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New Solid-Carbide Taps Increase Tapping Speed and Tool Life Up to 4X

Kennametal’s new grade of carbide KC7542 prevents chipping experienced with conventional carbide taps.


With a patented tool having an innovative combination of design, solid carbide construction and proprietary PVD coating, Kennametal’s new KC7542 solid-carbide taps for tapping steels and irons, and KC7512 solid-carbide taps for tapping aluminum and other non-ferrous materials, offer increased tapping speeds and tool life up to four times that of other tools.

Kennametal (Latrobe, PA) has developed a grade of carbide KC7542 that, when used in steel (up to 32 HRC), prevents chipping experienced with conventional carbide taps. This new patented tool can be run up to 2X conventional tapping speeds in aluminum and up to 4X tapping speed in steels and will often produce 4X the tap life of standard HSS versions.

Both KC7542 and KC7512 taps provide a quantum leap forward in CNC rigid or synchronous tapping, making them ideal for lean programs aimed at reducing cycle times and costs. Each tap’s fully cylindrical shank is designed for use with precision round tool holders including hydraulic, shrink fit, and precision collet holders. They are best suited for applications demanding high precision and lower total tapped cost per hole, including automotive and general engineering market customers using CNC machine tools with synchronous (rigid) tapping.

Thread quality is exceptional with superior accuracy due to the enhanced tap precision and design. Thread gaging, therefore, is more predictable, reducing part scrap and rework costs for oversized or undersized tapped holes. Non-standard TPI or metric pitches, non-standard pitch diameters, or optional overall lengths are available by contacting your Kennametal representative.

Kennametal Inc., Latrobe, PA, 724-539-5330,


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