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Corporate Profile: Miller Electric Manufacturing Company

An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Miller Electric Mfg. Co. — one of the world’s most trusted suppliers of welding, cutting, safety and fume extraction equipment for manufacturers — has introduced exciting new products designed to streamline manufacturing and fabricating processes and simplify welding operations. In this overview, we’ll take a look at key areas that Miller has helped revolutionize with premium equipment and solutions.



Miller has gone to great lengths in recent years to introduce technologies that help advance welding quality without intimidating the welding operator. One area where Miller stands out is in its Pulsed MIG technologies, with new introductions such as the Invision™ 450 MPa and the AlumaFeed™ Synergic Aluminum Welding System (powered by the newly introduced and more powerful AlumaPower™ 450 MPa).

With synergic “one knob” controls, built-in programs for some of the most common wires and alloys found in welding applications today, and advanced arc controls that enable a more robust and stable Pulsed MIG arc, these systems allow companies to experience the true benefits of Pulsed MIG welding: increased productivity and improved quality. This is especially seen in aluminum welding applications where Miller equipment is further optimized with premium filler metal solutions from MAXAL, as well as advanced wire feed solutions such as the XR-Aluma-Pro™ Plus push-pull gun and the XR-AlumaFeed.

Miller continues to lead the way with advanced TIG welding technologies. The Dynasty® family of TIG inverters offers a sleek, compact and energy-efficient welding solution compared to machines of the past. Advanced AC controls help improve quality and productivity with the ability to adjust balance and frequency beyond traditional welding machines, as well as independent amplitude control. Pulsed TIG welding is also advanced with pulsing frequencies ranging from 100 to 5,000 hertz. Advanced Weld Data Monitoring with Axcess® E with Insight™ Knowledge is power, and no advanced welding system provides more information than the Axcess E with Insight from Miller.


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