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Compact Press Brake is Affordable, Easy-To-Operate

The Xpress press brake offers a competitive edge thanks to Bystronic technology.

The closed O-frame design of the Xpress press brake guarantees high machine rigidity.

Equipped with the revolutionary Bystronic ByVision Bending control, the Xpress press brake offers high efficiency and best-in-class performance. Powerful and easy-to-operate, ByVision Bending control uses a full 22-inch HD touch screen to display realistic 3D part animations and software driven menu selections.

Bending profiles can be either imported or drawn directly on the touch screen and then automatically converted to a bending program with proper bending sequences and tool selections. A comprehensive database of material bend angles and bend allowances enables ByVision Bending control to make a bending professional of every user from the very first experience.

Compact modular machine design and additional functions, such as a choice of tool clamp and back gauge systems, supports individual customization to the production environment. The closed O-frame design guarantees high machine rigidity and offers ample space for applications along the entire bending length.

High-performance BySoft software

BySoft 7 users can quickly and easily design tailored parts and bending programs. Optional Plant Manager can quickly create and schedule bending programs according to due dates and common tool usage to reduce press brake set-up times. Manufacturing processes are scheduled and monitored efficiently, thus maintaining an overview and completing jobs quickly and economically. With the BySoft 7 Bending module, off-line programming of bending jobs is possible without interrupting the running production process.

Real-time data analysis

Optional ByCockpit software monitors Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and provides managers with a tool to measure machine performance and availability. Software is accessible by web-enabled terminals such as desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Standard on the machine, the OPC UA interface provides data communication capabilities for real-time data analysis.

Simple operation

Bystronic‘s Bysoft 7 software solutions integrate the Xpress press brake seamlessly into your production environment. Xpress incorporates the powerful Bystronic ByVision Bending control system. The ByVision Bending interface uses a full 22-inch HD touch screen to display realistic 3D part animations and software driven menu selections capable of guiding operators through the step by step bending process as well as selecting bend sequences automatically. It has an extensive database that includes parameters for all the common types of sheet metal and bending tools. The user interface factors in the material thickness and bending angle to determine the ideal bending process and suggest suitable tools. Programming is simple and intuitive – from the order to finished part.

Xpress is available in two models with capacities of 50 tons and 160 tons. and with up to four axis on the backgauge which, depending on the combination, enables the processing of simple angles through complex bent parts. The wide selection of Bystronic’s own bending tools can be set up in a few simple steps. 

Customer benefits

  • Intuitive ByVision Bending control with 22-inch HD touch screen guides the user through the bending process
  • Powered 4-axis back gauge maximizes process efficiency
  • Closed O-frame design guarantees high machine rigidity
  • Supports European style tooling and manual clamping
  • Control console with convenient foot switch
  • Fast Bend S laser safety system, side and rear safety doors
  • Dual workpiece supports, movable on linear guide ways
  • CNC controlled wedge style crowning (Xpress 160 only)
  • BySoft 7 offline programming capabilities for higher productivity
  • OPC UA interface for machine to machine communications
  • Optional: Combination American and European style holders
  • Optional: ByCockpit application for OEE analysis of machine production performance data.


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