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Analytics Technology for After-Sales Service of Equipment in Real-Time

Using Remote Service from MachineMetrics, service managers and technicians can remotely monitor, manage, diagnose and resolve a customer’s machine issues for any piece of connected equipment in the field in real-time, without the necessity of an on-site visit.

Posted: July 9, 2018


When customers require after-sales service, they expect their problem to be solved with minimum delay, and too many service calls require expensive and time consuming on-site visits. Machine OEMs understand that connecting their equipment is essential to reducing their service costs and to providing better service offerings to their customers while minimizing their downtime. To realize these benefits, service organizations require remote access to monitor and assist with user operations to troubleshoot problems, resolve service events and more – all without leaving their office. In Booth E-133108, MachineMetrics, Inc. (Northampton, MA) will showcase MachineMetrics: Remote Service, an analytics application on their Industrial IoT platform that allows OEMs to remotely monitor, manage, and service their equipment in real-time and:

  • Remotely monitor and manage health of each machine in the field.
  • Identify, analyze, diagnose, and resolve machine problems.
  • Help their customers predict and prevent downtime.
  • Eliminate necessity for on-site machine service and maintenance.

MachineMetrics: Remote Service provides service teams with a chance to resolve machine problems without the necessity of an on-site visit. Service managers and technicians can remotely monitor, manage, diagnose and resolve a customer’s machine issues for any piece of connected equipment in the field in real-time. OEMs can gain insight into customers’ equipment health and condition with historical machine data, identify new service opportunities with analytics and reporting, predict and deliver early warning of potential equipment failures and highlight elevated risk areas that lead to machine downtime, and determine and take preventative action before it impacts a customer’s machine performance. With MachineMetrics: Remote Service, equipment manufacturers can transform their approach to service with the ability to see, understand and take action from anywhere at any time. Data from thousands of connected machines flows through MachineMetrics’s cloud, allowing service teams to identify trends and develop standard preventative maintenance and repair schedules that benefit both the service team and the customers.

While service teams focus on addressing issues that may immediately impact the customer, MachineMetrics keeps an eye on big-picture issues that benefit everyone – and helps the machine builder to develop standards that apply to every specific machine type sold. Features include:

  • Remote Machine Asset Management. Manage and view real-time status of the customer’s machines across multiple departments and locations using cellular/Wi-Fi, or Ethernet connection directly to the machine’s control.
  • Equipment Utilization Monitoring. Monitor the customer’s machine utilization over time, and compare data against industry benchmarks. Evaluate utilization trends over time. Justify the purchase of new machines by understanding excess capacity.
  • Developer APIs. Access real-time machine data via APIs to extend and customize your own service applications, including dashboards, and analytics.
  • Alerts/Notifications. Alert service at the right time when action needs to be taken. Subscribe to specific alert types to be notified. Ensure that action is taken, and that the situation gets resolved. Built sophisticated workflows and escalation policies with a Pager Duty integration.
  • Alarm Analytics. Evaluate the frequency and duration of alarms across a fleet of machines. Detailed analytics can help understand common problems that need attention. Combine with Notifications to predictively alert maintenance technicians and machine operators to severe problems.
  • Condition Monitoring. Monitor any machine condition, such as status, loads, temperature, operator overrides, controller mode, speeds, feeds, etc. in real-time and as a time series graph to determine when thresholds are exceeded.
  • Preventative Maintenance. Create PM schedules based on calendar time or usage time.
  • Tool Life Management. Create tool life management schedules based on tool usage or in-cut time so you can notify your customer when a tool needs to be changed.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminate necessity for on-site machine service and maintenance.
  • Detect and diagnose asset performance issues remotely.
  • Improve equipment uptime and field service productivity.
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime due to product failures and irregular operating conditions.
  • Understand equipment utilization rates.
  • Capture and scale technical service expertise of workforce.
  • Gain insight into asset and service model through visibility of pervasive issues.
  • Use information on performance trends to guide future service strategy.

MachineMetrics, Inc., 5 Strong Avenue, Suite 201, Northampton, MA 01060, 413-341-5747,

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