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Welding Systems for a Competitive Edge

Fabricators are searching for ways to maximize their welding performance and productivity. Here are some of the latest welding systems, consumables and accessories that can help them achieve greater deposition rates, more penetration, less spatter and higher weld quality while reducing their overall operating costs.

The Railtrac B42V rail-mounted mechanized tractor from ESAB welds or cuts in the flat, horizontal or vertical positions. It features the new W8000 remote weaving unit for making weave welds up to 3.14 in wide and for weld path tracking. Operators can program weave patterns, travel speeds and control voltage and wire feed speed for five standard programs to increase productivity, consistency and flexibility while improving ergonomics and fume exposure.

Battery-Powered, Rail-Mounted Tractors for Mechanized MIG/MAG Welding
ESAB offers the Railtrac B42V rail-mounted tractor with a new weaving unit and the compact Miggytrac B501 battery-operated tractor for flexible and consistent mechanized welding of long and even not-so-long joints and seams.

MIG Gun Consumable System Maximizes Productivity and Weld Quality
AccuLock S Consumables from Bernard solve bird-nesting, burnback, erratic arc and other issues associated with poor wire feeding in semi-automatic MIG welding.

Innovative Clamp Streamlines Difficult Welding of Automotive, Aircraft, Consumer Goods Applications
TCC-2E Tolerance Compensation Clamps from Destaco eliminate the need to manually adjust clamps for different sheet metal thicknesses or tighter tolerances.

Polarity Reversing Saves Pipe Welding Time and Money on the Jobsite
Using Quick-Select technology that automatically selects correct polarity, lead outputs and weld parameters, the new XMT 350 FieldPro system with Polarity Reversing from Miller Electric eliminates the need to manually swap leads between welding processes.

Battery-Powered Welding System Fits on Your Back
Battery technology that is powerful enough for useful and functional structural steel welding has not been available – until now, with the Tactical Welder from UltraTech.

Low Manganese Stick Electrodes Decreases Vapor Emissions
New low manganese electrodes from Weldcote Metals use a unique flux composition to reduce up to 60 percent less emissions compared to current electrodes available.

Visual Inspection of Root Pass Weld Bead Inside a Welded Pipe
Serimax uses Xiris visual inspection and laser measurement technology in the orbital welding of offshore oil and gas pipes.

Metal-Cored Wire Improves Throughput and Weld Quality
FabCOR Edge metal-cored wire from Hobart improves deposition rates and travel speeds with lower spatter levels to reduce cleanup time in robotic and mechanized welding, heavy equipment manufacturing and welding non-alloyed and fine grain steels.


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