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Less expensive than comparably-sized horizontal machines and able to effectively machine a huge variety of part geometries, the latest vertical machining centers also deliver higher speeds, handle larger parts and provide advanced machine controls that increase productivity, reduce costs and improve profitability.

To produce small batches of a variety of workpieces in an even more productive and flexible way, the Chiron FZ 16 5-axis vertical machining center with the Variocell Pallet handling system allows different raw parts to be clamped in one of ten pallets mounted on a rotary table. The handling system loads and unloads parts from the VMC, and a palletized part can be machined while another is being loaded.

Flexible Automation for Low Volume, High-Mix Production
Integrating different automation systems with vertical machining centers from Chiron enables small lot, high-mix production of parts with consistently high quality, low unit costs and short lead times.

Vertical Machining Center for Single-Setup Machining of Long Parts
The G-Series 20-06 SE VMC from FlexCNC does face milling, helical milling, rough milling, drilling, cutting keyways and more on large tube, pipe or other parts up to 20 ft long.

VMC for Demanding High Speed, Hard Metal Cutting Conditions
The Bridgeport V-1320 vertical machining center from Hardinge delivers highly accurate, high precision detailed parts for aerospace, medical and automotive applications.

Vertical Machining Centers That Elevate 5-Axis Machining
DVF 5000, DVF 6500 and DVF 8000 VMCs from Doosan eliminate multiple setups and reduce downtime with cutting-edge technology and an automation-ready framework.

VMC for High-Precision Machining of Large Aircraft Parts
The compact Vertex 100 5-axis vertical machining center from Mitsui Seiki fulfills the need for precision milling of complex parts up to 49.25 in diameter for aircraft and other demanding operations.

Extra Cutting Power for Tough Jobs
With 35 hp for maximum metal removal, the VM8434XP VMC from Milltronics uses a heavy-duty, belt-driven 8,000 rpm spindle to generate 365 ft-lb of torque with a maximum cutting feed rate of 500 ipm.


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