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Redefining Manufacturing: CAD/CAM Software

Deeper integration of smart technologies, improved simulation of machining and metal fabrication processes, and expanded additive functions highlight some of the latest advances in the CAD/CAM world that are helping shops produce better quality parts in shorter times to lower their cost to market.

Because different materials and processes require different negative material build-up depending on the target shape, the ‘undercut’ function in the additive lace cycle of Edgecam 2020.1 from Hexagon allows the user to set a maximum overhang angle to compensate for an undercut angle that is too big, effectively over-ruling the angle on the part. Further boundary control options mimic the same functionality of other milling cycles for greater material displacement control.

New Strategies for Machining Cycles, Tombstones and Additive Functions
Edgecam 2020.1 from Hexagon features toolpath associativity for the face mill cycle, an option to extend the parallel lace toolpath, enhanced additive undercutting and an optional CAD for CAM Designer module that replaces Part Modeler.

How to Improve 3D Rendering, Simulation and Post Processing on Nakamura-Tome Turning Centers
The intuitive TurnMill V9 suite from CAMplete seamlessly combines output from all other CAM systems and creates complex multi-tasking programs that are simulated, verified and ready to run on their machine

Enter the World of Smarter Simulation
When integrated with leading CAM systems for simulation of machining, additive and hybrid processes, VERICUT 9.0 from CGTech lets programmers share how parts are manufactured with machinists, quality assurance personnel or others.

Transfer Press Optimization Service
To help press rooms save time and money Die Cad Group uses T-Sim Transfer Press Simulation software to identify crashes, clearance issues and inefficient transfer system curves prior to any machining of the dies.

Endless Nesting Workflow, Improved Common Cutting and Faster Quotes
RADAN 2020.1 from Hexagon effectively takes sheet metal geometry from model design to part repair and modification through to fabrication in preparing parts for bending, nesting and cutting.

Automate and Simplify Pipe Fabrication Workflows
Available on PC600 and PC900 3D pipe profiling machines from HGG, PypeServer Enterprise software automates and simplifies the Virtual Design and Construction workflows of pipe fabrication to increase productivity, competitiveness and value to spool production.

Low-Cost Subscription Pricing for Nesting Software
Small shops and individuals can subscribe to ProNest LT CAD/CAM from Hypertherm on a monthly, annual, or three-year basis and are free to add or remove users or features when needed and cancel anytime.

How to Increase Multi-Axis Precision Laser Processing Productivity
FASTTRIM CAD/CAM software from Prima Power Laserdyne can model parts, define process paths, define feature locations, build part fixtures and post a complete program for 2D and 3D laser welding, drilling and cutting applications.

Smarter Automation of Complex Jobs that Require Multiple Processes
Alphacam 2020.1 from Hexagon simplifies the automated creation of jobs and orders for complex work that is output to more than one machine or requires secondary processing at the same machine.

Additive Manufacturing Path Optimizer
AM Path Optimizer simulation technology from Siemens helps maximize the production yield and quality of powder bed fusion manufactured parts by solving overheating challenges and reducing scrap.

Custom Toolpaths Automate Metal Additive Repair of Titanium
AutoCLAD technology on LENS metal 3D printing systems from Optomec generates a custom toolpath for each part to automate the repair of reactive metals like titanium in a controlled argon atmosphere.

Next Steps in Progressive Die Design
VISI 2020.1 mold and die software from Hexagon improves progressive die design processes and enhances part unfolding, deburring, reverse and graphics functionality.


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