Welding Helmets

Improving Welder Safety and Comfort with New Head Protection Technologies

Recent technology advancements in welding helmets not only help to protect welders from lost-time or work-related injury, but they increase productivity by increasing comfort levels. Regardless of the type of head protection a welder chooses, it is critical to make sure that the helmet, PAPR or other such personal protective equipment (PPE) is properly suited for the welding application at hand and also provides the appropriate level of protection.
Welding Helmets: Articles

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Welding Helmets: Industry News

Optrel Launches New Web Shop

Welders in the U.S. and Canada are a click away from welding helmets and replacement parts.

Optrel Establishes New Operation to Serve North American Welding Shops

Operating as Optrel Inc., the East Greenwich, RI office and distribution center will manage all customer service, sales, marketing, and distribution for Optrel products in the United States and Canada.

Lincoln Electric Welding Equipment Appears In “The Green Hornet”

Welders, helmets and other accessories built by this OEM are once again gracing the silver screen in one of the latest superhero films in Hollywood.


Welding Helmets: Products

Set and Forget” Welding Helmet

The exclusive Adaptive Shade Autopilot automatically adjusts the e684 ADF to the appropriate shade level as one welds. Its third sensor helps the e684 immediately detect changes in arc intensity and adjusts accordingly. This allows welder to stay focused on what really matters: striking the perfect arc.
With fully automated shade level protection, Adaptive Shade Autopilot ADF technology automatically adjusts the shade level on this helmet to the welder's parameters in full high definition viewing.

Welding Helmet Clears View of Weld Puddle, Reduced Eye Strain

The auto-darkening Aristo Tech HD is ideal for greater weld clarity and increased definition of the weld pool, especially when welding for long periods.

Welding Helmets Provide Ideal Protection

The limited edition Lincoln Electric FFA 2450 Series Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet provides long hours of comfortable wear, thanks to its pivot-style headgear. It features perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating (EN329); the fastest switching speed in its class; up to 28 percent larger viewing area vs. competitive helmets; and a three-year warranty. 
Industrial Passive and Viking 2450 Series Auto-Darkening Welding helmets provide a wide range of functions, from basic protection to advanced technology, for fabricators at all operating levels.