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Weld Fume Control

These weld fume extraction and filtration systems can effectively protect operators and nearby workers and reduce their health risks from fumes, dust and other contaminants.

Posted: July 15, 2019

The quiet-operating Statiflex Complete weld fume control system from Lincoln Electric is ideal for automation, fabrication, indoor welding facilities and welding education/training applications. It monitors differential pressure across the filters and, if detected above a pre-set value, recognizes that the filters are clogged and automatically starts cleaning them by blowing them off with controlled blasts of compressed air, causing the dust to fall into the dust bin where the contaminant can be extracted.

Welding fumes are atmospheric pollution that arise from the arc and include very small particles emitted during the joining process, along with gases that are generated or released, that can cause potential injuries or health risks to operators and other nearby workers. Fume extraction equipment captures and removes this polluted air that contains both gases and particulate contaminants to protect workers and reduce safety hazards in the shop. Here are some of the latest fume extraction and filtration systems to consider for your welding operations:

Quieter and Cleaner Fume Extraction
These advanced weld fume extraction and filtration systems from Lincoln Electric can curtail operating costs in a wide range of welding processes.

Online Configurators with Expanded Capabilities
Users can customize their welding gun to match the application, improve comfort and performance with updated BTB Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Gun and Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun online configurators from Bernard.

Fume Extraction Enters the Digital Age
Highly efficient WeldFil central extraction and filtration systems from Kemper use sensor technology and cloud-based data communications to make predictive maintenance a reality.

Fume Extractor with Large Capture Zone Increases Safety and Productivity
ZoneFlow technology in the SWX-ZF weld fume extractor from Miller Electric features a capture zone that’s over 3X larger than traditional systems.

Remove Harmful Airborne Fumes and Particulates
Source-capture fume extractors from Sentry Air Systems protect the operator’s breathing zone from pollutants caused by welding, brazing, soldering, grinding and other applications.

Air Flow Amplifiers Extract Dust and Fumes with No Moving Parts
High-flow, bladeless Air Flow Amplifiers from Vortec extract smoke, fumes, and debris in a wide range of applications, with no moving parts to wear out or break down.

A Safer Environment in Welding Operations
For applications that produce or process welding fumes and fine, fibrous and heavy dusts, the GSX industrial dust collector from Camfil exceeds OSHA mandates for indoor air quality and meet NFPA and ATEX standards.

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