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FABTECH 2014: Metal Forming & Fabrication

Here are some reviews of the metal forming and fabrication systems and accessories being exhibited at this year’s show.

Booth B-4567: A complete line of magnetic sweepers from Master Magnetics features push, hang or trailer-type styles. The super-powered, permanent magnet assemblies, ranging from 12 in to 96 in wide, are perfect for the fast and efficient removal of hazardous scrap metal debris from warehouses, loading docks, parking areas, runways, manufacturing and shop areas, job sites, workshops and other important traffic areas.
Booth B-4567: Neodymium Lifting Magnets from Master Magnetics are ideal for handling steel plate, forgings, die castings and similar items in machine shops, warehouses and industrial processing plants.
Booth B-3301: The new line of press brake tooling, punch press tooling and laser consumable products from Mate.
Booth B-3525: Compared to conventional laser processing machines, the OPTIPLEX Fiber laser cutting system from Mazak Optonics significantly increases the productivity of thin to thick worksheet cutting with impressive accuracy. It processes reflective materials at greater speeds than its CO2 counterpart and can significantly reduce operating costs for applicable material types and thicknesses.
Booth B-1925: The eX CO2 laser from MC Machinery Systems offers 6 kW of power to meet the needs of demanding job shops and heavy 2D cutting.
Booth B-1925: The NXF-4000 fiber laser from MC Machinery Systems packs 4 kW of power, almost double the wattage of its 2012 predecessor.
Booth B-3911: The MPC2000 cutting machine from Messer Cutting Systems features the Infinity Rotator for plasma bevel cutting, a heavy-duty drill with two inch drilling, an ALFA oxyfuel torch and Telesis® Pinstamp® for plate marking.
Booth B-5031: The 5000 Series 5-Axis WaterJet from MultiCam offers unique advantages over other cutting technologies by accurately cutting 3D parts with no heat-affected edge and easily switching between pure water and abrasive cutting. This system features an all steel, stress-relieved, integral water tank and three-sided access to the cutting tank for easy load and unload.

In Booth B-3711, with models ranging from 50 tons to 192 tons, the new Spartan Series of Ironworkers from Marvel Manufacturing Co. (Oshkosh, WI) is the right choice for any size job and any size shop. Models include both one and two cylinder machines with four and five stations. The dual cylinder machines come standard with two full control foot pedals and plenty of power for simultaneous operation. A long list of standard features includes punching station with adjustable stroke depth, flat bar shear, angle shear with 45 deg mitering, bar shear and notching station as well as 24 volt DC controls, 36 in electric back gauge, keyed punch holders for shaped tooling, magnet base work light and two piece gauging table.

The Spartan Series’ heavy-duty design and construction guarantees smooth trouble free operation in both standard and extended throat models. For maximum flexibility these standard features can be combined with a wide variety of optional equipment such as press brakes, pipe notchers, vee notchers, channel shears, hydraulic strippers and copy tables. For the ultimate in dependable production and versatility look to Spartan Ironworkers.

In Booth B-4567, Master Magnetics, Inc. (The Magnet Source®; Castle Rock, CO) will be presenting their full line of magnetic solutions for lifting, holding, separating and retrieving, as well as permanent magnetic materials for all types of OEM applications. With over 37 years of industry experience, the company has over 15 million magnets in stock and the ability to develop customized magnet or magnetic assembly solutions for specific and unique applications.

A demonstration of a Master Magnetics magnetic sweeper.

Neodymium Lifting Magnets provide extraordinary strength in a compact size, ensuring safety and speed for lifting heavy loads. Designed to lift both flat and round ferrous metal items, these lift magnets eliminate the need for slings or clamping devices, allowing one person to do the work of two or more. Four models are available in strengths of 220 lb, 660 lb, 1,300 lb and 2,200 lb of flat piece lifting capacity. No electricity is required.

Magnetic Inventory Labels are ideal for efficient inventory control organization. Easily repositionable, just slide the labeling into pre-formed magnetic channels. They hold pre-printed or handwritten inventory labels that can be paper thin up to 1/32 in thick. Use to hold data cards that contain important product information such as names, SKUs, bar codes, prices, descriptions and more.

In Booth B-3301, the new European and Wila Trumpf Style press brake tooling from Mate Precision Tooling (Anoka, MN) includes a full array of punches, dies, standard specials, specials and accessories, available in segmented, full-length and half-length sizes. With a 52-year history of punch press tooling that lasts longer, this press brake tooling is similarly manufactured from the finest tool steels with the wear surfaces of the punches and dies induction hardened for extra durability. This new Press Brake Tooling is backed by the strongest guarantee in the industry: 100 percent satisfaction, no questions asked.

A demonstration of press brake tooling from Mate Precision Tooling.

Available for immediate delivery, this Press Brake Tooling is backed with knowledgeable customer support from more than 30 sales engineers across North America, plus support from a responsive In-house customer service team.

The new Versadie™ insert slitting die takes clamp clearing solutions to a new level. It reduces material cost and waste for slitting operations by punching closely to the clamps, which is crucial when maximum sheet usage is required. This new type of die also allows users to replace die inserts without replacing the entire slitting die.

