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Fives Awards Heidenhain with World Class Quality Ranking

They uniquely achieved best rankings in three areas: Process Sigma, Cost of Poor Quality, and NCR Days Outstanding.

Posted: August 11, 2017


Heidenhain Corporation (Schauburg, IL) announced that Fives Giddings & Lewis, LLC (Fond du Lac, WI) has awarded them with their World Class Quality ranking. On a bi-annual basis, a team at Fives Giddings & Lewis that is made up from leadership, purchasing/procurement and quality meets to evaluate external providers. This evaluation is data driven, posted in a scorecard, and was recently made in three areas: Process Sigma (deviation from perfection), Cost of Poor Quality (various categories considered), and NCR Days Outstanding (Non-Conformance Report). Heidenhain received the highest marks in all three categories.

“Your overall quality score ranked you as World Class,” stated Bruce W. Berg, a Fives senior quality engineer, in a letter to the company. “It is unique for this level of quality to be achieved. Your dedication and commitment to excellence is evident.” For many years, Heidenhain has supported Fives Giddings & Lewis and their machine tool products with a quality line of linear and angle encoder products. This announcement further strengthens that alliance.

“Our teams are steadfastly committed to customer satisfaction, with increasing emphasis towards on-time delivery and responsiveness,” said David Doyle, the president and managing director of Heidenhain. “We are very pleased to receive such recognition of our efforts from them and others. We continue to drive our ‘Customer First’ continuous improvement programs across all business segments and customers. There are always ways to improve and we welcome feedback in areas where we can make a difference.”

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