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The TF-1418 Tilt-Frame Vertical Precision Saw System

A snapshot of a system from DoAll Sawing Products.


A snapshot of a system from DoAll Sawing Products.

The TF-1418 tilt-frame vertical precision saw system is “designed to be an affordable option for small to mid-sized fabrication operations with the versatility and flexibility to perform 60/45-degree tilt cutting, and material feed from the front, left or right,” says Michael Frommelt, DoALL’s national sales and marketing manager. “This makes it the perfect saw for a variety of cutting applications.”

This was the result of market demand. DoALL listened to its customers and then gave them exactly what they wanted.

“This comes as kind of a shock to a lot of people – we’re really listening to our custom­ers,” comments Frommelt. “But we have to listen to our customers so that we can provide what they need, rather than try to present something that we think they need and hope that it catches on in the industry.”

By following this approach, DoALL was able to ensure that the TF-1418 would really boost customers’ productivity by offering them what they really wanted: the versatility and flexibility mentioned earlier. The saw has the capability to be adjusted for a number of dif­ferent material sizes and shapes, allowing it to cover a variety of different cutting scenarios.

“Traditionally, in the old fabrication facili­ties, they would need to have two different saws – one that would do standard straight cuts and another that would do minor cuts and specialty cuts,” explains Frommelt. “The TF-1418 will do both, which means that it eliminates the need to have multiple saws for different cutting scenarios.”

Maintenance needs on the DoALL TF-1418 sys­tem are minimal. Only the blade guides, band brushes and coolant control would need to be replaced over time. The saw also includes a mist lubricator that further contributes to lower main­tenance requirements by eliminating the need for a large coolant vat that has to be monitored for contamination.

“The mist lubricator lightly mists the saw blade continuously, so it doesn’t require a pump system,” points out Frommelt. The TF-1418 also features a competitive price point that comes with DoALL’s service and support.

Frommelt also points out that they’re able to support their saws with first-party saw blades and coolants, thanks to their divisions devoted to manufacturing those items. “The DoALL quality, service, and support is second to none in the industry,” says Frommelt.

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