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Connecticut Manufacturer Celebrates 75 Years

Family-owned Connecticut Spring & Stamping has grown to over 450 employees.

Posted: April 17, 2015


Connecticut Spring & Stamping (CSS; Hartford, CT) is proud to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Founded in 1939, the company began as a spring manufacturer before adding stamping to its capabilities soon after. Today, CSS is a diversified, engineering-driven precision spring and metal shaped solution provider with decades of experience in the medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer and office products industries.

Proudly family owned and operated from the start, the company has grown to employ over 450 dedicated and empowered employees, many of whom have worked at CSS for over 30 years. Employees work in self-directed work teams, unified by company goals with a commitment to take on difficult parts and projects, creating exceptional results. There are spring and stamping manufacturers around the globe, but few can measure up to the broad range of capabilities and technical expertise that CSS offers.

The company is proud to be a full service provider, a one-stop-shop for customers who depend on precision metal components and assemblies to make their products and systems work flawlessly. CSS meets and exceeds quality standards and holds key certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO13485, and AS9100. Looking ahead to the next 75 years, CSS will continue to grow by expanding its capabilities and product offerings to best serve existing and new customers. The company will also further develop its offerings specifically for medical device manufacturers as it continues to integrate new technology and keep its production capabilities on the cutting edge.

CSS has lived up to its mantra of providing precision springs and metal shaped solutions for the last 75 years, and is committed to continuous improvement and servicing our customers in the best possible ways.

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