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FABTECH 2015: Welding (Part Two)

The latest advancements in welding power sources, software, fixtures, consumables and accessories that will be exhibited on the show floor. 

As the only NIOSH-approved PAPR / helmet system with an automatic air flow check at start up that ensures welders receive the correct flow of air, eliminating manual inspections and mitigating additional risks, the e3000 PAPR from Optrel offers two-channel air distribution inside the helmet for a high level of comfort and an innovative HEPA filter design that protects against exposures to smoke, dust, and other particulates. 

Auto Recovery of Submerged Arc Flux
In Booth N-13025, Weld Engineering showcases the new FTV-3000 Flux Valve that automatically transfers recovered submerged arc flux from the recovery hopper to the lower pressure feed tank of the pressure feed and recovery system for submerged arc welding.

Innovative Modular Fixturing Systems
In Booth N-11025, Bluco introduces the innovative Rollover Positioner and Workstation bases with other modular fixturing systems.

Innovative Robotic Welding Systems
In Booth N-8020, Yaskawa Motoman Robotics will showcase Kinetiq Teaching technology and their high-speed MS165 and MS210 robots.

Machine Guarding Systems for Welding Cells
In Booth N-8059, WireCrafters offers their Machine Guarding Systems for robotic welding cells and around machinery where employee safety and protecting critical equipment is key.

The Ultimate Workbench for Welding Cells
In Booth N-22092, Strong Hold Products offers the 1,500 lb Ultimate Workbench that could double as an aircraft carrier if it were a boat.

Weld More Comfortably and Efficiently in Demanding Environments
In Booth N-26059, Optrel marries the e684 helmet with advanced auto-darkening filter lens technology and optics to the innovative, ergonomically designed e3000 powered air purifying respiratory system.

Auto-Darkening Filter Welding Helmet
In Booth N-14059, the new Jackson Safety TrueSight II Auto-Darkening Filter Welding Helmet from Kimberly-Clark Professional delivers best-in-class optical clarity for enhanced precision and productivity while delivering superior visibility and advanced color recognition.

Portable Welding Education Tools Identify Weld Defects and Discontinuities
In Booth C-1519, Realityworks offers the RealCareer Welding Solutions Weld Defects Kit Educators for educators and students to use in learning how to inspect welds and identify and correct common defects and discontinuities.

Innovative Welding Fume and Dust Ventilation
In Booth C-1515, ESTA Extraction introduces their new FILTOWER line that not only extracts welding fumes, but also fine dust and oil mist.

Welding Setup Redefined
In Booth N-26022, Strong Hand Tools offers new equipment debuts that will help welders and fabricators setup metal accurately for greater quality and productivity.


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