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What’s New: Abrasive Grinding Tools

The latest innovations and advances in abrasive technology promise to increase your productivity not only in grinding, but in finishing and other multipurpose applications as well.


The latest innovations and advances in abrasive technology promise to increase your productivity not only in grinding, but in finishing and other multipurpose applications as well.

Looking for an abrasive disc to deburr, grind and blend using a right angle air die grinder? Check out the BobCat™ line of abrasive flap discs from Weiler Corporation (Cresco, PA). The BobCat replaces small diameter coated blending discs for weld blending and finishing purposes. BobCats increase productivity with fewer changeovers and longer product life. High stock removal and excellent finish consistency can now be achieved in one easy step. These 2 in and 3 in flap discs are also ideal for detail work and for hard-to-reach areas.

BobCat discs are available in high performing zirconium grain in angled and flat configurations with grit sizes ranging from 36Z to 120Z. Angled BobCats should be used when the operator is seeking maximum aggression, while the flat disc excels with smoother grinding and enhanced conformability. For optimum performance, the angled discs are best used at an angle ranging from 15 deg to 25 deg and the flat discs are recommended for use at a range of 0 deg to 15 deg.

Weiler  also offers Big CatTM abrasive flap discs that are designed for applications where long life and conformity are needed. Big Cats last 30 percent to 40 percent longer than standard flap discs and, due to their thickness and larger flaps, conform to curved and irregular surfaces. Their high density Type 27 configuration adds flexibility for smoother grinding action and also lowers operator fatigue in typical applications that include weld blending, grinding, deburring, deflashing, stock removal, surface finishing and blending, and edge chamfering.

Big Cat flap discs are available in both 4½ in and 7 in sizes, with or without a 5/8-11 nut. These phenolic-backed discs are available in both aluminum oxide and zirconium. The same high cut rate and quality of finish are maintained throughout the life of flap discs because the multiple layers of coated abrasive material expose sharp, fresh grains as they slowly wear away.

The enhanced conformability of the Big Cat abrasive flap disc also helps reduce gouging and undercutting. In addition to producing a better quality product, end-users are able to increase productivity and reduce operating costs due to the long life offered by the Big Cat. Weiler also offers a complete line of abrasive flap discs in various grit sizes and diameters for a variety of deburring, grinding and finishing applications.

In pipeline construction, welder’s assistants know the value of periodically switching the mounting position in order to maintain the speed and effectiveness of weld cleaning brushes. Weiler also has a line of stringer-bead wheels that will make this practice easier for every user.

The Dually™ features a dual-hex nut that eliminates interference issues that might otherwise force users to remove the guards from their angle grinders, resulting in a safety hazard. The patent-pending design of the Dually features a nut with a hex on each side of the wheel that is tall enough to insure adequate clearance on the tool.

Featuring a stringer-bead twist that puts the sharp wire tips at the end of the knot, the Dually immediately cuts through slag, spatter, and oxidation. By utilizing the highest quality heat-treated steel wire and unique construction that virtually eliminates knot movement, the Dually delivers smooth operation and long life for the lowest weld cleaning costs.

Weiler manufactures a full range of Dually stringer-bead brushes right here in the U.S. for use in the most demanding multi-pass welding applications. From root pass to cap pass, the Dually excels at cleaning welds without damaging the filler material.

The new SMT850 Plus from KLINGSPOR Abrasives, Inc. (Hickory, TN) is the perfect combination of non-woven and coated abrasives – the best of two products, all in one flap disc. With this unique combination, the SMT850 Plus guarantees a high rate of stock removal with a high quality surface finish which leads to fewer processing steps and reduction of machining times therefore lowering your overall finishing cost. Available in 4½ in with three different finishing grades: coarse, medium, and very fine.

Osborn International (Brooklyn Heights, OH) offers a complete line of popular go-to metal finishing products that include:

  • ATB™ Wheel Brushes are advanced technology brushing wheel brushes that include narrow- and wide-face models, small ring locks and specialty treated configurations. These brushes feature abrasive nylon filaments that eliminate the need to clean finished surfaces on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.
  • ATB Disc Brushes are available in three standard stock configurations (max density, turbo and standard), these disc brushes are reliable, high-performance tools with consistent quality. These flexible brushes easily integrate into automated machinery, CNC machining centers, transfer lines and robotic cells.
  • NovoFlex Flexible Honing Tools are self-centering tools that conform to the bore surface and provide a consistent, even surface finish. They feature round, abrasive beads at the end of flexible filaments with either silicon carbide or aluminum oxide grit.

All of these abrasive products are designed for superior performance and long life, using durable materials. Osborn also offers a complete line of finishing products specifically designed to help welders finish their job. These include:

  • Stringer bead brushes, including the refined TY™ encapsulated stringer bead brushes that were developed in conjunction with leading offshore pipeline companies to quickly and effectively clean J-weld joints. The narrow-face, aggressive knots used to make the TY encapsulated wheel brushes have been refined over the years with improved elastomers and are perfect for cleaning stringer bead welds.
  • Scratch brushes made with kiln-dried hardwood for maximum tuft retention, even for severe applications. High quality wire fill is used in these brushes to provide superior cutting ability and extreme fatigue resistance.
  • Cup brushes, including the TY™ encapsulated cup brushes which are constructed for better balance for longer product life. These brushes easily mount on portable and electric tools and finishing machines and are ideal for surface prep and removing burrs as well as other surface work.

Osborn is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2012 as a leading supplier of surface treatment solutions and high-quality finishing tools for hundreds of industrial and commercial applications such as metal finishing, honing and surface polishing.

