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JPW Launches Online University for Metalworking

JPW IQ uses e-learning to connect their buying groups, distributors, and sales reps with their brands.

Posted: November 17, 2018


JPW Industries (La Vergne, TN), the parent company of tool and machinery brands including JET, Powermatic and Wilton, expanded their online training program for employees and distributors by launching an online university called JPW IQ that is powered by e-Learning platform provider BlueVolt.

Before launching the online university, the company’s e-learning was minimal compared to their on-site, hands-on training facility. Their direct sales force educated distributors and sales representatives with the knowledge they learned at the on-site facility. They used a learning management system (LMS) to upload a small percentage of product videos for distributors to learn with, and the organization was not using the LMS to its full extent. “The LMS really helps us connect our buying groups, distributors, and sales reps with our brands. Distributors are learning more than ever about us,” said Matt Dedeluk, the senior channel marketing manager at JPW. “Buying groups and their members were asking for more content because they wanted to sell more of our products.”

So earlier this year he turned to BlueVolt to help launch JPW IQ. Within the first few months of launching, learners completed 2,200 courses, which far surpassed prior year metrics. The system also provides the analytical tools to correlate product training and sales. “We have a combination of direct sales representatives and agencies who call on distributors,” added Dedeluk. “With our hybrid sales team and online university, we can reach distributors and buying groups with more product know-how than ever before.”

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