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Advanced CAM Software for Punching Operations

JETCAM-NestONE Solutions showcases their Version 18 Expert CAM and nesting software.

Booth S-2279: Version 18 Expert CAM and nesting software from JETCAM features an advanced interface, high performance nesting engine and its flagship Automatic Sheet Processing function for punching machines, all accomplished with reduced mouse movement by the programmer during day-to-day operations.

In Booth S-2279, JETCAM-NestONE Solutions (Duluth, GA) showcases their Version 18 Expert CAM and nesting software that features an advanced interface, high performance nesting engine and its flagship Automatic Sheet Processing function for punching machines. The user interface draws much of its styling from JETCAM’s CrossTrack product and focuses on reducing the mouse movements a user has to perform during day-to-day operations. All file management and tabular data views have been improved with new controls, and general performance enhancements have been made throughout the interface

Automatic Sheet Processing, available for all Expert Premium users, allows for completely automatic skeleton destruction, unloading of parts, along with common punching/shearing. “ASP marks a major step forward over traditional approaches,” said Martin Bailey, the general manager of JETCAM. “Users have the choice of applying tooling on the part, on the nest or a combination of both. They can choose to respect tooling on the part, such as parts where ‘taught’ tooling has been applied, or they can simply override previously applied tooling. With one click, users can automatically tool an entire nest, destroy the skeleton, and apply common punching, macro unloading, microjointing and right angle shearing processes.”

In v18 the optional high performance nesting module is further enhanced. In addition to improvements to nesting efficiency, the software now also takes advantage of multi-threading. With multi-core processors coupled with hyper-threading often including up to 16 usable cores, this delivers much more efficient nests in a fraction of the time. In addition to all new help systems, an updated F2 video help system is also available for free download. Including over 140 short videos, it covers all main areas of the software. The user simply hovers the mouse over a button and presses F2 to view a short tutorial video on the desired function.

Many other features and enhancements across the application of Version 18 include new Right Angle Shear logic enhancements and new routing functionality. Expert Lite users now also benefit from functionality previously only available in higher versions, such as CAD filtering. “V18 is as major a step for us as going from DOS to Windows back in the 1990s,” notes Bailey. “Automatic Sheet Processing and the new user interface alone will make significant improvements to a users’ day-to-day experience, but with literally hundreds of changes across the board, we believe that this release will deliver substantial benefits to every user.” Expert V18 is available for immediate download by clicking here and is supplied free to all customers under a current maintenance contract. Existing high performance nesting users have the option to upgrade to the new module.

JETCAM-NestONE Solutions, 3796 Thornbrooke Court, Suite A, Duluth, GA 30097-2280, 816-215-8014,


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