Walter Surface Technologies (Windsor, CT) launches the improved longer life Enduro-Flex finishing disc for metal finishing applications that features a totally new design and flap configuration with an exclusive cloth and abrasive composition. Patented backing can be trimmed down to add total longevity to the product. This breakthrough innovation offers a more consistent surface finish and, most importantly, removes more material. A 5 in disc with Grit 40 removes up to 2,500 grams over its lifespan – performance is comparable in other disc sizes and different grit sizes.

Longevity of this new design lowers costs through less disc changeovers and less waste over the long-term, making this an ideal solution for finishing steel and stainless steel, aluminum, and other alloys. Walter Surface Technologies has been providing high productivity abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical tools and environmental solutions to the metal working industry for 60 years.

A new line of Stainless Steel Tube Finishing Kits specifically packaged to grain-in or polish railings from weld removal to the final finish in three steps is being introduced by Rex-Cut Abrasives (Fall River, MA). Each kit includes a selection of parts combined to provide a time-saving solution for grinding and finishing stainless steel railings to the desired finish. An inside corner weld blending disc is also available.

The SS Tube Satin Finish Kit #749000 produces a No. 4 Finish (food grade) and includes a 4½ in x 7/8 in Fusion medium disc, a 4½ in x 7/8 in Unitized 25FN disc, and a 1½ in x 23 in Tex-Belt AO fine. This kit sells for $ 39.95 (list). For a highly reflective finish, the SS Tube Polish Kit #749001 produces a No. 7 Finish and includes a 4½ in x 7/8 in Fusion medium disc, a 4½ in x 7/8 in Unitized 25FN disc, a 4½ in cotton felt disc, and a 5 in x 1-3/8 in very fine rouge stick. This kit for high reflective rails sells for $ 49.95.

A full line of abrasive grinding wheels that come in various grits and sizes, featuring 4½ in diameters and many other sizes in-stock for immediate delivery is also available from Rex-Cut Abrasives. Sigma Green Premium Grinding Wheels are designed for aggressive grinding applications on stainless steel, mild steel, hard face, titanium, Inconel® and aluminum. Available in 36, 46, and 60 grits in 4 in, 4½ in, 5 in, and 7 in diameter sizes with 36 grit 3/16 in thick and 46 and 60 1/8 in thick, they have a Zirconia/ceramic grain with a proprietary bonding and wheel design.

Capable of cutting up to 50 percent faster and running 20 percent cooler than aluminum oxide grinding wheels on 316 stainless steel, Sigma Green Premium Grinding Wheels provide smooth, quiet, and controlled grinding action. Designed to remove heavy welds fast, they prevent the discoloration and warping of stainless steel and other highly alloyed materials. These wheels are priced from $ 3.99 (list) each, depending upon size and quantity; with most sizes in-stock for immediate delivery. Samples and price quotations are available on request.

Brush Research Manufacturing Co. Inc. (BRM; Los Angeles, CA) announces a full range of truly unique finishing and deburring tools. The new Nampower™ Disc Brushes contain a unique combination of ceramic and silicon carbide filament that produce maximum burr removal rates while providing an ideal surface finish at the same time. These abrasive disc brushes are manufactured using a fiber reinforced thermoplastic base that results in less vibration and greater process repeatability.

Our professional grade tool holder provides the added advantage of lubrication from the inside of the brush that greatly improves tool life and cutting action. The brushes are available in two different styles: Dot Style for general purpose deburring and surface finish applications, and the Turbine Style brush for medium and heavy deburring applications. The brushes are available in two different trim lengths for the right combination of flexibility and aggressiveness and three different diameters to cover a broad range of finishing applications.

These high-performance tools create reliable, consistent and cost effective results and are easily integrated into today’s automated machinery, CNC machining centers, transfer lines and robotic cells.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Worcester, MA) recently introduced Norton Quantum™ X creepfeed wheels that feature three proprietary technologies to create the “ultimate” wheel for free-cutting. The leading technologies that comprise Quantum X include a patented pore-induced construction, Quantum ceramic abrasive and the latest, strongest patented bond. These new wheels are positioned in the “Best” tier of Norton grinding products for providing the best metal removal rates when compared to all other ceramic creepfeed wheels.

Quantum X wheels are ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from low to medium and high-force on heat sensitive, hard-to-grind Inconel, titanium and aerospace alloys, as well as automotive and energy applications. For example, consider the following aerospace application:

A 16 in x 5.5 in x 5 in Quantum X (3NQ60-E24VTX2) creepfeed wheel was tested against a 16 in x 5.5 in x 5 in incumbent ceramic creepfeed wheel for grinding a turbine blade root form. The total cycle time per part for the Quantum X was 18 min, 20 sec, which was 41 percent less time than the 31 min, 23 sec per part used by the ceramic wheel. The Quantum X wheels provided a 29 percent total cost per part savings over the incumbent wheel.

These new creepfeed wheels excel on large areas of contact applications and offer exception form and corner-holding. “These wheels will allow users to reduce grinding cycle times up to 50 percent while using over 20 percent less power,” said Jim Gaffney, a product manager at Norton. “They provide the highest productivity by featuring the longest wheel life combined with the fastest grind cycle time.”

These creepfeed wheels are available in blank stock in a type 01 Straight Wheel in six sizes, ranging from 16 in x 1 in x 5 in (D x T x H) to 20 in x 5 in x 8 in (D x T x H). Quantum X unfinished blank stock wheels are also available in various abrasives and grit sizes and can be quickly customized to meet a user’s dimensional requirements.

Norton is a brand of Saint-Gobain and is a world leader in manufacturing abrasive products for applications from aerospace, foundry and gear grinding, to railroad, toolroom and welding.,


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