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Dust Collection Helps Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer Meet Compliance

High-performance downward flow dust collectors from United Air Specialists capture the dust, fumes and smoke emitted when fluxing is used to remove impurities from the molten aluminum and also to clean furnaces.


These high-performance downward flow dust collectors capture the dust, fumes and smoke that are emitted when fluxing is used to remove impurities from the molten aluminum.

Aluminum die-casting has proven itself time and again with its superior performance, pleasing appearance and ease of mass production, earning an indispensable role in modern industry. Aluminum die cast products are also attracting widespread attention for the excellent recycling characteristics of their materials.

For the past 25 years, Madison Precision Products, Inc. (MPP; Madison, IN) has been a leader in innovative aluminum die casting technology and quality, using advanced production methods and machining technology inside its 231,170 sq ft state-of-the-art facility.

This operation casts and machines high quality aluminum parts for the automotive industry and invests in the exploration of new technology for the use of aluminum die cast products that serve many automotive customers, including Honda, Elesys, Showa, AFCO, ASMO, Aisin and Celina Automotive Precision Technology.

Along with a large compliment of horizontal lathes, horizontal and vertical machining centers, milling machines, EDM and welding equipment, the shop uses 21 different aluminum die-casting machines and ten melting furnaces, ranging from 250 tons to 1650 tons, with a melting capacity of approximately 15,200 lb per hour.

One of the primary objectives of the company is to reduce the smoke caused by cleaning with flux (cleaning agent) by filtering the furnace exhaust. The furnace exhaust filtration during fluxing prevents pollution from exiting our facility and the flux we purchase is the cleanest burning flux available. In past years, large clouds of flux smoke could be seen while now hardly any smoke can be seen coming out of the filtration stacks.

To accomplish this, MPP went to United Air Specialists (UAS; Cincinnati, OH) for help. UAS partnered with their manufacturer’s representative, Wabash Environmental Products, LLC (West Lafayette, IN), to visit and assess the operation and specify a solution.

They provided multiple SFC Series high-performance dust collection systems to the plant. These downward flow dust collectors are used to capture the dust, fumes and smoke that are periodically emitted when MPP uses fluxing to remove impurities from the molten aluminum and to clean their furnaces.

Each dust collection system is equipped with a drop out box installed in front of the dust collector to prevent any sparks or hot material from entering the collector. The SFC dust collection units use cartridge filters with fire retardant media as an additional safety measure.

Once the fluxing emissions have been processed through the system, clean air is then emitted into the atmosphere in compliance with EPA regulations.

Madison Precision Products Inc., 94 E. 400 North, Madison, IN 47250, 812-273-4702, Fax: 812.273.2451,

United Air Specialists, 4440 Creek Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242, 513-891-0400,,


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