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Ball Pein and Cross Pein Hammers for Machine Shops

Ball pein and cross pein hammers from Wilton have drop-forged steel heads for metal forming, forging, shaping, center punch, riveting and peining.

Posted: November 28, 2012


Ball pein and cross pein hammers from Wilton have drop-forged steel heads for metal forming, forging, shaping, center punch, riveting and peining.

B.A.S.H® Sledge Hammer Unbreakable™ Handle Technology and its line of ball pein and cross pein hammers are 400 percent tougher than wood- or fiberglass-handled hammers in their class. What makes these hammers from Wilton® (LaVergne, TN) unique is their steel core design. Steel rods run through the entire length of the handle and lock the hammer head firmly in place through a steel plate.

These handle grips make a difference. Ergonomically designed, the cushioned, vulcanized all-rubber molded handle improves grip, while minimizing vibration. The grips also resist oil and other solvents. Located at the bottom of the handle is a steel reinforced hole to loop and secure a lanyard. Wrap it around your wrist or hang the hammer from the wall for convenient storage.

“Attention to detail is evident in the design of these hammers,” said Tim Onello, the director of product management for Wilton. “We focused on construction, safety and ergonomics and, based on the feedback were getting, we hit the mark.” Walk into any machine shop or automotive facility and ball pein and cross pein hammers are common shop additions. These hammers are active when it comes to metal forming, shaping and peining. Foundries and fabrication shops also find the tools useful.

Both Wilton ball pein and cross pein hammers have drop-forged steel heads for superior strength versus conventional cast hammers. The hammers’ hi-vis green heads are easily identified in busy work areas. Two years in development, the innovative hammers are extensions of the B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammer (Bad Ass Sledge Hammer) product line. These sledge hammers feature the steel core design that prevents breakage during overstrikes, which is the most common cause of failure in wood and fiberglass handled sledge hammers.



In fact, B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammers are 400 percent tougher than models with wood or fiberglass handles. In an overstrike test conducted by an independent lab, mechanical overstrikes were calculated before the handles broke. Leading competitors’ wood handles broke after 435 strikes, while fiberglass handled sledge hammers failed at 6,800 strikes. The B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammers were tested at 25,000 overstrikes and they still kept going strong.

There is a wide variety of BASH Sledge Hammers to meet every need, from 2.5 lb to 20 lb heads and 12 in to 36 in handles. To locate a dealer for Wilton B.A.S.H. Ball Pein and Cross Pein Hammers, visit and click on Where To Buy. Enter the product’s stock number and your zip code and the nearest dealer(s) will be identified.

Ball Pein Hammers — KEY APPLICATIONS
 General Purpose
 Light Forging
 Forming
 Shaping
 Center Punch
 Peining
 Riveting

Cross Pein Hammers — KEY APPLICATIONS
 Forging
 Shaping
 Bending
 Peining

Walter Meier (Manufacturing), Inc. is a subsidiary of Walter Meier Group, a dynamic organization that delivers top quality manufacturing and climate control technologies worldwide. Walter Meier (Manufacturing) is headquartered in LaVergne and is the proud owner of WILTON®, JET®, and POWERMATIC® brands. The company has more than 4,000 dealers nationwide.

From metalworking and woodworking machinery to material handling equipment and hand tools, the company’s industry-leading products offer unsurpassed workmanship, performance and durability. This dedication to excellence has made Walter Meier (Manufacturing) a preferred supplier throughout the industrial marketplace.

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