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Denray Down Draft Tables and Dust Booths

An overview of Denray and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


An overview of Denray and its organization, products, services and capabilities.

Denray (Mt. Vernon, MO) down draft tables are an industry leader in wood, metal, and many other dust control applications. Denray tables are spe­cially suited to control dust during sanding, routing, cutting, and finishing of wood, fiber­glass and plastics as well as welding, grind­ing, polishing, and cutting of metal products.



Our tables and booths help clean the ambi­ent air for an all around cleaner, safer, and more healthy work environment. As an extensive dealer network, Denray’s years of experience and willingness to cus­tom design and build for your particular situation assures your satisfaction. Denray has over 20 different models to choose from.

The tube filtration is mostly designed for the woodworking application, cleaning to 1 micron with a 99 percent efficiency, very easy fil­ter cleaning, with the dust falling into a draw­er below the filters. Cartridge filters are the industry leading filtration, they are designed with many square feet of media to maintain a higher airflow, with smaller particle cap­ture rate.

Different media can be used for dif­ferent dust applications. Cartridge filters are cleaned by compressed air, activated either by a timer in the machine or push button, activated by the operator. Specialty tables are equipped with hepa filters for control of toxic dust, fumes or smoke, charcoal filters for odors, chimneys and mufflers for control­ling and lowering decibel level of exhaust air are a few of the options available on Denray tables.

Denray builds downdraft dust tables for most every industry, from the small wood­working operation to the large several hun­dred employee facility. Denray has tables in aircraft, agriculture, military bases, naval ship-hundreds of machines that are designed to fit yards, steel fabricating facilities, medical facili-the particular need for that customer. ties and many, many more different facilities Denray has been in business since 1991, too numerous to mention.

Denray takes pride Their many repeat customers are testimony to in producing machines that are user-friendly the quality and service you can expect with for the operators. Denray has custom built this American made product.

10775 Lawrence 1140
Mt. Vernon, MO 65712
Phone: 800-766-8263
Fax: 417-466-2394


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