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WD-40® Multi-Use Product Serves Industrial Users in Versatile Non-Aerosol and Bulk Formats

A snapshot of product capabilities from WD-40 Company.


A snapshot of product capabilities from WD-40 Company.

Its performance and countless applications are well known. Its blue-and-yellow label has been familiar for years. Yet in the metalworking and fabrication industries, WD-40® Multi-Use Products from WD-40 Company (San Deigo, CA) are not as common on the shop floor.

That’s because relatively few are aware that this effective, regulatory-compliant, multi-purpose lubricant also is available in the large volumes and non-aerosol form required by many industrial users. In reality, WD-40® Multi-Use Product is offered in choices ranging from heavy-duty WD-40® Trigger Pro® non-aerosol sprayers, to one-gallon cans and 5-gallon and 55-gallon drums.

Packaged specifically to meet the needs of industrial users, these options make it easy to employ the diverse advantages of a single convenient answer for lubrication, protection and penetration.

WD-40® Trigger Pro® features an easy-to-hold ergonomic can and a multi-action nozzle that allows users to spray WD-40 as a wide spray or stream – with no overspray or leaking.

Designed for on-the-job versatility, its trigger format gives WD-40 users more control – a few drips at a time for drilling and cutting, or more for spraying down large surface areas. The product is also easy to dispose of, due to its non-aerosol format and recyclable steel packaging. “WD-40® Multi-Use Product is the go-to solution for millions of people who are responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment,” says Tim Lesmeister, the vice president of marketing for WD-40 Company.

Lesmeister adds that, “Some of our on-the-job users work in environments where aerosols are prohibited. And some also prefer the unique attributes of a non-aerosol product. WD-40 is committed to providing its industrial end-users with innovative solutions and options, and WD-40 Trigger Pro gives them what they need to get the job done.”

It’s known as “the can with thousands of uses” for plenty of good reasons. And those applications are even greater for bulk users of WD-40® Multi-Use Product. This proven formula has demonstrated excellent lubrication capability under the extreme pressures common to heavy-duty equipment, as well as superior abilities to defend against wear and tear caused by continuous friction.

The product also offers tenacious protection against corrosion of metal parts and surfaces. Its extraordinary penetrating ability lets it reach critical locations, free stuck parts and move through rust fast. And its moisture-displacing and degreasing qualities are invaluable in many industrial settings.

For operations where these benefits are an everyday, high-volume requirement, bulk containers of WD-40® Multi-Use Product from 1 gallon to 55 gallons offer convenient and economical answers. Created in 1953 as a rust-prevention solvent and degreaser for the aerospace industry, WD-40® Multi-Use Product has become essential to consumers and industrial users in automotive, manufacturing, sporting goods, aviation, hardware and home improvement, construction and farming.

As more users discover the availability of this trusted formula in non-aerosol and bulk form, that widespread popularity seems destined to grow.

WD-40 Company
PO Box 80607
San Diego, CA 92138
Phone: 888-324-7596


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