Welding Helmets

The Critical Role of Next Generation Welding Helmets

More comfort. Improved safety. Higher productivity. Better weld quality. Reduced costs. Increased bottom line. This is only the beginning of the reasons why metal fabricators should stay updated on new helmet technologies. There’s more.
Welding Helmets: Articles

Sight for Sore Eyes

Clearly, the right auto-darkening helmet boosts productivity and quality. Here's how optical clarity defines helmet performance by providing users with vital eye protection and the ability to fully see the work . . . and that’s when work is done best.

Improving Welder Safety and Comfort with New Head Protection Technologies

Recent technology advancements in welding helmets not only help to protect welders from lost-time or work-related injury, but they increase productivity by increasing comfort levels. Regardless of the type of head protection a welder chooses, it is critical to make sure that the helmet, PAPR or other such personal protective equipment (PPE) is properly suited for the welding application at hand and also provides the appropriate level of protection.


Welding Helmets: Industry News

Lincoln Electric Partners with SmartEquip Network

SmartEquip now provides owners of Lincoln Electric welding equipment with product information and parts support catalogs to maintain their fleet.

Miller Electric and Hobart Brothers Earn Stringent Quality Certification

Both companies are registered to ISO 9001:2015 for sharing organizational knowledge, risk assessment, top management leadership and improvements.

Miller Electric Celebrates Welders and Why They Build

Their "#whyiweldcontest" giveaway recognizes enthusiastic welders and celebrates the things that inspire them.


Welding Helmets: Products

Multi-Process Welding in a Flexible, Rugged Package for Heavy Applications

Capable of gouging with up to a ½ in thick carbon steel, the Flextec 650X multi-process welder from Lincoln is ideal for large diameter stick, flux-cored, MIG or submerged arc welding on thick materials used in construction, shipbuilding and heavy fabrication.

Welding Helmet Merges Science Fiction/Fantasy Theme with 4C Lens Technology

The VIKING 3350 helmet from Lincoln Electric has steampunk-inspired graphics and one of the largest viewing areas in its class and the best optical clarity available with 4C Lens Technology.

A Wide Range of Advanced Welding and Cutting Equipment

The free WE BUILD-themed 2017 Full-Line Catalog from Miller Electric showcases a wide range of information on welding products, technology and other resources.

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