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Maintenance Showcase Two

Our second review of some of the latest coolants, lubricants and metalworking fluids used in machining and fabrication operations.

The Walter Valenite ValCOOL® cutting fluid catalog includes a table for resolving coolant/machining problems, a guide for fluid maintenance, packaging options, and a glossary of coolant terms as they relate to machining operations.
The improved ArrowCool line from Chem Arrow benefits from low-foam technology, eliminating the need to use anti-foam additives, using the highest quality raw materials to develop products that will outlast the competition.
Dow Consumer & Industrial Solutions’ multifunctional neutralizers, based on ANGUS™ technology, address the unique challenges of the metalworking and lubricant industries. The CORRGUARD™ Multifunctional Neutralizer portfolio provides formulators with high-quality specialty additives that are easy to handle, globally available and yield multifunctional benefits such as extending fluid life and creating a favorable environmental, health and safety profile.

Walter USA, LLC (Waukesha, WI) offers a new 28-page product catalog presenting its Walter Valenite ValCOOL® lineup of cutting and grinding fluids, cleaners, specialty fluids, additives and accessories.  The catalog describes features and benefits of the semi-synthetics, synthetics, soluble oils, cutting oils, cleaners and explains how the coolants, complementing Walter’s tooling and application expertise, establish a synergistic system to maximize productivity in various applications and industries.

Each section of the catalog is color coded by product group to guide readers to specific options and needs, and charts within each category offer product descriptions, performance characteristics, and operational advantages. The literature distinguishes specialty products for tapping and corrosion inhibitors, additives that control foaming, bactericides, fungicides, a pH adjuster, and to enhance lubricity — with concise use instructions.

Walter USA, LLC, N22 W23855 Ridgeview Parkway West, Waukesha, WI 53188, 800-945-5554,

Industrial lubricant specialist Chem Arrow Corporation (Irwindale, CA), has enhanced its ArrowCool line of metalworking fluids to ensure they meet the global legislation introduced to protect both the environment and workers’ health from harmful effects associated with traditional components. The company’s R&D team was tasked with eliminating the use of biocide, formaldehyde releasing agents, secondary amines and boron which have all traditionally been used in metalworking fluids for a number of years, without impairing the coolants’ performance.

Now the ArrowCool line offers a number of benefits as Mike Drieseberg, the vice president of corporate sales, explains, “These grades of products offer exceptional bio-stability, low foam and high lubricity. The state-of-the-art technology used to formulate our products assists customers in using less fluid which, in turn, reduces their total operating costs and environmental impact.”

This improved performance can be attributed to a number of factors including the sophistication of raw materials and developments in product stability. General manager Shawneen Mitchell notes, “Bio-stability is a key issue in our industry. Metalworking fluids are particularly susceptible to attack by bacteria. This leads to a reduced product life-span which incurs additional costs such as machine down time and increased disposal costs. When the machine tool is idle, tramp oil floats to the surface forming a film over the coolant which ‘traps’ anaerobic bacteria providing them with an ideal breeding ground. The presence of bacteria becomes obvious when the workplace is filled with ‘hydrogen sulphide’ which smells like rotten eggs and creates an unpleasant work environment for operators.”

Mitchell continues, “The bacteria will eventually break-down the coolant and reduce its effectiveness to a level where it needs to be completely replaced. Global legislation now restricts the use of many conventional additives that have been used in the past to fight bacteria. This means we’ve had to develop alternative solutions to minimizing bacteria growth in our coolants.”

Developments in low-foam technology are also vital. Drieseberg explains that workplaces where high-pressure metalworking applications are commonplace can also be negatively impacted by the amount of foam generated: “High pressure, high volume fluid applications have resulted in increased tool life and productivity gains for our customers. Low foam technology is imperative for these high pressure coolant applications. A build-up of foam can impede the metalworking fluid getting to the point of cut where it’s needed. It can also spill over the sump, leading to a slip hazard and increased consumption of fluid. With proper maintenance, traditional metalworking fluids offer a service life of approximately 6 months, whereas the ArrowCool range can be used for several years. This significantly reduces costs associated with purchasing replacement fluids and legal disposal of used coolant.”

Chem Arrow Corporation, 13643 Live Oak Lane, PO Box 2366, Irwindale, CA 91706, 626-358-2255,,

The Dow Chemical Company (Midland, MI) showcases its broad array of synthetic lubricant technologies, metalworking fluids and fuel additives in a fluid and lubricant products that offer excellent performance advantages in a wide range of applications, such as metalworking fluids, gear lubricants, turbine oils and corrosion inhibitors. Dow Lubricant & Fuel Additives offer an extensive portfolio of lubricant fluids for applications including gear lubricants, hydraulic, metalworking and compressor fluids. Dow’s UCON™ Oil-Soluble Polyalkylene Glycol (OSP) lubricants provide compatibility with mineral oils and synthetic hydrocarbon base oils while retaining key benefits of traditional Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) technology.

