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5-Axis Milling with Additional Capabilities

New eVo machining centers from DMG/Mori Seiki are ideal for aerospace, tool and mold making, and medical devices that require simultaneous 5-axis machining, sophisticated ergonomics or integrated mill-turn technology with an integrated pallet changer.


The latest generation of eVo centers offer versatile simultaneous 5-axis machining, sophisticated ergonomics and a range of applications that can be further expanded with a milling-turning table for complete machining using integrated mill and turn technology and automation with an integrated pallet changer.

The entire new DMU eVo generation from DMG/Mori Seiki (Hoffman Estates, IL) is a symbiosis of the performance potential of a universal milling machine and a vertical machining center. This makes it ideal for efficient milling and simultaneous 5-axis machining. The design of the center’s X- and Y-axis, which is an optimized gantry that means that it has been possible to keep the distances between the guides extremely short, ensures an extremely high and constant level of stability across the entire work area.

This design also reduces the space requirements of the respective eVo machines and offers improved lateral access to the work area.

One of the outstanding features of the entire DMU eVo series are the machines’ high dynamics. Even just the standard versions, with their 50 m/min in X, Y and Z, and speeds of 6 m/s, can easily hold their own.  All of these models can furthermore be upgraded with linear drives, which will increase the machines’ maximum traverse speeds to 80 m/min and acceleration up to 1 g.

The above features apply to all of the series’ models, as does the option of integrating a milling-turning table – which is yet again a stunning example of the power of innovation.

As a series, the 60 and 80-machines, DMU 40 eVo linear and DMU 100 eVo linear make for an impressive and comprehensive range of universal precision machines. The smaller models  come with traverse paths (in X, Y and Z)  of 400 mm × 400 mm × 375 mm (15.75 in × 15.75 in × 14.76 in),  while the series’ largest model has traverse paths of 1000 mm × 900 mm × 700 mm (39.37 in × 35.43 in × 27.56 in).



This means that customers are guaranteed to find the right machine for their area of application and all sizes of workpiece. The work area of the NC swivel-mounted rotary table is 450 mm × 400 mm (17.72 in × 15.75 in) or 950 mm × 800 mm (37.4 i × 31.5 in). The table of the DMU 40 eVo linear can be loaded with workpieces weighing a maximum of 250 kg (551.16 lb), and that of the DMU 100 eVo linear with workpieces weighing up to 1000 kg (2204.62 lb).

The DMU 40 eVo, DMU 60 eVo and DMU 80 eVo are also available as versions with integrated pallet changer. This pallet changer distinguishes itself through its short changeover cycles and high level of integration, which means that it does not impact on the access to the work area.

The DMU 40 eVo, DMU 60 eVo and DMU 80 eVo also have an extremely compact footprint, with the DMU eVo requiring no more than 6.9 m², the DMU 60 eVo only 7.7 m², and the larger DMU 80 eVo only 9.6 m² of floor space.

These versions have been specifically designed for use in a number of different sectors, which range from the automotive to aerospace sector, from tool and mold making to medical and mechanical engineering – all of which are set to benefit to the maximum from these outstanding innovations. The possibilities inherent in this series of machines will enable customers to produce all of the component quantities they require, from individual parts to serial manufacture, and full performance up to simultaneous 5-axis machining.

Individually designed to offer top performance, the modular structure of the DMU eVo series models also allows each one of them be expanded by a number of different additional technologies. These include linear drives for maximum dynamic response and precision, a finely graded range of high-tech spindles that offer speeds of 10,000 rpm to 42,000 rpm (with torques of between 8 and 200 Nm) and customizable tool magazines for 30, 60 or 120 tools in SK40/HSK63.

The latest addition to these additional technologies means that it is now also possible to integrate a milling-turning table into these machines, allowing them to be used for both precision milling and turning using one and the same setup.

On the control side, the additional technologies available for the eVo series are rounded off with the DMG ERGOline® control, which comes with a 19” screen and 3D software. The eVo series machines are programmed with either a SIEMENS 840D solutionline with ShopMill or a Heidenhain iTNC530. Both of these controls deliver optimal performance in day-to-day production and noticeably increase the total productivity of the eVo machines.

  • A perfect table design for 5-axis machining
  • Fast rotary axes = 60 rpm
  • Optimised gantry machine design
  • High rigidity, highly dynamic and high precision
  • Footprint of the base module  = 6.2 m², with pallet changer = 7.7 m²
  • Alternative spindles available offering speeds from 10,000 rpm to 42,000 rpm
  • Tool magazine (chain) for 30, 60 and 120 tools
  • Chip-to-chip time < 5 seconds
  • Can optionally be equipped with linear drives and milling/turning table


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