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First Roll Grinder for Cold Mill Rolls

The fully automated ultragrind 700 R from Georg is ideal for both conventional and CBN grinding of parts with center lengths of 5,000 mm, grinding diameters of up to 700 mm and roll weights up to 10 tons. 

The fully automated ultragrind 700 R roll grinding machine from Georg performs both conventional and CBN grinding. 
Some participants of the Georg customer open house standing in front of the ultragrind 700 R roll grinder.
Dr.-Ing. Wieland H. Klein, the managing director of the Georg machine tool division, explains the features of the ultragrind 700 R roll grinding machine.

At a recent open house for experienced customers, Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik (Kreuztal, Germany) presented their new ultragrind 700 R roll grinding machine that is designed for center lengths of 5,000 mm, grinding diameters of up to 700 mm and roll weights up to 10 tons. The fully automated machine delivers high precision qualities in conventional and CBN grinding through a very solid structure and innovative measuring technologies that achieves the shortest setting and machining cycles.

More than 70 experts from roll grinding shops of leading steel and aluminium producers, as well as experts from roll manufacturers and engineering offices, came to see the machine operate live prior to its dispatch to Baosteel, a Chinese customer. Its first demonstration involved conventional grinding of a work roll, followed by another using CBN technology. Also on display was a HSS work roll from a hot rolling mill with a CVC profile and a profile height of 1.85 mm that had been ground earlier with a CBN disc.

Visitors could inspect the high quality of the machine during these demonstrations. The perfect surface quality of the ground rolls was impressive, as neither comma nor feed marks could be detected. Attendees confirmed that no vibration or swing motion could be felt in the machine during the grinding operations. The machine ran very smooth during both conventional and CBN grinding operations.

A number of design features enable this roll grinder to achieve excellent results with short handling and machining cycles and long life. The headstock can be displaced as a whole with fixed main axis and displaceable counter part. The system uses a hydrostatic bearing on the grinding spindle and the grinding carriage. The very precise U-axis has a resolution of 0.01 µm on the U1-axis for exact horizontal roll alignment. And there is a fully complete compliment of measuring and control techniques.

Several presentations completed the introduction of the ultragrind 700 R to the visitors. Dr. Severin Hannig, the managing director of planlauf GmbH (Aachen, Germany), presented new methods for design calculations and simulations of machine tools that Georg has applied to the ultragrind 700 R roll grinder. Hannes Moser (Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerk Swarovski AG; Schwaz, Austria) and Gerrit Burkhard (Theleico Schleiftechnik GmbH KG & Co; Meschede, Germany) spoke about the optimum usage of grinding discs. Both of them explained the application of CBN grinding discs, which inspite of higher investment costs may be even more economical when grinding HSS rolls.

Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik, Machine Tool Division, Langenauer Straße 12, 57223 Kreuztal, Germany, +49 2732 779-306, Fax: +49 2732 779-316,

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  • Daniel E. Goad wrote:

    I used to work for Capco. I was wondering if Weiland Kelin would ever see my message? I think you have a fine machine, please contact me when or if you can.

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