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Corporate Profile: Brush Reasearch Manufacturing, Inc.

An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Deburring is a common metalworking problem and is important for quality, aesthetics, functionality and smooth operation of working parts. Brush Research Manufacturing is a global leader and manufacturer of premium quality power brushes, twisted-in-wire brushes, and the BRM Flex-Hone® Tool. We manufacture standard and custom brush products for industrial, automotive and aerospace industries.



BRM is an expert in the art of creating cost effective solutions to surface finishing and deburring applications. Abrasive nylon disc brushes are used for deburring and removing tool marks from flat milled surfaces, deburring gears and machined parts and fine blanked or punch press parts. They are often used in robotic systems and in automated in line finishing systems producing parts for the automotive, appliance and aerospace industries. Machine cycle times and available machine spindles require the brushing tool to be as versatile as possible.

Brush Research has recently introduced Nampower™ Disc Brushes, a line of abrasive nylon disc brushes with a combination of filament material that deburr and finish at the same time. These revolutionary brushes contain a unique combination of both ceramic filaments that provides maximum burr removal rates with silicon carbide filament that produces an optimum surface finish. The brushes are manufactured using a molded fiber reinforced thermoplastic base which provides greater stability and balance overcoming problems associated with other disc type brushes.



To suite a variety of parts and deburring requirements, the brushes are available in 2 different styles: Dot Style for general purpose deburring and surface finishing applications and the Turbine Style brush for medium and heavy deburring applications. The brushes come in a variety of grit sizes and are designed to be used with the company’s unique flow-thru tool holder which provides better lubrication distribution resulting in faster cut rates and longer tool life.

NamPower™ composite hub wheel brushes are used for machine-based and off-hand deburring, surface finishing, and edge radiusing. These safe, dependable radial wheel brushes feature indestructible cores, higher filament density, and balanced construction. An alternative to wire wheels and non-woven abrasive brushes, NamPower composite hub wheel brushes are used in the production of turbine blades, steel gears, machine parts, and cam shaft and cutting tool inserts.

As part of the new NamPower family of abrasive nylon brush tools from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), NamPower composite hub wheel brushes feature flexible nylon filaments set in a strong thermoplastic base. Nylon filaments uniformly filled with silicon carbide abrasive remove loose, torn, and folded metal while providing maximum burr removal and optimum surface finish. Composite hub construction allows for greater fill density, more uniform fill density and produces a brush that has more cutting points. Composite hub construction results in a more balanced brush that produces less vibration and greater process repeatability.

NamPower wheel brushes are ideal for removing sharp edges from metal parts and creating a desired edge radius. When selecting Composite hub wheel brushes, as with all industrial brushes, it is important to consider with the proper diameter, face width, and trim length. The brush’s face width must be wide enough to deburr a wide edge but the tool’s tips should be narrow enough to access part recesses that also may require material removal. The abrasive grit is also important to consider. Trim length and filament diameter affect flexibility. The coarser the abrasive grit (lower number), the bigger the filament diameters has to be.

NamPower™ composite hub wheel brushes are available in two diameters: 6-inches (152 mm) and 8-inches (203 mm). Both have a standard two-inch arbor hole for use with in-line machining and deburring systems. Adaptors are available for other arbor hole sizes. The wheels are available with face widths of either 1/2-inch or 1-inch. Trim lengths for BRM’s NamPower wheel brushes are 1.5-inches and 2.5-inches. Choices for grit (filament diameter/grit size) include 0.18/500 SC, 0.22/120 SC, 0.22/320 SC, 0.35/180 SC, and 0.40/120 SC.

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Brush Research Manufacturing Co., Inc.
4642 Floral Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90022
Fax: 323-268-6587


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