Wire Feeders

Wire Feeders: From Basic to Advanced

Using the right wire feeder for the job is more important than many realize, because it ensures that welding operators spend more time welding with less downtime due to poor wire feeding. Here are some factors to consider to match the most appropriate wire feeder to the application.
Wire Feeders: Articles

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Wire Feeders: Industry News

What You Must Know About the Wire Feeder: Unsung Hero of the Welding World

Modern wire feeders remove the guesswork that leads to inconsistent welding results. They can simplify the welder’s job and improve productivity. If it has been some time since you last upgraded your welding equipment, Bob Bitzky of ESAB recommends that you examine these five areas of advancements before purchasing your next wire feeder.

No Turning Back: Pipe Welding System Kicks It Up a Notch

Using the PipeworxTM Welding System from Miller Electric, Shinn Mechanical has increased its pipe fabrication quality and productivity with flatter bead profiles, good sidewall tie-in for 30 percent less grinding, and superior weld puddle control – with no wire rejects in over a year.


Wire Feeders: Products

Wire Feeder Delivers High Productivity in Heavy Fabrication Applications

The Flex Feed 84 industrial wire feeder from Lincoln Electric is ideal for heavy and general fabrication, construction, structural and heavy equipment applications and includes a built-in interface for hard automation.

Premium Feeding for Construction and Field Welding

These advanced wire feeders from ESAB are ideal for ship/barge, off-shore and construction applications where operators change welding parameters, use hotter settings for welding in the flat position and cooler settings for welding vertical up.

Reels Quickly Connect to Any Welder

Power or rewind SWCR Series reels from Hannay Reels are ideal for use with a single conductor electrode cable or grounding lead.