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Take a look at how this Wisconsin fabricator uses the portable all-in-one Multimatic 200 multiprocess power source from Miller Electric to gain versatility and increase their welding productivity by 25 to 30 percent on field repair and fabrication jobs.

Posted: October 29, 2013

High Tech Welding has gained 25 to 30 percent in productivity in its field repairs since it began using the Multimatic 200 a year ago. The portability and multiprocess capabilities of the unit are at the heart of those benefits.
he Multimatic 200 weighs only 29 lb, making it easily portable for field repairs.
The Multimatic 200 features Auto-Set Elite technology that allows High Tech Welding to follow a simple interface to select material thickness and stick electrode, tungsten or wire diameter before beginning to weld. The machine automatically adjusts to the correct parameters, ensuring the company achieves the quality needed.
Greg Carlton, a welding operator at High Tech Welding, has come to rely on the portability and multiprocess capabilities of the Multimatic 200 to improve productivity in the field and the shop.
The Multimatic 200 provides MIG welding capabilities, as well as stick, TIG and flux-cored welding process to help High Tech Welding accommodate the many types of repair and fabrication jobs its customers bring them.
Located in Westfield, WI, High Tech Welding offers diverse welding services from farm equipment, local plant and power piping repairs to custom fabrication jobs, and more.
On a recent project, High Tech Welding welding operator Greg Carlton relied on the stick welding capabilities of the Multimatic 200 to work on repairs on a logging truck. The beginning tack welds are shown here.

When welding in the field, versatility is key, especially for companies that are never quite sure what projects they’ll encounter day-to-day. But to thrive at these tasks, it’s also critical to evolve with industry demands and have an open mind. High Tech Welding, Inc. knows that all quite well.

What began as a motorcycle fabrication shop in the 1970s has evolved over the years into a fabrication shop focused on building wrought iron furniture to what it is today: a business focused on farm equipment, local plant and power piping repairs, as well as custom jobs.

As support to their past and current success, welding operators like Greg Carlton hold certifications in multiple processes, materials and codes, and follow technology trends closely to ensure they are at the cutting edge to provide more cost-effective, higher-quality services than their competitors in the Westfield, WI, area.

According to Carlton, having the right equipment is the biggest contributing factor behind their ability to maintain high quality levels, meet their customers’ stringent requirements and deadlines, and maintain an acceptable profit level. “We are very well known for the quality of work that we do,” he explains. “And the quality of the work that we are capable of is completely due to the quality equipment we have in the shop. We stake our livelihood on it. It also means we don’t have to pass any extra costs on to our customers.”

Take this in-depth walk-around of the Multimatic™ 200 all-in-one multiprocess power source.

In the past year, Carlton and the others at High Tech Welding have turned to the Miller Multimatic 200 all-in-one multiprocess power source as a means to achieve that quality, as well to increase productivity on their field applications. In that time, Carlton says he and his team have found the machine’s ease of use, multiprocess capability and portability to be key factors in increasing their efficiencies — to the tune of 25 to 30 percent, by his estimate.

The Multimatic 200 is an all-in-one, portable, multiprocess power source that weighs only 29 lb, making it easy for welding operators at High Tech Welding to move it quickly and easily from one job site to another, or from the shop to the field. It operates on either 120- or 230-volt power using the multi-voltage plug (MVP™) — Carlton and his team simply select the appropriate plug and connect it to the power cord, a benefit that helps minimize downtime for switching machines between areas with varying power available. The unit is also capable of performing MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux-Cored welding processes.

Because of these capabilities, it can be used it for welding multiple types and thickness of materials. It MIG welds 24 ga to 3/8 in mild steel and TIG welds .020 in to 3/16 in mild steel, a material that High Tech Welding encounters regularly. The company also uses it for welding on stainless steel quite frequently.

The unit features Auto-Set™ Elite technology, which allows Carlton and the other welding operators to set up the machine quickly for any job. It’s only a matter of selecting the desired process, electrode diameter and material thickness.

So how do these features translate into the versatility that High Tech Welding needs to improve quality and increase productivity? Simple. By providing multiple processes in a lightweight package that addresses most any need in the field.

According to Carlton, field repairs and fabrication jobs that High Tech Welding takes on vary significantly. They include anything from repairing tractors, forestry harvesters or mower decks to custom installations like stainless mezzanines or enclaves for hospitals.

In some cases, additional jobs can transpire on a field visit, too. Welding operators may go to a job to make a stick welding repair, only to discover that the customer also needs parts welded that require the TIG welding process.

“The biggest challenge in the field is bringing enough equipment to cover a multitude of scenarios that we might run into. It’s not uncommon to get on a job site and have someone ask for additional repairs,” notes Carlton. “Before using the Multimatic 200, we would either have to come back or cover ourselves by carrying extra equipment in the truck. Now I can set this one machine in my passenger seat and go.”

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