Mate‘s innovative support for forming applications and special shape tooling can be previewed and discussed at the show with sales engineers. Expanding the capabilities of the turret with Special Assemblies has never been easier. They are designed with high performance features for forming card guides, embosses, threadforms, hinges, and are guaranteed to work right out of the box.

For CO2 and Fiber laser system users, products include high performance Peak, Black Magic™ and Performax CO2 lenses; fiber laser lenses, nozzles and mirrors; and CO2 laser nozzles and accessory products.

In Booth B-3525, Mazak Optonics Corporation (Elgin, IL) will debut their new OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber laser cutting system with a Zeta-7 cutting head and Preview 3 Control. The brand new Zeta-7 cutting head features breakthrough intelligent functions to automate and optimize the OPTIPLEX Fiber laser process. This new technology incorporates an exclusive cutting head design which reduces operator dependency and improves cut quality and productivity, especially for challenging varied workpiece materials. Zeta-7 intelligent functions include beam diameter control, nozzle changing, focus calibration, auto focus control, pierce sensing, plasma detection and burn detection.

Demonstrations of the OPTIPLEX Fiber laser cutting system from Mazak Optonics.

The OPTIPLEX Fiber uses the new PreView 3 CNC Control which features a user-friendly 15 in touch-screen control and automatically determines the required processing conditions for the material, prior to cutting.

Mazak Optonics is a major supplier of laser-cutting systems, offering 50 laser models and leading the industry in the implementation of emerging laser technologies. The company’s 50,000 sq ft North American headquarters in Elgin feature a 30,000 sq ft laser technology center housing up to 18 machines for demonstrations and training.

In Booth B-3778, MB Metal Technologies (Milwaukee, WI) introduces the new MB-Goliath Rugged Mobile Marking Cart, a powered mobile workstation cart specifically designed to be used with all of the company’s electric portable pin marking systems: MB3315-S, MB8020, and MB1010. The MB-Goliath has been tested for use in industrial environments which also includes full functionality by having a laptop or PC enclosed and locked up for security. The cart is self-powered and can run up to 3-4 days on a single charge and features:

  • Locking upper box
  • Laptop / PC compartment
  • Can hold all marking models
  • Push Handles
  • Single slide out tray for easy access to controls
  • Foot rest
  • Large Off-Road Casters
  • Swivel & Locking Casters
  • Battery indicator
  • Built-In Charging System

For shops looking to have a completely mobile system, the MB-Goliath cart is the right choice. Now they can bring the marking solution to the part. No more air lines or finding an outlet throughout the plant to plug into. This cart can be used on the factory floor and can be moved from one production cell to another!

In Booth B-1925, MC Machinery Systems, Inc. (Wood Dale, IL) highlight the new NXF-4000 fiber laser, the eX CO2 laser, and several large-bed press brakes.

A demonstration of the NXF-4000 fiber laser from MC Machinery Systems.

The DEXL 220-40 and DEXL 60-20 from the Diamond Elite XL Series offer heavy welded frames and the latest in motors and controls. Both are designed with Finite Element CAD and manufactured under the most stringent technologies. The BB 4013-FF is built with 100 percent Mitsubishi parts and features an AC Servo motor and ball screw mechanism for high-speed productivity and repeatability (± 0.001 mm). The BH250-40 hybrid from the Diamond BH Series with “Dual Drive” system controls high-speed up and down movement at 200 mm per second with high repeat-stop accuracy.

All products in the Mitsubishi lineup are backed by MC Machinery’s exemplary customer service team. The MC Connect portal receives rave reviews on its ability to connect customers with maintenance software and support making it easy for customers to get the assistance they need.

In Booth B-3911, Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. (Menomonee Falls, WI) unveils a new plasma/fiber laser that will feature state-of-the-art, industry leading speeds, robust design, high acceleration drives, along with multi-tool capability coupled with OmniWin software. The combination machine will produce the best cut parts available on the market in half the time.

The company will also be demonstrating the MPC2000 cutting machine; an industry workhorse featuring the Infinity Rotator for plasma bevel cutting, a heavy-duty drill with two inch drilling, an ALFA oxyfuel torch and Telesis® Pinstamp® for plate marking.,

An overview and demonstration of the MPC2000 cutting machine from Messer Cutting Systems.

MultiCam Inc. (Dallas, TX), a U.S.-based manufacturer of mechanized CNC cutting solutions, will be showcasing its broad lineup of plasma and waterjet cutting systems in Booth B-5031, including the 3000 Series Plasma with bevel that allows users to modify the angle of the cut by introducing two additional axes of movement (“phi” and “theta”). This system offers ultra-low backlash gears for smooth plasma cuts and ±45 deg bevel angle capability. The 3000 Series Plasma with Bevel also comes standard with the company’s own EZ-G code bevel software and is fully compatible with SIGMANEST and Hypertherm ProNest 5-axis bevel CAD/CAM systems.

An overview and demonstration of the MultiCam 5000 Series 5-Axis WaterJet.

Since 1989, MultiCam has manufactured over 10,000 CNC cutting solutions for various industries around the world. The company manufactures CNC router, laser, plasma, waterjet and knife cutting machines at its 135,000 sq ft facility in North Texas. A global network of experts supports MultiCam, including 60 locations worldwide with 20 Technology Centers across North America.


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