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Top Ten Things to Consider with Through-Arm Robotic MIG Guns

Through-arm robotic MIG guns don’t require a mounting arm like conventional robotic MIG guns do. They provide a smaller work envelope that is ideal for working in tight spaces. Here are the top factors in selecting, installing and maintaining a through-arm robotic MIG gun. 
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Waste Not, Want Not

Proper maintenance can extend the life of consumables and equipment and help prevent issues such as birdnesting or burnback that can lead to costly and time-consuming troubleshooting and rework.
Planned downtime for preventive maintenance in the welding operation is not time wasted. Here are some crucial maintenance tips that help optimize MIG gun performance, keep production flowing smoothly and avoid unplanned downtime. 

Small Issue, Big Impact

One common storage mistake is to hang the MIG gun by its trigger, a practice that naturally changes the activation point for the way the trigger level engages the switch. Over time, the gun will not start in the same manner because the trigger must be pulled progressively harder each time until it ultimately fails to function properly or at all and requires replacement.
Though proper storage of MIG guns and consumables might seem like a small issue, especially in a large shop, it can greatly affect your costs, productivity and weld quality. Here’s why.

Insider Q&A: Questions Answered About Water-Cooled Robotic MIG Guns

A traditional water-cooled robotic MIG gun circulates a coolant from a radiator unit through cooling hoses inside the power cable, and into the gun neck and body. The coolant then returns to the radiator, where its baffling system releases the heat absorbed by the coolant. Water-cooled robotic MIG guns use much less copper in the power cables and thinner wall sections in the necks because their cooling systems carry away the resistive heat before it builds up.
Using either air or water to keep a robotic MIG gun cool is critical because it protects the components from damage due to radiant heat from the arc and resistive heat from the electrical components in the welding circuit. These insights will help you determine if a water-cooled gun is the best fit for your application.

Trends in Robotic Welding Guns

The through-arm style robot and through-arm robotic MIG gun make it easier to minimize downtime associated with cable management and reduce costs for cable replacement by dictating the length of the robotic MIG gun cable and accommodating increases in welding speed.
Robotic MIG guns may seem like a small part of the whole automated system, but the evolution of their design and functionality is having a significant impact on the cost, productivity and quality of an application.

Which is the Right MIG Gun?

Each MIG gun has its advantages and disadvantages. Water-cooled MIG guns are more expensive up-front and can require more maintenance and operational costs. However, water-cooled guns also are much smaller and lighter than air-cooled guns, so they can provide productivity advantages by reducing welding operator fatigue. Also, because water-cooled guns require more equipment, they can be impractical for applications that require portability.
Here are some insightful tips on how to weigh out the pros and cons when selecting between air- or water-cooled guns and light- or heavy-duty models.


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Bug-O Appointed Master Distributor for Weld Revolution in U.S. and Mexico

Bug-O is now the exclusive OEM and distributor for SpinArc welding torches.

Miller Announces Sweepstakes

The grand prize in the "New Year – New Build" Sweepstakes includes a Millermatic 211 MIG welder (left) and Spectrum 375 X-TREME plasma cutter (right) with an XT30 torch and storage case.
Their "New Year – New Build" Sweepstakes will award new welding equipment and gear to 23 winners over a 90-day period.

Tregaskiss Sponsors Robotics Team

In the FIRST Robotics competition, the Vincent Massey Robotics Team students are tasked with designing and manufacturing a working robot to compete against teams from across the U.S. and Canada, all within a short timeframe and with a limited budget.
The Vincent Massey Secondary School is competing in the FIRST Robotics World Championship.


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New Reamer Stand for Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Stations

The stand features a bolt pattern that supports the use of the convenient quick-change base plate featured on all TOUGH GUN TT3 Reamer models, as well as a precision-engineered hole pattern specific for mounting the TOUGH GUN TT3 Reamer or the new TOUGH GUN TT3E Reamer, a nozzle cleaning station enhanced with digital Ethernet communications for better integration into a shop’s digital controls infrastructure.
Designed exclusively for TOUGH GUN TT3 and TT3E Reamer robotic nozzle cleaning stations, the simplified TOUGH GUN Reamer Stand from Tregaskiss installs quickly for swapping between weld cell stations.

New Economical Coupon Cutting Machine for Welding Schools

Available in both 110 volt and 240 models, the PCC-1 cuts pipe to a desired length or bevels the edge of a pipe for weld prep. It features a self-centering speed chuck, capable of gripping 0 to 8 in OD pipe and 3 in to 11 in ID pipe. A racking group supports a plasma or oxy-fuel torch that can be setup for square or beveled cuts up to 12 in long. 
Available at a fraction of the cost of a standard saddle and elbow cutter, the PCC-1 Pipe Coupon Cutting Machine from Bug-O is ideal for cutting pipe to a desired length or for beveling the edge of a pipe for weld prep.

Welding Showcase

With the 9100XXi ADF from 3M, welders have a new level of visibility and control. They’ll have a vibrant, crisper view of the workpiece with a greater field of colors. With these improved optics, welders may experience better control of the weld puddle and more precise set-up and finishing operations. It also may make it easier to distinguish the colored control panels on welding machines.
Here is some of the latest welding equipment and accessories to help your shop become more competitive.