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Corporate Profile: Tapeswitch Corporation

An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.

Posted: April 26, 2012


An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures safety, sensing, and detection products for many metalworking industries throughout the world, including a complete line of safety mats, edges, bumpers, light curtains, power isolation and access trapped key interlocks, and access control non-contact safety interlocks for all of your safeguarding needs to protect areas and people.

Diamond Plate Safety Mat
The Diamond Plate Safety Mat provides a unique benefit to fabricators as an aluminum plated safety mat that can withstand welding debris, hot parts, metal chips, and foundry splatter. This pressure-sensitive electrical mat can send a signal to start or stop the operation of machinery, detect moving equipment and traffic, and control power. It is ideal as a safety and sensing device to protect and detect people around machinery and safeguard areas and people. It offers an actuation force of 45 lb, with fail-safe wiring and missions of actuations at any point.

Applying this technology with a safety interface controller makes a complete fail-safe safety system. The Diamond Plate Safety Mat can be custom engineered to include multiple sensing zones, connectors, cable length and location.

Power Isolation and Access Trapped Key Interlocks
Our main product offerings include (1) main power isolation interlocks such as the KSD, a heavy-duty solenoid-controlled trapped key interlock switch that controls access to hazardous machines with a rundown time or in situations where machinery must complete an operating cycle before the power supply is disconnected; (2) the KS-Powersafe Electrical Switch is a key-driven electrical switch used for isolating or switching low (20,32, 63 or 150A) current; (3) the FSAV is a is a key-driven pneumatic valve for isolating or switching air to a maximum pressure of 10 bar; (4) processing industry valve interlocks; and (5) the KSS – Solenoid Controlled Interlock Switch is a heavy-duty solenoid-controlled trapped key interlock switch that controls access to hazardous machines with a rundown time or in situations where machinery must complete an operating cycle before the power supply is disconnected.

We also offer mechanical bolt interlocks such as the FS – Switchgear Interlock, a mechanical interlock used for electrical switchgear; access interlocks such as the AIE – Dual Key Access lock for locking and maintaining safety and access control to secured areas for numerous types of doors, hatches and panels; and key exchange units, such as the X type key exchange unit that forms part of an integrated safety system linking machine control and access interlocks.

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Tapeswitch Corporation
100 Schmitt Boulevard
Farmingdale, NY 11735

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