Microbial Control helps protect your metalworking fluids from microbial growth and extend fluid life with BIOBAN™ P-1487, a formaldehyde-free biocide that provides exceptional protection, helps to prevent and reduce biofilm, and offers ease of formulation in all fluid types.

The Dow Chemical Company, 2030 Dow Center, Midland, MI 48674, 989-636-1000,

Before EcoPower, re-refined hydraulic oils and industrial lubricants, job shops, contract manufacturers and metal services centers lacked a way to protect both their equipment and the environment. In recent years, the search for more sustainable business practices has become prevalent in the industrial sector. However, for the actual equipment and machinery, there simply wasn’t an industrial lubricant available that could protect both equipment and the environment. EcoPower is the answer to this industry challenge.

EcoPower re-refined hydraulic oil and industrial lubricants are made by Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (Richardson, TX), the largest collector and refiner of used oil in the world. By switching to EcoPower, industrial users can reduce greenhouse gas emission by up to 80 percent. In addition, it requires up to 85 percent less energy to produce EcoPower than lubricants made from virgin crude, because it has already been refined. The EcoPower line of hydraulic oil and industrial lubricants includes:

  • Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil – ISO Grades 22, 32, 46, 68, 100 and 150
  • Zinc-Free Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil
  • Low-Temp Hydraulic Oil
  • R & O Hydraulic Oil
  • Gear Oils
  • Way Oils
  • Spindle Oils
  • Process Oils
  • Chain Oils
  • Gas Absorption Oils

No lubricants professional wants industrial lubricants that lack industry approvals or third-party credentials. EcoPower re-refined hydraulic oil and industrial lubricants meet or exceed a number of industry-recognized approvals, including MAG/Fives Cincinnati (Hebron, KY), where EcoPower anti-wear hydraulic oils and zinc-free anti-wear hydraulic fluids are certified by MAG to meet their P-68, P-69, and P-70 standards. This testing is based on the thermal stability of the oil over time at elevated temperatures.

EcoPower hydraulic oils are also approved and certified by Parker/Denison (Marysville, OH) to HF-0, HF-1, and HF-2 standards. This certification process involves running the fluids in a test-stand to simulate real-world use. It’s comprehensive in that it evaluates various aspects of a hydraulic fluid’s performance, including detailed inspections and evaluations of pump components for signs of wear and discoloration.

Automotive plants are big users of lubricants for equipment and have established sustainability goals. They depend on EcoPower re-refined industrial lubricants, to meet these requirements. Performance of re-refined lubricants with automotive plant equipment has been extensive for over a decade. Demand has grown significantly to meet the challenge of protecting equipment and contributing to sustainability goals. Today, the largest automakers in the U.S. have learned to trust re-refined hydraulic oils and industrial lubricants.

For example, EcoPower hydraulic oils, gear oils, way lubricants, and spindle oils are GM LS-2 approved for use in GM facilities and have been for almost two decades. GM developed the LS-2 standard in an effort to bring various industry specifications under one umbrella, and is recognized as the Gold Standard of approvals in the industrial OEM segment. Performance requirements of LS-2 include rust & corrosion prevention, oxidation & thermal stability, wear protection, and seal compatibility.

Another common measure of performance for hydraulic oils is oxidation stability by test method ASTM D943. Recent data has shown that EcoPower hydraulic oils have achieved up to 6,500 hours of oxidative stability, exceeding many other similar competitive products in this category. By maintaining these approvals and performance levels, you can be confident of EcoPower’s lubricant quality and that your equipment is protected and costly downtime has been minimized.

In the Safety-Kleen closed-loop lubricants system, used lubricants are collected, re-refined, blended and redistributed as EcoPower, a cycle that can be repeated again and again because the oil molecules don’t breakdown, no additives need to be replaced or contaminants removed, so energy and resources are saved. In the last 20 years, Safety-Kleen re-refineries have processed over 2.5 billion gal of oil and lubricants.

These hydraulic oil and industrial lubricants are of a high quality because they’re made from high quality base oil. As the largest collector of used oil in the world, Safety-Kleen has access to excellent feedstock that has ever-increasing amounts of Group III oil. Due to improved feedstock, their base oils have low NOACK and superior viscosity index. Starting with a higher quality base results in a higher quality hydraulic oil or industrial lubricant that protects equipment, excels at lubrication and has a longer life.

Is there any industrial application where EcoPower hydraulic oil and industrial lubricants do not make sense? In the case of instances where the specification calls for a full synthetic specification, it is always recommended to follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations on lubricants.

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc., 2600 North Central Expressway, Suite 400, Richardson, TX 75080, 800-323-5040,


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