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Portable Metrology

Taking measurements at ground zero on the machine or the shop floor is the name of the game, and here are some of the latest portable metrology systems that can provide those competitive capabilities.

Posted: May 9, 2016

Ideal for measuring complex parts with tight tolerances, the Revolution Series HB Shop Floor CMM from AIMS is the only mobile 5-axis CMM on the market. Built around Renishaw 5-axis technology, it can cut inspection time from days to minutes for many applications, such as aerospace parts, so that shops can gain speed without sacrificing accuracy.

CMM Combines 5-Axis Technology and Mobility
The Revolution Series HB Shop Floor CMM from AIMS is able to cut inspection time from days to minutes for many applications such as aerospace components.

Portable Sytem Provides Greater Scope In Measuring
The flexible Comet L3D 2 from Zeiss offers simple on-site calibration that can change the measuring field by swapping the lenses for new measuring tasks in virtually no time.

Portable 3D Scanner for Large Volume Inspection
The lightweight, ergonomic Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-20-8 from Hexagon is perfect for manual freeform surface inspections on intricate workpieces, even those with dark or shiny metallic materials.

Universal Gage is More Precise, More Stable, More Flexible
The Multimar 844 T Universal Measurement Gage from Mahr Federal has new heat isolating handles to reduce thermal influences and comes with a set of mounting stands to hold the gage when not in use, which helps prevent damage to the gage.

Insure that Machine Spindles Run Accurately
Test bars from Briney Tooling Systems are a quick way to confirm proper realignment of the machine spindle after a machine crash for any reason.

Encoder Diagnostics Tool for Mobile Use
The compact standalone PWT 100 testing device from Heidenhain supports multiple serial interfaces to check the function and adjustment of encoders.

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