sciaky specializes in large vacuum chamber EB welding systems with state-of-the-art internal moving guns.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Under terms of the agreement, the two manufacturers will co-market and co-sell each other’s EB welding technology, providing an extensive range of solutions for icustomers around the world.


Welding Guns/Torches: Products

Cutting and Heating Outfit Cuts Thick Material

The FlameMaster comes with the Purox Elite WH-4200 welding handle, the CA-4200 cutting attachment, ½ in, 1-1/2 in, and 4 in acetylene cutting tips, and the #30 Rosebud Jr. acetylene heating head.
The Purox Elite FlameMaster kit from ESAB heats up to 44,000 btu/hr using 30 cfh of acetylene and comes ready to cut from 4 in up to 8 in thick material.

Semi-Automatic MIG Gun Withstands Heavy-Duty Welding, Minimizes Downtime

The Bernard T-Gun Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Gun has been designed for heavy-duty welding, features a comfortable straight handle design and can be built to order to ensure users have the features they need to weld in even the harshest and most abusive environments.
The T-Gun Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Gun from Bernard features an aircraft-grade aluminum armored neck with an insulated copper conductor tube rated over 650 amps to prevent overheating even after continuous use. 

MIG Gun Liner System Reduces Downtime, Addresses Burnbacks and Wire-Feeding Issues

In the MIG gun liner system from Tregaskiss, a spring-loaded module housed inside the power pin applies constant pressure on the liner, keeping it seated properly in the retaining head (or diffuser) at all times. The system allows for up to one inch (2.54 cm) forgiveness and it also accommodates liner movement during welding.
The Quick Load™ Liner AutoLength™ System from Tregaskiss helps reduce wire-feeding problems and also decreases burnbacks, along with premature contact tip failure and wear associated with misalignment between the liner and contact tip.
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