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Face Milling Systems Boost Productivity

With a steel and aluminum body construction that offers reduced weight, improved rigidity and vibration-dampening characteristics, this face-milling system is designed to achieve high speeds and high-productivity results, especially for high-volume aluminum milling operations.


Face milling system boosts productivity in high-volume aluminum milling.

With a steel and aluminum body construction that offers reduced weight, improved rigidity and vibration-dampening characteristics, the KSCM AluMill face-milling system from Kennametal is designed to achieve high speeds and high-productivity results, especially for high-volume aluminum milling operations.

Automotive applications in particular, such as engine blocks and cylinder heads, can benefit from the system’s design and performance. Its cutters are available between 2.5 in and 12 in (63 mm and 315 mm) diameters and can accommodate five different cartridge styles for rough and finish cutting in the same operation or for defined surface-finish requirements.

With easy cartridge insertion and adjustment, maximum runout error is 3 µm. Reduced weight and the ability to be precision-balanced also serve to extend tool life. From a performance point of view, this system proves to be a best-in-class platform.

Schunk Inc. introduces a new line of toolholders to its successful Total Tooling family, SINO-R Universal Toolholders. This new line of toolholders uses a rigid toolholder for rough milling applications that offers easy operation, good vibration dampening characteristics, and an unbeatable cost-performance ratio.

The clamping principle is based on expansion technology with a solid body as a pressure medium. Different tool shanks can be clamped easily by using the actuation wrench. Torque wrenches are not necessary because the user simply tightens the actuation cap to the dead-stop position.

This easy and quick tool change means reduction of set-up times for the user leading to a reduction in unproductive down-time of their machines. Cutting tools are clamped securely at a maximum torque capacity of 850 Nm for a clamping diameter 32 mm.

Due to the excellent high radial stiffness and good vibration dampening characteristics, the surface quality of workpieces is improved considerably and machining noise is reduced at the same time. Less vibration of the cutting tool means increased tool life and effective protection of the machine spindle. The result is a workpiece finish without chatter marks making surface re-works a thing of the past.

These toolholders are available with the spindle interfaces CAT 40 and HSK-A 63. All spindle interfaces are available in metric and inch versions together with a range of intermediate sleeves for increased flexibility of the toolholder.

In order to expand the usefulness of Heidenhain’s sturdy modular magnetic encoders, the new ERM 2400 series is introduced. The sturdy new modular magnetic encoder features more compact dimensions than the ERM 200 already commonly used on C axes in lathes, and can be used at higher rotational speeds that makes it useful in more applications such as in spindles for milling machines.

The ERM 2400 consists of the scanning head and scale drum assemblies. The scale drums are designed so that they require only a small installation space. They are available in two versions: the ERM 2404 features a continuous centering collar on its inner circumference and is fastened with a frictional connection.This drum has the advantage of being able to endure very high rotational speeds.

In addition to the centering collar, the ERM 2405 has feather-key slots on its inner circumference that prevent unintentional rotation of the scale drum. Since the scale drums do not have mounting holes, it is possible to realize relatively large inside diameters. Also, completely new scanning heads with small dimensions have been designed. In addition to the small size, the ERM 2480 scanning heads also offer the possibility to choose between a radial or axial cable outlet. The scanning heads have a 1-VPP interface.

All of these features result in a compact encoder series that offers higher accuracy than gear wheel encoders (and as a consequence, better performance in oriented spindle stops and speed stability, resulting in a better surface finish), and high permissible shaft speeds.

Techniks Inc. introduces its 12-Pack of toolholders at a substantial savings. Users choose six collet chucks and six end mill holders (discount priced) and select a free collet set (ER 16 thru ER 40) for a savings of up to $716. This special promotion is for CAT40 and CAT50 toolholders only.

Kennametal Inc., Latrobe, PA, 724-539-5330,,

Schunk Inc., 211 Kitty Hawk Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560, 919-572-2705, Fax: 919-572-2818,,

Heidenhain Corporation, 333 E. State Parkway, Schaumburg, IL 60173,,

Techniks Inc., 9930 East 56th St., Indianapolis, IN 46236, 317-803-8013,,


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