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IMTS 2018 Showtime: Abrasive Machining, Sawing, Finishing

These are systems for applications requiring high tolerance and precision surface finish, including grinding technology, sawing and cutoff machines and a variety of finishing systems, such as lapping, balancing, honing and polishing machines, as well as advancements in abrasive size, shape or composite materials, and nano-materials for improved surface finishes in more constrictive areas.

Posted: July 7, 2018

Booth N-237341: Innovative precision tools from Meister Abrasives meet the challenges of ever diminishing internal dimensions and more exotic materials used in fuel injection and bearing applications. On large applications, Swiss quality external vit CBN and diamond wheels up to approximately 4 ft are now manufactured in and delivered from the U.S.

IMTS 2018 is the 32nd edition of the premier manufacturing technology show in North America. More than 2,400 exhibiting companies are expected to occupy 1.37 million net sq ft of exhibit space at the McCormick Place complex in Chicago, IL. This event is held every even-numbered year in Chicago and attracts more than 115,000 buyers and sellers from over 117 countries. This year’s show runs from September 10-15. On-site registration opens Monday, September 10 through Saturday, September 15, in all four buildings of McCormick Place:

  • East Building Level 2 & West Building, Level 3 Annex 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • East Building Level 3 & West Building, Level 3 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • North Building Level 3 & South Building, Level 3 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

To help you plan your trip to the show, here are technical reviews of some of the machinery, tooling, systems and accessories that will be exhibited in the Abrasive Machining, Sawing, Finishing Pavilion to help you navigate the show floor and manage your time while you’re there:

CBN Abrasive and Small Diameter Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes
For difficult-to-finish materials such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hasteloy, Invar, Rene and high nickel alloy steels, small 50 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm diameter Nampower abrasive nylon disc brushes and CBN abrasive from Brush Research Manufacturing offer greater versatility into harder to reach areas, smaller applications and planetary head mountings.

Safe and Powerful Magnetic Lifters Reduce Material Handling Costs
The hand-controlled MagLift permanent magnetic lifter from Bunting Magnetics safely moves three times its weight and their MagSlide Beltless Chip and Parts Conveyor transports dirty, oily parts as well as sharp, jagged scrap and other abrasive materials with almost no maintenance costs.

Ultrafast Rotary Grinding Finishes that Reduce or Eliminate Lapping Operations
The IG 480 SD Rotary Table Grinder from DCM removes stock up to 10X faster and has a fully enclosed grinding envelope, integral mist collection and coolant filtration that provides clean, consistent grinding operations.

State-of-the-Art Double-Disc Grinding
This new double-disc grinder from GCH Machinery accommodates automatic, semi-automatic or manual loading and features an upgraded servo infeed slide, linear rails, an automatic lubrication system and user-friendly controls.

Science and Innovation in Grinding Systems
Using an internally-mounted FANUC robot to load/unload, the Novamatic 2G M 10/80 B CNC internal grinding machine from Meccanica Nova is perfect for grinding multiple bores of automotive engine components in a single work part clamping.

Innovative Grinding Wheel Technology
HPL anti-friction abrasive tools, hybrid-bonded durable precision dressing tools, double-disk fine-grinding wheels and more from Meister Abrasives dramatically reduce process variability, improve quality and increase grinding productivity.

Flexible Grinding of Micro Tools, Gun Drills, Hob Cutters and Complex Geometries
Along with advanced wheel changing, automated collet changing and robotic workpiece handling, the flexible 325linear 5-axis CNC grinder from Schütte is equipped with SIGSpro software for full 3D simulation on the HMI or offline for more accurate quotes and complete cycle validation.

Batch Mode Fine-Grinding Systems
The Spiro F5 and Spiro F12 from Supfina can grind highly precise, ≤ 1.0 µm plane parallelism and machine precision bearings, pump gears, valve plates, and more up to 20 times faster than lapping to greatly reduce costs per unit.

Grinding, Milling and Drilling in a Single Part Clamping
With spindle speeds up to 10,000 rpm for high precision machining, the 5- or 6-axis Mägerle MFP 51 grinding and machining center from United Grinding combines grinding, milling and drilling in a single part clamping to dramatically improve productivity.

Robot Arm Ecosystem Lowers the Automation Barrier for Shops
Third-party product developers for the UR+ platform from Universal Robots deliver plug-and-play peripherals that integrate with UR robot arms to quickly and seamlessly deploy entire robotic applications.

Precision Manipulation and Fixturing of Large, Heavy Parts for Welding and Machining
Powered Manipulators from Bluco protect workers from injury by using motors and hydraulics to lift heavy parts weighing up to 8,000 lb to 72 in, rotate them 360 deg and tilt them to the desired position, from 0 deg to 180 deg, all in seconds.

Combination Wheels Increase Productivity While Reducing Cost
Ideal for general fabrication, oil rig building and repair, rail, container, and pipeline manufacturing, durable Norton Quantum3 Combination Wheels from Saint-Gobain Abrasives reduce the need for wheel changes, decrease production downtime and labor cost, and increase productivity by 15 percent so users can finish more pieces in less time.

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